How To Make: DIY Sand Filled Speaker Stands (for KRK Rokit 5)

How To Make: DIY Sand Filled Speaker Stands (for KRK Rokit 5)

These speakerstands are used for KRK Rokit 5, but you can adjust the size to any kind of monitors!

1: Dread Pitt – Bottles –
2: Dread Pitt – Crixus –
3: Dread Pitt – Steel –
4: Dread Pitt – Solid –


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  1. Hey Dread! I saw your song on NCS and it is so boss. So I checked out your channel and it’s sick! I wish I can make dubstep (edm) like you!

  2. You make some AWESOME music. Keep it up!

  3. *Use tape. It’ the best way.

  4. Christopher Nation March 29, 2021 @ 11:40 pm

    Connecting the top and bottom panels with a batten in the tube, as jusb 1066 suggests, is not much extra work but really worthwhile for best sonic results. The trick is to have the central batten 2-3mm short of touching the underside of the top when standing on the bottom panel. That way, when you screw the bases to the batten it will pull the bases down on the tube and give extra rigidity.

    I think Dread Pitt is using MDF for the tops/bottoms. Any wood panel product would do but I fancy using thick exterior grade floor tiles. That would add a great deal of mass to each stand and with suitable isolation on the underside of the bases, greatly improve the overall audio results.

    To make taller floor stands, big hardware outlets stock 1m lengths of threaded round steel rod. In UK, Screwfix does a a 5-pack of 1m x 6mm for £8. Run one end through the base and secure with a washer and nut. Rubber feet for the bases of machines and devices come in a variety of thickesses. A suitable set will give clearance for the washer and nut at the base. Bump-stops for doors would be good for floor stand bases.

    Two or more base plates will add mass and stability to the stands. Stick them together with StixAll or Gripfill. A square of the mastic round the base plus diagonals will do.

    Place the tube over the rod and through a hole in the top plate and cut to length so that the bar passes thru’ the top just enough to get another washer and bolt onto it. Either recess the top plate to set the nut below the level of the surface [if you do this, you must run a washer and nut up againt the underside first, to prevent the top nut cracking the plate] or put four more rubber feet onto the base of the speaker. When the top nut is nipped up, it will pull the base plates hard up against the top and bottom of the tube, making the whole thing one rigid structure.

    Don’t foget the sand!

    Plastic tube comess in grey and white – found in the plumbing section – or brown and black. Brown and black are the bigger tubes, found in the building section, used for soil pipes and ‘rainwater goods’.

  5. Hi. Thanks for the video. I’m thinking of making a pair of speaker stands like yours myself.
    Is just glue strong enough for attaching the wood boards to the gray pipes? If glue fails at some point, the sand inside would spread all over the floor!

  6. Are you Dutch ? Nice video man!

  7. Glad I watched this to the end. I was hoping to hear a full version of the song that plays at 3:45! Stuff sounds nice and great idea for the stands as well. I was thinking of making some stands consisting of pvc and wood also, but with a triangular look which would require three pvc pipes on each stand instead of the one. Thanks for the vid!

    An observation, I could see/hear why the neighbors were complaining about the bass…GAWDDAM!!!

  8. Adriel Martinez March 29, 2021 @ 11:52 pm

    Yo dread Pitt is live. I love your one music Dread Pitt Pyro

  9. WorldRenownedCFE March 29, 2021 @ 11:55 pm

    Why didn’t you round off the corners and use tile instead of wood? Would have been nicer.

  10. unforgiven101inc March 29, 2021 @ 11:55 pm

    nice work, been thinking making my own as well…

  11. AmazingOrange87 March 30, 2021 @ 12:00 am

    What sealant did you use please? I can’t see the brand in the video.

  12. Thanks heaps mate

  13. Fantastic video. I am making 24 inch tall book shelf stand with pvc pipe for my great expensive Canton reference speakers.
    Man they are so cost effective.

  14. Romana Angersbach March 30, 2021 @ 12:20 am

    Love your project. I made similar with Woodprix instructions.

  15. Shantel Fullerton March 30, 2021 @ 12:21 am

    I did it with the Stodoys plans.

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