How your E-bike Controller works and what's inside

How your E-bike Controller works and what's inside

How your E-bike Controller works and what’s inside

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Hi I’m Kirby with Augustine E-Bikes.

Today we’re going to look inside your controller. Think of your controller as your on-board computer that controls all aspects of your ebike.

Inside the controller is a circuit board that through sensors and firmware manages voltage and ampage input and output and controls all of the critical functions of your E-Bike.

The first thing your controller looks for is its power source that comes from your battery. It calculates your batteries voltage and Amps and if compatible distributes that power to the controllers various functions, such as the motor. It determines what are the power requirements for the motor and determines at what intervals to distribute that power.

It takes input from the throttle to determine how much power output needs to be generated. Twisting the throttle varies the strength and polarity of the magnetic field adjacent to the sensor, which sends a corresponding voltage of between 0.8V and 4.5V to be sent to the controller.

It reads information from the brakes, when applied a sensor cuts the motor reducing your forward momentum for a smoother stop.

The controller controls additional functions such as:

Pedal Assist
Cruise Control
On-Board LCD
Maximum Speed
Wheel Size
Minimum and Maximum Ampage
Voltage Cut Off
and more…

Some controllers are built into the frame of the bike, some controllers are controlled by iphones and some controllers are external and are controlled by wired LCD inputs. Whatever kind of controller you have the functions, give or take a few bells and whistles, control the most important functions of your E-Bike.

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Readers Comments (40)

  1. This video doesn’t say more than what you learn when you buy a controller. It explains what a controller does but not how it does it. Completely useless!

  2. How to fix sw900 light always turned on?

  3. The controller do control. I got that. Is that all?

  4. Can anyone help me my power display box on my ancheer city ebike 26 inch is not working

  5. a controller controls really?

  6. have a Schwinn scooter and I dont think I have those brown wires etc. The throtttle wres are 5 or 6 colors and run from throttle to ECU. Also all motors dont have that brake cutofff do they? My bike quit on me the other day and I still dont know how I fixed it. My throttle lights still dont work (Fuel guage?) WHen I speed up to medium hi..the amber lite comes on. THATS IT. It used to come on nd stau on. Also my fuse has two "tongues?" The 40a fuse I got just had two tonguelike things side by side. Not at rt angles to each other. wont fit.

  7. Hi, i buyed a ebike kit taht comes with a Normal controller (no lcd display) but it would be very useful to me to have it with the LCD so i can control the power of the motor on PAS.
    Because on PAS, the motor always accelerates to full power, and sometimes i don´t need it.

    Is there a way to transform the normal controller into a LCD controller? Or a way to have a 3 mode power control switch somewhere?

  8. can i use just a on/off switch between the motor and the battery without the cobtroller?

  9. This is child’s basics so why waste time. You need a follow up video explaining what most bikers need. Which is explaining the purpose of each component inside. How to recognise it visually then replace it according to basic diagnostics. Eg my hub motor had water in it causing the voltage regulator to blow. What does a voltage regulator look like so it can be ordered and replaced.

  10. can we use motor and battery with out speed controller?
    help pls

  11. Question: I have a Ecotric Hammer, 48 Volt, I want to use a 52 volt battery with. Is there any reason why the 48 volt controller would be damaged by this?

  12. I am looking to buy the Greaser from Michael Blast, it has a Control Freak 18ah Controller. Can I reprogram this, any info or links would be great. Needs to be faster.

  13. Got a serious problem. I tried to be a genius, and connect a gps tracker to the 12V DC output on the motor control unit which is intended for use with a torch. Since doing that im getting error code 10 which means communication error, typically this translates to a loose wire. Straight up disconnected gps then tried else everything to sort this. Checked connections many times, checked all capacitors in the computer box(mcu), checked wiring in the hub motor everthing seems connected correctly very stuck, dont know what it wants from me. Maybe its a factory reset job not sure…..Any suggestions?.

  14. Can I set low voltage cut-off from say 48v to 37v so I don’t get stuck again in crazy terrain? Thanks

  15. So can you push a motor say if its 1000watts to 1500? etc by changing the controller settings?

  16. Cheap Walmart Mountain bike with a 200w 24v brushed (4 pole) motor  that was given to me sans battery or motor controller, or a transfer of money. Messed about & wired it up. It did take a couple of days to wire it up properly, but tried to make it nice & was fun wiring it up with my son. He learn’t how to solder & heat shrink. In the end it worked perfectly with a couple of 7.2 amp 12v lead acid batteries  duct taped to the frame.But it was completely uninspiring to ride, gutless/no power.So between me & my 14 yo kid one of us got intoxicated & decided that is was useless the way it was. If we blew up the motor then it was no great loss, we wanted to know if it would take 48 volts. Two more 12v 7.2 amp lead acid batteries were purchased & duct taped to the frame. 48v hard wired to an old fuse switch. It blew every fuse we could find, we ended up getting it running by running it down hill with the wheels turning & flicking the switch. Wheels spun, motor screamed, the little 200w Walmart motor drew 60 amp and put out 3kw. For a few scary seconds. The batteries are the limiting factor Now we have wire it up with 1000w 48V controller. It works perfectly fine but would love to press a button & get that 3kw. (just for a second or so). Anyone know anything about how to do this  ?

  17. Do you repair controllers

  18. Joaquim Mallorquí Quintana December 9, 2020 @ 9:43 pm

    Do you know which controller is using the Fiido D1 bike?

  19. If I have 40v can I use a 36v controller?

  20. The controller controls wheel size, eh? Think about that and get back to us. Hey I’m just repeating what you said…

  21. Can the indicator circuit handle small led headlight and taillight ?

  22. If you like to make your own energy you should go to Avasva

  23. Could someone please help I bought a conversion kit 36 48 volt ebike at I installed it and just to check to see if it worked I use a 12 volt battery
    I’m getting power to the throttle the red light comes on and it’s going through the controller and I’m getting the red light on the throttle ,No yellow light and no green light on the throttle. Anyway the power goes through the controller and and I only get power to the headlight wire we’re running lights. Could just be that I’m only running on 12 volts from the battery? And maybe I put my controller in sleep mode?? Is there someone that can help me with this out there thank you in advance for your time.

  24. I’m struggling I can to use my ebike yesterday and it will not power up the LCD will not come on and I’m not sure what up with it can you help.?

  25. Amperage, not ampage.

  26. Ricardo Ferreira December 9, 2020 @ 9:54 pm

    Hello dear friend I have an electric bike.. But my controller stopped working I wanted to buy and other what kind of controller I have to buy my wheel e3000w 72V and my battery and 72V 18a. Can you tell me the best controller??

  27. How about explaining the difference between square and sine wave controllers? This is a video for a six year old

  28. terrible music to start with.

  29. Nadia Diaz Hernandez December 9, 2020 @ 9:54 pm


  30. Cockeyed Optomist December 9, 2020 @ 9:56 pm

    Any thoughts about de-limiters ? Would using one be guaranteed to screw up the controller permanently ? or screw up the motor?

  31. Will a 48v controller work with a 52v battery???

  32. David Asher Gaming December 9, 2020 @ 10:01 pm

    The Landian LCD display of my bike stopped showing the speed. It stays at zero even though I am on full throttle. Where and what should I be looking at? Is this a function of the LCD, controller (i got a new one by the way but still the problem persists), or the motor?

  33. where is the controller on a bionx kit

  34. uh yeah… looking for a vid that actually explains things. I guess it takes more than a 2 minute video to get in to.

  35. if controller problem how you test & should i replace

  36. Can I use a 1000w controller on a 750w motor? With de same voltage.

  37. My bike turns itself off sometimes. The display turns off and I need to restart it several times to continue cycling. Does anyone know what wrong is it? Thanx!

  38. is it possible to transplant the insides of the controller to a smaller case?

  39. Frank Patrick Lennarz December 9, 2020 @ 10:09 pm

    Thanks for the basic function Video on this

  40. 1:42… That would be "Amperage".

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