How to Maximise Your E Bike Range | Halfords UK

How to Maximise Your E Bike Range | Halfords UK

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All e-bikes have a maximum range and the distance you’ll be able to travel on a single charge is affected by lots of different factors. It this guide we show you some top tips for making your battery go further for longer. [Halfords. We Fit. We Service. We Repair.]

One of the most common questions when it comes to e-biking is, how far can I go without needing to recharge?

All e-bikes have a maximum range and the distance you’ll be able to travel on a single charge is affected by lots of different factors.

But to get the most out of your e-bike’s battery… here are some tips to follow.

If you want an e-bike with a good battery range.. then it’s worth choosing carefully.

Smaller commuter bikes like our Carrera Crosscity have an average range of around 30 miles.
…. Whereas our Carrera Vengeance mountain bike has an average range of 60 miles.

Our more expensive models feature Bosch or Fazua battery technology…. these larger capacity batteries have a longer range.

Keep a close eye on the battery or power mode that you’re riding in.

The name of the modes differ depending on the brand of e-bike you have.

Higher ‘sport’ or ‘turbo’ power modes will get you moving much faster…but will also drain the battery quicker.

Eco and Tour modes mean you need to pedal more… but you get an increased range.

If you commute, having another charger at work will really help.

Alternatively, you can carry another battery with you…which is good for an adventure that lasts a few days.

But this is a more expensive option with prices ranging from £200 to £700 depending on the model of bike you have.

The outside temperature has a big impact on your battery’s range.

The colder it is, the less range you’ll have.

Sub-zero conditions can reduce battery power by up to 30 percent.

That’s why, during winter, it’s best to store your battery indoors and at room temperature.

You also shouldn’t leave it uncharged for any length of time as this will damage its performance.

Other factors that affect your e-bike’s performance include: the combined weight of you and any luggage you’re carrying, how flat or hilly the route is, having the correct pressure in your tyres and whether or not you’re riding into a strong wind.

It’s also important to have your bike regularly serviced and keep your chain well oiled.

Finally, how much you pedal will also have a huge impact.

You’ll need to employ some muscle power if you want to reach speeds above 15.5mph on the flat.

And if you’re making the battery do all the work, then clearly it won’t take you as far.

If your bike is in top condition, you’ll get the most out of its range. Check out our guide on how to maintain your e-bike for tips on this.

We also offer a range of servicing packages to help you keep your e-bike in great shape.

Discover more about these across our website, where you’ll also find our full e-bike range.

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  1. Moto Martinski March 2, 2021 @ 10:19 pm

    "Don’t leave your battery on charge for any length of time" ha ha ha Is the necessary 3 – 6 hours "any length of time"?
    Brilliantly accurate and clear advice (rolls eyes) — from a video the purpose of which is no doubt to provide a more honest offset of the commonly very exaggerated (by 30%+) claims of max range for an average user / moderate use — and to provide somewhere to direct anyone complaining about never managing to get anywhere near the advertised "up to" range. Summary… If you use less motor assist the battery will drain more slowly. duh.

  2. Avoid Halfords.

  3. MY pendelton e bike battery has gone dead. I tried to buy a replacement but frankly Halfords were very disappointing in their assistance. 6 months later still no replacement. Can you help me please?

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