How To Replace The Battery On An Electric Bike

How To Replace The Battery On An Electric Bike

Here is how to replace the battery on an electric bike. If you have an E bike with a dead battery, and you want to replace the battery inside of the battery case, it is possible to buy a replacement battery and put it in your existing case. This can save you some money, and it is easy to do. A new battery in a case can cost $100 more then a new battery on its own. In this video I show you how to open up your battery case, disconnect the old battery, and connect the new battery to the charging case so that you will have your old battery case with a new battery. Watch this video to learn how to DIY replace the battery in an E bike.
Here’s an example of a battery for sale. Make sure you find the right size and voltage:

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  1. Ya hit the trifecta on this one. Bike update, repair steps, and a burnout…..You’ll have a hard time topping this video!

  2. SUP YOUR ALMOST ON 100k keep it up!!

  3. Nice work!!! Thanks for sharing

  4. How did you connect the battery to the motor? did you have to make a hole through the box? I didn’t see any plugs.

  5. Does somebody have an idea how to get off the white glue when its around a corner/on the underside of the battery?

  6. meanwhile on gasoline you just fill it up

  7. *I bought a case like this but the wires in the ignition key were so skinny I soldered some 12awg ones instead*

  8. Hello there! What is the length, width, height in millimeters of the original battery, also for the replaced battery? Please advise!

  9. How good is the blue battery they cost way less cause they are generic

  10. Is that CAO MM battery worth buying? How much in speed?

  11. Arizona Lifestyle December 27, 2020 @ 10:30 pm

    Great video but before I go this route what are your thoughts on throwing the dead ebike battery in the freezer for a day does that work to revive it?

  12. Edison International School December 27, 2020 @ 10:38 pm

    Can you tell me what a battery bag is ? I assume that for some, the idea to replace a battery and do what you did here is too much so they buy a replacement battery like you did then put them in a bag which they then strap to the battery rack ? But its not only cost. For my maker they went out of business so I’m stuck with a nearly new bike and a battery that was garbage. So of course, I want to just replace the battery guts and not the battery case. I will do what you did. Thank you again

  13. Thank you your no joke we drink 🍻

  14. Edison International School December 27, 2020 @ 10:48 pm

    This was great but you breezed over the most important and dangerous part: Attaching the wires !!! All of a sudden the battery was wired up !! You had me up to that point because it was clear and concise

  15. Thanks a lot for this useful tutorial.. I have a similar battery with Alu case and lock/switch at top.. I need to replace the inner battery and I bought a proper size one at Aliexpress.. My question is: my new battery pack has in it (the manufacturer says) a Bms control.. The pack is wired as yours, cables for charging and cables for output current.. Hence, according to you my pack (with bms) can be connected just as yours? Do you think that my ebike can have another bms outside the battery? Thanks really a lot, Marco from Italy

  16. Hey can you help me plzz ive got 36v/10AH LITHIUM-10N BATTERY on my bike and its not working i think the cells need to change your way is much easier to rigenerate battery can you help where can i find the battery like your thank you im from italy

  17. I watched ur vids ever since the 2 wheeled skateboard congrats!

  18. Just be careful of brands

  19. Nice Wire Cutters! Gorilla Tape? Shoo-Goo? Talk about a half-assed operation!

  20. i did not know you can buy just the core ! whats the difference in price !?

  21. Hello. Does the key stop you from sliding the battery out the case? Or?

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