I built a Chinese EBIKE!!

I built a Chinese EBIKE!!

I purchased a $680 FULL carbon frame direct from China, with a HUGE 840Wh battery. It’s called the Dengfu E10. I Paired with a Bafang M500 Motor rated at 95Nm torque, massive 840Wh internal battery. This bike looks like it could be the ULTIMATE electric enduro mountain bike at reasonable pricing.

If you’d like to see more details, I have a full build thread over at EMTB Forums including full breakdown of parts costs, frame supplier etc.

Click here for the build thread: https://bit.ly/3pxiJ6a
The paint I used was from here: https://www.specialistpaints.com
The ETOE vid that really helped me with painting:https://youtu.be/rsD3E0b6mko

Bike Stats:

– 24.5KG Weight
– Mixed wheel size 29er front 27.5 rear
– 840Wh battery, 95Nm Motor
– 63.8 degree head angle
– 505mm reach (Frame Size XL)
– 455m Chain Stay
– 170mm Rockshox ZEB
– 155mm rear travel, Rockshox Super Deluxe
– DT Swiss H1700 Wheelset
– Deore 4 pot brakes
– Deore 10 speed drive train
– Big Betty Rear / Magic Mary Front

Also a BIG thanks to MOSHON-E and APickup for support and help with the build and paint process

Doing a DIY build like this also has negatives. It takes a fairly long time to build, shop for parts etc, especially in the current situation with delayed / restricted stock! You need tools etc, time to build. And not the best support when you need help. Warranty etc will also take time if I need it. BUT its very rewarding building your own! And you can choose the parts that you really like.

For many folks, a direct / shop bought bike is by far the best option, all things considered. Yes, you spend more, but the support is (usually) much better. But great to see this DIY build as a feasible option for those who would like to give it a go.

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  1. 4000 pund?!! Holy sweet jesus.. baofeng 800W front wheel kit for under 200 is more then good enough for me and do higher speed as well.

  2. whats the exact paint you used please answer

  3. Ive done a bit of Automotive painting, as well as my share of turning wrenches… and I think I am gonna give this a shot! If I do, I will make a video of my journey!

  4. Well done you 馃憤馃徎馃檹馃槉

  5. 14:54 lol that wont hold long

  6. the cost! enough to buy a Nmax scooter…

  7. Dariusz Wenderlich February 21, 2021 @ 9:33 pm

    No cheap, you show prices before duty, vat tax and transport cost. Alter this will cost over than 6000拢 馃槾馃槰VERY nice Concept, but you have to show true. I dislike your video.

  8. Ezequiel Newton Navazo February 21, 2021 @ 9:34 pm

    how long did it take to paint? also have deore on my bike and think its really good

  9. did you get the custom canz chromacoat kit in cyan

  10. Pier-antoine Demers February 21, 2021 @ 9:38 pm

    Where you take the battery?

  11. That looks amazing!!

  12. I used urban dictionary, and now I realise what cheeb means.馃槃馃槃

  13. The motors are sold on ebay.. where did you buy it from.. the dark web… the possibility of buying a higher wattage.. illegal to the restrictions of 250 wattage.
    If you buy from Alibaba you would possibly get 10 of the same price as you did for the one.. they just wouldn’t have a name "logo" on them.
    As like seeing the enduro boxed frame type for a big battery bike, for about $140 U.S .. stealth bomber without any logo..as being near the same ?
    Would any one then buy a stealth bomber ?

  14. and you thought its so awesome to make a video??????????????
    wtf is wrong with u????

  15. Awesome Rob, you successfully build Premium custom ebike at lower cost. Amazing, for those who like to DIY will appreciate what you have done. Kudos

  16. Are you the guy that broke his leg after the rear swing arm snapped on his Chinese frame on a little bump?

  17. I can’t get over how expensive good wheels are.. I can’t justify it.

  18. HAHAHA Germans companies try to savee marked against cheaper and better ebike solutions. Check it XD https://ebike-mtb.com/en/build-your-own-e-mtb/ They suggest to buy Specialized frameset for 5K EURO XD

  19. That was so cheap but not including work time to source the material, spray it and build it, more like a 拢7000 bike.

  20. What about the forks and the shocky.. $$.. more digits.. and the wheels $$.. more digits.. plus al the other things like bearings.. $$.. possibly not included, for the wheels and forks.. tires.. then you want to add more cost for the spray paint.. costing possibly closer not to over 2k.. and not to include breaks, handle bars… um yeay.. the wrong forks.. not a triple tree.. or is that my personal preference bias showing.. possibly.

  21. Oh jesus, using 800 grit pre coats? I do 1,200 – 2,000! 800 grit is super rough bro. Edit: Admittedly I do this for classic car restorations that end up in shows not a bicycle for messing around on!

  22. it’s really not cheap…but he is Superbe !

  23. Wow 馃ぉ Rob, you got me excited 馃槤 I鈥檓 feeling very confident in building myself e E-Bike just like yours… i built3 years ago, my Giant Reign… with electrics I鈥檓 not very comfortable but watching your vid… I鈥檓 pretty sure I can do it 鈽猴笍

  24. This is not a cheap ebike but a Premium ebike at a lower cost with satisfactory quality

  25. For $2,200
    You can have a built bike shipped to you from ecells.com.
    (& it comes with a warranty)
    All you have to do is put the handlebars on & levers.

    Although, your bike has wayyy better components for the $$$

  26. Get a Slack-R headset. $99

  27. How can i go in touch with the supplier of the frame and moto?

  28. this is shit. throw it away. never make a mountain bike out of carbon

  29. Great video! This looks like the Luna Cycle X1 frame? While I am open to building one the price of the Luna X1 is cheaper! 3490.00

  30. i ride a YT Shred decoy, it was 6k, but i didnt have to built it, and it wasnt cheap, but its a top of the line, so if 5400 dollars is considered cheap, i dunno sounds like a lot of money spend there for something that doesnt compare much to your standard e mountain bike, for the money u spend i’d rather get rthe real deal.

  31. Its cheap for the power and weight ratio. Plus if you are a serious mtb’er you need to have good components. you cant find anything with this geometry and power for that price. Awesome build! Question: you said you ordered the XL frame? Why? How tall are you? I am 5’9" and weigh 183. Should I go with the XL?

  32. I literally winced when you revealed the price. Only a 500W mid drive motor and a sub 1k watt hour battery for 5 grand USD? Specs are underwhelming for what you paid.

  33. i have shimano, haibike, and yamaha all ebikes – are they chinese?

  34. ahhhh money

  35. Oh..yeah.. you need to be reminded that any ebike.. ridden on the street in the EU and Brit-ex.. by any one in a Commonpoor country.. needs to be a 250watt and no higher.. the bastard of the ebike reality.. is that they are low the end, on town and country roads.. and are shit at hill climbs of any real significance.

  36. would 600 fit?

  37. @
    Rob Rides EMTB what is the battery range on this monster?

  38. A design for life February 21, 2021 @ 10:06 pm

    I got a Dorado pro set of forks and shimano xtrs and 220mm discs from a broken kuberg freerider, this is interesting use of my parts.

  39. What is weight of it?

  40. Dude, the mic stand was a great idea! I have a bunch of them laying around and now I can repurpose them, thanks for the idea!

  41. Look smart but Frame will snap put money on it … Nothing from china lasts and will end up getting corona

  42. What top speed?

  43. where is the cheap part?

  44. What is the song called at 14:09

  45. Honestly, how much sense does it make to buy an eMTB as a very heavy and tall dude (300lbs+ with backpack + gear)? Do I have to check for special weight ratings or something? I can get an eBike subsidized by my employer and want to get into the hobby but maybe a MTB is not the right choice for me and I should go for a cross bike instead? Don’t have too much experience off-road but could imagine myself enjoying mountainbiking. I would use it to drive to work as well regularly. Hope someone can provide some insight, thanks.

  46. i like the bike, its nice

  47. so how was the bike, honestly.

  48. Nice job. Regarding the motor; can you get one without the silly EU/UK speed limit for offroad use or is the 15mph assist cutoff the only one as you seemed to suggest there was a choice?

  49. Not my color choice.
    It would look sick in stealth or even a shiny piano black.

  50. Great work and video Rob

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