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  1. how unlock system profile and throttle ??

  2. Hello Mr Len, that’s a great video, many thanks. Have you got the bbi soft working on W10?, I have it running on a W7 machine including the debug section, but no go on W10. I enabled localhost so it’s not that. Maybe I need a diiferent soft version, or bbi.db file, I don’t know….My temporary email is Many thanks, William.

  3. can the bionx d500 do 40 miles per hour?

  4. Simphiwe Mphiwe April 16, 2021 @ 12:33 am

    Mr Len, can you please assist with the software speed removal, you can log remotely to my PC

  5. I would like to unlock my motor. Where can I get the software? Thanks

  6. Who can help me with the problem that platinum misreads State of Charge 0.0% And in reality there are 43.3 volts unused?!
    Please help
    If somebody can inform me!
    All the best from Z眉rich! Switzerland 馃槈

  7. i do not have any of the equipment you have. So, how do i unlock my D500?

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