How To Increase Hitboxes of other Players – Escape from Tarkov 12.8 GUIDE (Aspect Ratio+FoV)

How To Increase Hitboxes of other Players – Escape from Tarkov 12.8 GUIDE (Aspect Ratio+FoV)

This is IN-DEPTH guide on how to manipulate the size of other players and scavs in Battlestate’s game Escape from Tarkov
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  1. thanks for your help! i wanna use the version with 16:9 but in the dropdown below i wanna take 16:10. it never saves and i have to redo it every raid. is there a work around?

  2. is this still true?

  3. i dont really care about hitbox size. but for me this is very nice because i can simply just spot ppl easier on 1920×1080 16:10 65 fov. never quite liked the narrow 16:9 feeling in shooters. plus ( might be placebo ) the game feels a little bit more responsive for me. ( i have a medium end pc ) Cheers for this guide my dude Eroktic 馃檪

  4. Faaak noooo I was wondering when this was going to be leaked….. all my 21:9 3440×1400 players are going to be on point now

  5. Imo BSG should implement the same form of ADS that Hunt: Showdown implements if you played the game you鈥檇 know

  6. No new information here, changing FOV works the same as it does in other games. Why would you waste time analyzing recoil patterns? That’s like thinking looking out the side window of a car makes the car faster.

  7. dude wtf, this is just how fov works… what were you thinking

  8. @Eroktic My aspect ratio keeps reverting back to 16:9 after entering a raid, do you know why? ty

  9. why only comparing 16:9 with fov of 75 against the others with lower fov? why not with the same fov?

  10. Viktor Va拧铆膷ek February 27, 2021 @ 10:10 pm

    is it patched or is it still working?

  11. Thanks so much Im speak Spanish but this help me a little! Good video! 馃榾

  12. Is it affect your fps ?

  13. in local file what is the number of 5.4 ?

  14. This is crazy to me how broken the game is with regards to FOV and sights / optics. Hipfire FOV is supposed to be independent of ADS sights / optics. Don’t forget that your mouse sensitivity is different at different FOVs, so be warned if you change it mid-raid.

  15. the problem is with low fov, everything looks faster. Bigger yes, but characters move FASTER in your screen. i think low fov is not a goal.

  16. G茅d茅on Teuzemany February 27, 2021 @ 10:15 pm

    Don’t tell me you just discovered that ?

  17. "technically" this video’s syntax and explaination is incorrect. The hitboxes don’t increase at all. It’s like saying "dude if you have a bigger monitor screen, you have bigger hitboxes." ..truth is though: YOU DON’T. All you have is more pixels to shoot at. Same with fov. It’s just an optical peripharal issue between the person playing the game and the game engine. The game doesn’t change it is just your perception. I feel like this video was kinda useless and confuses people more than it should… or in other words. If you need to increase your FOV to hit stuff. A) Get good or B) stop playing on your 15" screen or C) you might need glasses.
    ciao ciao

  18. This cannot make sense. If you put a different aspect ratio it just stretches the image. So it does look bigger but also the pixels get stretched, meaning the enemy will look bigger yes, but its ‘shape’ is composed of the same amount of pixels, which means you can only be as accurate as in 16:9…..

    With this will also come the downside of having very little peripherical view, increase in sensitivity (which you can counter by lower it down of course) and because of the stretch enemies will ‘seem’ to move faster on the screen. That said I would really see no advantage, if that’s the aim of the video.

  19. Thanks for your insight and hard work. Keep it up!

  20. Csgo

  21. This happens in everygame

  22. How do you lock it so that it doesn鈥檛 keep changing?

  23. Holy shit dude, such a hard work you put in this research, well done!

  24. Try it out damn great work as always

  25. Tactical Tommy Turner February 27, 2021 @ 10:27 pm

    eroktic your actualy a genius arent you lol, hope its going well bud havent been able to tune in for a while, good to see your still grinding

  26. For the aspect raito dont i have to set it every time i get in a game?

  27. So this mechanic hasnt changed as of 12.9 ? good to keep in mind than, good vid bro!

  28. things people do to get better at this game is why i stopped playing it, really depresses me how hard people try etc

  29. My aspect ratio keeps reverting back to 16:9 after entering a raid, do you know why?

  30. wow no one knew till this day that wide screen makes you see them larger

  31. heres a rolling stone into your equasion : sensitivity. sry still luv ya 馃槈

  32. they should just add the zoom system from arma and just make it simple. It’s just kind of stupid that you need to go to the settings to gain advantage in some situations. When I’m playing the game at 75 fov and 2560×1080 I feel like my dude has astigmatism

  33. is this still a thing with 12.9

  34. So much work dude. love and respect!

  35. Great video very easy to understand thank you

  36. Thank you

  37. Messing with aspect ratios and stretching your screen causes uneven horizontal and vertical mouse movement, thus screwing with your ‘muscle memory’.

    At lower FOVs and 4:3 or 5:4 settings things move faster across the screen.

    The biggest mistake, though, that people make is where they just crank the FOV all the way to 75 and complain at the same time how everything is tiny and also why this game doesn’t go to 90 FOV, but in reality they’re playing at over 100 FOV, horizontal FOV, while Tarkov uses vFOV.

    You should, ideally, match your FOV with visuomotor gain to match it and scale it across zoom levels in accordance with your sensitivity.

  38. Genije!

  39. cs:go players chilling like this is new to them.

  40. Because who is work behind this game have 0 idea how is work a fps game. the camera is broken in tarkov resolution aspect ratio fov this things affect alot in game.

  41. cringe

  42. Nice work!

  43. Lots of work, nice video 馃檪
    Most of this is common game logic but nice explanation

  44. 16:10 + 66 fov is the best. 100%

  45. Lilia The Succubus February 27, 2021 @ 10:56 pm

    Larger character model on screen doesn鈥檛 mean bigger hitboxes :p Hitboxes are still the same, you just have larger targets (effectively perma zoomed)

  46. dont know man.. its worth it for the thiccness alone

  47. My aspect ratio resets every Raid back to 16:9 …is there a fix ? Dont realy want to change it every time i go in a Raid 馃檪

  48. All those setting & now I know the good settings lol finally I was wondering y I couldn鈥檛 hit shit lol I was shooting high kuz of one of my setting

  49. A video on 21:9 on a wide screen monitor would be great

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