How to remove speed limiter Chinese Electric Bicycle – Ancheer

How to remove speed limiter Chinese Electric Bicycle – Ancheer

Link to the $599 Ancheer – (last price check 03/30/2020)
Link to the NEW $749 MODEL (500 watt) Ancheer –
this one has Double battery Double motor

Other modes made by other brands and prices links below
Link to Kemanner $599 –
Link to Merax $599 –
Link to Unbrand $629 –

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  1. will this work on a lectric xp

  2. it worked on a random eletric bike/scooter. Thanks

  3. I must have done it wrong. My saddle blew upwards like an ejector seat, but I’m ok. I landed in the neighbors pool. Beware all you wire wizards. My balls are now dangling at my ankles due to the g-force.

  4. Plz give link of Speedometer

  5. This video helps a lot. I’m very new to the ebike population and I can’t figure out how to use the twist throttle on my electric city cruiser. I definitely figured out the pedal Assist. But I have noticed that I’m going slower even at top gear and the battery is fully charged. Any advice?

  6. It Sounds like v8 engine damn bro!

  7. Is it the same method to remove the speed limiter on an e-scooter?

  8. No you could really have shown us a better shot of where those wires are going because maybe some people have to look at them more carefully and don’t just have a simple plug like that

  9. Lol you’re amazing 🙌😂

  10. Please subscribe to my channel and i will subscribe to yours: @

  11. But what is the max speed without a limiter?

  12. Did you check the speed with GPS? because it might just change on speedometer numbers .. also how do you know if this is speed limiter wire? how did you figure it out?

  13. Miles per hour??? The world stopped using miles as a measurement many years ago.

  14. Just wondering if it is possible to simply cut the sensor wire at the terminal point where the sensor meets the magnet. Does destroying the sensor that way destroy the electric bike? If not a problem then why not just snap off the sensor or cut its wires?

  15. I opened my Himo Z20, because it’s driving all its owners crazy with this speed limit shit, but there is no white cable or cables. I found three cables and when I disconnected them, the speed sound that was bothering me is gone 😅. So I never reconnected that, and that was it.

  16. the white wire is for telling the controller to turn the wheel on forward or backward in many bikes maybe there is an exception for chines bikes

  17. Does it work on electric scooters too? I have a Chinese G Force S10 scooter … and it’s been a few weeks I can’t turn it on … I don’t know what to do T..T

  18. Will I get the same range after removing the limit?

  19. The bike came earlier than expected, how great was that! Assembly was very easy and it was up and ready to ride in about 30 minutes. The bike took no time to get used to and I’m riding it 3 times a week to my gym. I live in Brooklyn<❖>︻ NY where it’s very difficult a car, so I use the bike for local errands. It’s great.

  20. Datta Dhawaskar Dadhihartā Dās January 28, 2021 @ 8:20 pm

    It doesn’t harm the motor or battery??

  21. WTH is the screw size cause damn I can’t get the case open

  22. Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 

    I don’t got the white wire a mines this slow how to make it faster

  23. Thanks bro

  24. Prince confidence January 28, 2021 @ 8:25 pm

    Mhaahahahahaha, THANK YOU VERY MUCH🤩🤩🤩

  25. Will this ruin the bike at all? Or make it not last as long

  26. Just to confirm: is that figure of 18 miles per hour or kilometres per hour ?

  27. Looking to get a Ancheer e bike .what is rattling sound from ?

  28. Thanxs m8 well done mine works fine Thanxs for vid and info 👍👍👍👍👍😀😀😀😀😀😀

  29. The white wires that is connected is actually the programming wire. It should be unplugged.

  30. Well this work with a lankeleisei bike? its chinese

  31. Sir, will this work with Fiido D2S? Thank you.

  32. remains almighty torque….the motor’s max torque…i think whole project should start from there…then backward to the battery size,..


  34. Sir, plz tell In Hero Lectro bicycle how to increase speed.

  35. Can you please look and see where that wire is coming from and going to . I have 3 white wires One from the motor to the controller board one from the pedal sensor to the controller board and one from the controller board to the display

  36. Ancheer has a 500watt ebike now u should make a review on that.

  37. Any idea how to do it on a tailg bike that has the bleeping noise when it goes over 15km/h? The law here says now when a bike goes over 15km/h it has to make a noise so yea not sure if this will work on my Chinese bike which is limited to 25km/h

  38. Any advice on newer model like FIIDO D2S??? Appreciated

  39. It does not work on Jetson bolt pro

  40. I unplugged the cable and still the speed has not changed Is there anything else to do?

  41. Warning: Ancheer’s warranty means nothing. I have the 500 watt model 26" model. The pedal assist is defective, PAS1 goes 18mph, and they won’t fix it. You have been warned.

  42. Hi your vids are a great help thanks , My battery as started cutting out going up hills have you had any problems like this.

  43. Will this work on the delfast top 2.0

  44. Can i add a front electric wheel to my assist rear e bike?

  45. Muhammad Asraf93 January 28, 2021 @ 8:50 pm

    if minimotor its that can cut off also??

  46. got question do you know how to do that to a 2019 viper max pro e-bike take speed limiter off

  47. I cut the wrong wire and the speed went crazy. Hiit 88 in no time and found myself back in good old 1955!

  48. Where is this located on the blue spark ? The control box is different as the battery is larger

  49. I have a swagtron ebike will it work


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