I Bought An Alibaba Carbon Bike And Got The Steepest 30min KOM In The World

I Bought An Alibaba Carbon Bike And Got The Steepest 30min KOM In The World

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  1. An Olympic race walker walks at around 7.7 mph, and you just said you walk at 6.2 mph and you made it out to be nothing like you could walk even faster lol.

  2. nice new outro

  3. Here is a 33% to 50% slower time but a healthy alternative workout, for Human Growth Hormone/HGH, etc:
    Rest for 30 seconds every 1 minute to 1 minute and 30 seconds of maximum effort.
    That is a type of ‘High Intensity Interval Training/HIIT’.
    Making the movements as slow as possible, but trying very hard to get muscular failure at every ‘set’, will be Ken Hutchins’ ‘Super Slow’ protocol: http://health101.org/art_superslow.htm
    Do it once every 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 days.

  4. Yo DR can you make a video about cool apartments/hotels to stay in Chiang Mai?

  5. Love the videos and your energy dude. Thank you a ton.

  6. Franken Pedaleur Cycling Lifestyle December 27, 2020 @ 10:06 pm

    @Durianrider Cycling Tips
    Aren’t you afraid of damages, when you put such a carbon bike in a paper box to ship it to Asia? The airlines are not sensitive with handling the luggage. You have no shelter around this soft paper boxes.

  7. 53/39, 12-25. Train.

  8. Ban internal routing

  9. What kind of rims are on the yellow??? For me personally DISC doesn’t make sense, I don’t ride in the rain, when it rains I ride on my trainer. If I get caught in the rain then so what…

    Rim maintenance is super easy.

  10. Brian Cartoscelli December 27, 2020 @ 10:12 pm

    I’ll buy one but I am 6’5

    Can you tell me if you have one big enough


  11. I try’d contacting light carbon about the 007 frameset .. heard nothing back

  12. wow you guys in Malaysia

  13. I’m getting baited at this point

  14. I came here looking for a link to this bike on Alibaba

  15. I’ve got family that live in KL. Just the street my uncle lives on is insanely steep.

  16. Everest is prolly a little harder

  17. You need to go 100% bright yellow kit with that new bike

  18. soo you went for the easiest KOM ever? either way im a fan, but im pretty sure a junior on a fixie could beat that time.?

  19. Do rim brakes have more power than disc brakes, and if so, would that be because of ‘leverage’ ie because the rim pads grip on the outside of the rotating wheel instead of so close to the axle where the disc pads are?
    And so rim pads could not get as hot as disc pads, and that is why rim pads can be softer than the hard disc pads?

  20. You use to hate on alibaba in 2016

  21. Another great video DR!! Snatching all them KOM’s all over the globe

  22. What about the hills of San Francisco? Those hills are pretty steep

  23. you should try kimanis hill along Keningau-kimanis road in Sabah or Bukit X in Kota Belud, Sabah, albeit no one can finished them in less than an hour

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