How To Save Money on Amazon Purchases on Electric Bike Accessories and More!

How To Save Money on Amazon Purchases on Electric Bike Accessories and More!

Start saving money on your electric bike accessories purchases with these little known tips, tricks, and hacks. You’ll see how I found a 60% off coupon deal on a rechargeable LED Bike light set and was able to verify it was a good deal. (I bought 3!)

When I am not dreaming about riding Ebikes, I am usually at work as an “Amazon Advertising and Promotion Specialist” for a company that sells millions of dollars of products per month.

This gives me a unique understanding of how ‘successful’ Amazon sellers work and what strategies they use to boost their sales. This knowledge allows me to shop for deals on the Amazon website that are not well known and why MOST people miss out on deals.

Bike Light SET –
Bike Repair Stand –
Abus 6000/90 Twin Lock Set –

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  1. Great video! I learned a few new things and the camel, camel, camel piece was very helpful! Thanks!

  2. I learned a lot with this video

  3. Wow! I just learned a whole lot about shopping that I never knew before. Look out front porch…things are gonna get busy!

  4. Great information from buying from "other sellers" on Amazon. I never purchased "used" but the information provided on your video and buying advice about purchases from the Amazon Warehouse made me a believer. The item was like new and could not find any damage or issues. Save 25%, thanks.

  5. I use honey that is a little like camel. Works in the back round and i don’t have to do a thing.

  6. great video, thank you for posting

  7. I watched your video and I can not find Today’s Deals tab? Is not available any more

  8. I am hungry šŸ¤¤ whoa with me whoa whoa with me whoa šŸ˜®

  9. Nice I really liked the camel,camel,camel tip. I started using it and it worked great. I learned a lot, great video.

  10. Yo you know you the man right, such great information

  11. Great information ā€” for more than bikes!

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