AVERAGE–PRICED eBike: https://amzn.to/33LiSuc

Dude this bike is actually really cool! Probably the best for the price. This is an ECOTRIC 26″ Electric Bicycle e-bike with a 48V/13AH battery and 1000W Motor – And it actually performs as claimed in the Amazon listing (lots of Amazon suppliers fudge the numbers a little to make it more appealing). I definitely recommend it for the price if you’re looking for a quick, nice riding e-Bike.

CHEAPEST eBike on Amazon link: https://amzn.to/3otd1BI
CHEAPEST eBike on Amazon video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHrAhPpXrto

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  1. Does the front tire have a quick release skewer??

  2. todd grudzinsky vevo February 25, 2021 @ 9:39 pm

    Now if that bike had regenerative braking it would’ve lasted longer than 20 miles so …
    This bike im NOT getting right now

  3. What does "most averaged priced" mean? How does it differ from "averaged priced"?

  4. From experience a hardtail bike wouldnt last too long on bumps/potholes cause itll rip out spokes from rim or hub as ive experienced I went & got a full suspension MTN bike frame & 6.5k miles still going mine is a 48v 15ah batt. Alto I like that bike but it wouldn’t last here in jersey 2 days.

  5. Matthew Silkowski February 25, 2021 @ 9:41 pm

    Do you like this bike or the lectric bike better

  6. i find 20mph to be adequate for daily use

  7. Bro why you’re not wearing the safety helmet

  8. The link to the bike does not work…

  9. Brannen Thompson February 25, 2021 @ 9:46 pm

    You see how EV’s are like an addiction you only have to go back to your early video’s to see it, I’m no expert and have been building bikes and battery packs for about 5 years, but I love the journey your videos portray, its all about the fun of the journey, as always great interesting, informative and fun video.

  10. "It just looks different"!?!… huh? No disrespect sir, but if we’re just going off looks alone… The Cheetah absolutely destroys the ecotric. Ones cruising in style like a Cadillac or Mercedes. The other is a nice honda civic at best.

    You also hit the right brake when you said front brake? So it came backwards from the factory? Or did you confuse it with a motorcycle?

    And the specs being better on the ecotrix isnt right.13ah vs 17ah, Non color display vs color, random motor vs Bafang, Basic 2amp charger vs fast charging 3amp, ?? Brakes vs Tectro Hydros, cheap everything vs custom leather grips, seat, tank, and awesome looking saddle bags, No rack vs rack, skinny tires that’ll sink in sand and gravel vs Big comfy fat tires that can glide over everything, and No swag vs you might get laid swag.

    The only equivalent specs are the same voltage, gearing, shifter, and half twist throttle. One belongs on the showroom floor of a Harley dealership. The other…… not so much……. a bike rental shop in a town no one ever goes to…. I guess.

    You seem nice so I hope you get to ride a real ebike one day so you can learn the difference and make a better video. Tyvm for your time:)

  11. for 1kW, 22.1 mph top speed is low. I don’t think you’ve unlocked the speed limiter.

  12. Pretty soon you’re going to have to build a second garage to house all your electric bikes and all your projects! Buy the way, have you finished the Mercedes? Want to see it hit the road! Love all your reviews of the electric bikes. Very informative! Roger in Pierre South Dakota

  13. This is great concept ebyke but bikes gotta be lighter and have more range than 20 miles.A definite future in this with tweaking.

  14. It’s actually B A Start… not A B start…

  15. I always wanted to watch a video on the most average e bike 😂

  16. So cheap to show off his electric car…..ouch

  17. Awesome review i have the same exact bike. Imma try cutting out the speed limiter this spring Thanks for the info!!!

  18. how tall are you?

  19. I want to buy here in philippine. How?

  20. Haha, love the way you stop in the middle of the bike lane to stop to talk AND shoot a video – Perfect!

  21. 12:15 Sounds like you’re really liking this bike. I’m impressed with almost everything about it. And the way the battery sits in there’s no way it’s going to fall off. One slick machine.

  22. Seat post cant go high enough. Both riders dont have correct leg extensions….seat post too short

  23. How tall are you? Is it cramped or comfortable? Can you fully extend your legs when pedaling? Thanks.

  24. Here’s a list that helped me out.
    In the end, I went with #10.


  25. WAIT before you buy ?? As of 2/25/2021, there’s legislation in the works giving significant federal "tax credits"
    (30% – up to $1500) on e-bike purchases. Look into that first. 
    I’m holding off to see if legislation passes regarding e-bikes; I believe it will.

  26. DragonFlicksGaming February 25, 2021 @ 10:08 pm

    Try unplugging the spedometer

  27. My 300 $ ebike can do 20mph, 20miles range and it’s 8 years old with a new battery pack. It’s a nice bike thou but I don’t know if its worth it.

  28. Direct drive rear hub motor lowest budget components you paid to much.

  29. Have you ridden a Onewheel or an EUC?

  30. The bicycle is THE most efficient form of transportation ever invented.
    It offers health benefits.
    Not the "E-bike".
    Create ill health. Encouraging laziness. Excessive body fat. Heart attack.
    Wait till u get a flat. It weights 50 lbs.
    How will you get it to a shop? Oh your neighbor? When hes got time? Ok. After a week, your neighbor throws your bike in his truck.(wrenches his back out of alignment. )
    Drives 15 miles to bike shop. Unloads bike, (hurts back again).
    Pushes bike into bicycle shop. Ask for help.
    Bicycle shop manager tells you take it away. We dont work on electric bikes THAT WE DONT SELL !!##@^%%%😌.
    Customer and neighbor swear at manager and each other.
    This is what happens boys and girls…..
    Dont buy into the hype. Go to a ccx real bicycle shop. Buy a real bicycle for $500.00. And ride away happy…..
    While mr. E bike cant get his bike fixed.
    Wait-then his electrics fail. Now what ?????????????
    Your screwed that’s what

  31. Lectric bikes are awesome

  32. Who else tho this was a trails bike until you read the title

  33. Okay. First tip. Don’t put the handlebars on backwards. Good to know.

  34. Know Your Bicycle February 25, 2021 @ 10:19 pm

    Full Review: https://youtu.be/ESSpjhbflMM

    Unboxing: https://youtu.be/ipHwLvAe3q4

    Stunt on ebike: https://youtu.be/5HHroQ_pePk


    •Aluminium 6061 with lifetime warranty. Aluminium seat post and hyper
    cushion seat.
    •20 inches support structure with folding option for easy carriage

    •Front Disc – Mechanical
    •Rear Disc – Mechanical

    •5 level Pedal Assistance (PAS)

    •20 inches diameter with 4 inches fat tyre with Magnesium spokes rims.
    •CST BFT Jack Rabbit Mountain trail heavy duty tyre for all surface road.
    •Alloy Rims steel spokes with heavy duty grid lines avoiding punctures

    •LCD modes with odometer and trip function
    •LED Flashlight in the front

    •36V 10.4Ah with 12 months warranty.
    •4 hours charging time
    •Consumption per charge – 1 Unit electricity (Rs.5-8/Charge)

    •40km on handle mounted throttle
    •Upto 60km using Pedal Assistance (PAS)

    •36V 250Watt
    •Rear hub motor

  35. No longer listed.

  36. LMAO. Omg . Cant believes ppl buy this ,! With that type of money you can buy a bike with. 3x even 4x better ,!!!.

  37. that swagger lmao

  38. Don t know if this already been said,but if it doesnt already have it,for that price would be cool if pedaling would be the charging of battery while riding

  39. It is funny how people use ecars and E everything what they don’t realize is they use electricity that is connected to the grid system and electrical company uses fossil fuel to make electricity. So they pollute for the E community.

  40. Apparently ebike definition in US is a bit different than EU.


  42. mason appalachiantrail February 25, 2021 @ 10:28 pm

    1000 watt, 22 mph? Seems low, there are lots of 500 watt class three bikes that go 28+.

  43. The Money Filters February 25, 2021 @ 10:28 pm

    Three questions : is the bike electronics and battery waterproof ?

    How long will it take to charge battery from dead to 100% ?

    Mud flappers available ?

  44. Thats cool ebyke but needs motorcycle cycle solo sadle from hard tail motorcycle era think Vespa and 1950 BMW ,urals etc but maybe bungee sprung for weight.

  45. All hard tail E-Bikes need a fat seat not cool but your butt and balls, lol they will always thank you.

  46. Why you guys wear your pants so tight it’s so unflattering to your body’s that’s all I can focus on sorry I’m so sick of seeing it I see the other bike in the background I’m on my 11th motorcycle I’m 63 probably My 5th bicycle, 14 states, pilot, hello it’s been an Enduro type of mountain Rider I want a crotch rocket now I know I’ll get in trouble I hear the boys around here all the time opener up I’m just saying I know I’ll get in trouble with the law with the boys my famous line and I’ve said this to Hells Angels there’s only room for one p**** on the bike make up your minds but now the electric bikes came out you guys finally has something to ride….state champ still- ! Lol. You got a 220 I’ll always have a 440 keeps me feeling alive and it’s worked so far going to outlive that bike ( s) to see my age hope so. So anyway what about this bike you got going there I travel too much you’d only take so many toys hang glider a boat a motorcycle a bicycle all on a minivan prancing around soccer numbsculls… I’ll always be a brat sorry I’ve even pissed off mercenaries at the campfire that 2440 thing don’t fly with those guys they’d rather leave the fire lolol- what would people be doing they didn’t have YouTube is it going to be our only jobs left and my comment candy? Hahaha*

  47. Love you guys! Thanks for watching!
    The eBike! https://amzn.to/33LiSuc
    My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_inja/
    CHEAPEST eBike: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHrAhPpXrto

  48. Nice..could you possibly gear it up just a notch to get a little more steet speed?

  49. always research electronic limiter shut off before buying anything…ha !!! to fuuny Governor
    Rock On Freaks,

  50. on the computer panel go to setting 6 and change the wheel diameter to a smaller sized wheel . This should trick the comp into allowing a higher top speed . The bike computer won’t read proper speed or distance but the actual top speed should be higher

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