iGO Electric Core Elite II Review – $1.9k

iGO Electric Core Elite II Review – $1.9k

https://electricbikereview.com/igo-electric/core-elite-ii/ The iGO Electric Core Elite II is an approachable step-thru commuter with stiff durable frame, great weight distribution, sturdy front and rear racks, nice integrated lights, comfortable and flexible geometry with tool-free adjustable angle stem, an entry-level suspension fork, and basic semi-ergonomic grips. Great attention to detail with all hardware accents in black (spokes, hubs, racks, handlebar etc.), integrated cables, and water resistant threaded connectors. The Shengy hub motor is zippy thanks to a 48 volt battery and 22 amp controller combo. The controller is separate from the battery, keeping cells cooler and making replacement packs a lot less expensive. Feature-complete setup here with decent fenders, chain cover, 25kg (55lb) rated rack with dedicated pannier hangers, great integrated lights, and premium Schwalbe tires that are puncture resistant and reflective, great kickstand choice and placement as well. Only available in one frame size and color, but it looks nice and is approachable and somewhat versatile thanks to the adjustable stem. Reention Kirin battery box doesn’t have a USB charging port like the older Dorado box and is a bit longer and bulkier. Mechanical disc brakes aren’t as easy to use or adjustable as hydraulic. iGO is a Canadian ebike company that has been around since 2006. EBR collected a service fee to make this review possible. This is not an endorsement, we strive to be objective.

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  1. Ilyasmoulayramdane Moulât December 18, 2020 @ 9:39 pm

    Plz I wanna ask you about buying the trek fx 3 disc is it good for city what you thing you advice thanks for your reviews by the way I like you Chanel I’m from morocco casablanca thks take care

  2. It seems like right around 2 grand is the sweet spot for picking up a really nice spec’d bike. Beautiful bike.

  3. Which one would you suggest between the
    – Igo core elite II
    – ride1up 500 series + fenders
    – voltbike bravo
    for commuting (i’m 6’1′)?
    I can get all of them at about the same price

  4. I agree with the video, even so, I prefer to continue with my bromtom bike with the Aston Rider engine under pedal box, it runs at more than 23mih x for less than $ 300!

  5. The cables in front rub against that front rack. Seems like that may cause turning problems and wear in those cables.

  6. Accidently hits the throttle, the bike goes in the ocean. Dooooo!

  7. ElectricBikeReview.com December 18, 2020 @ 9:57 pm

    Battery removal 4:07, Charger and more details 11:49
    Display and control systems at 14:04, Settings at 16:31
    Ride test begins at 16:58, Closeup shots at 18:36

  8. Still not convinced that it is not a mid drive.👍

  9. if elby bikes were a mid drive..

  10. So despite that bb area containing the controller, that really looks like they used a middrive frame to put out a hub drive which allows them to use that frame for more than one model. Thats not a bad idea really.

  11. Are all the motors coming out of China? If so, where do you see the market of E-bikes going?

  12. Using the bike with that motor noise would be annoying..

  13. All these reviews in the midst of the end of the world… you should be sent bonuses from every ebike retailer still doing business!

  14. Looking like the aventon level is the bike to beat in this price range?

  15. First?

  16. Keep safe every 😷👍

  17. Compared to most e-bikes, the price is low and it has most that’s needed. But, I still like my motor in the center. Again, an excellent review.

  18. Thank you for this super review. Following your review I purchased two ( one for me and one for my wife). I had heard that Costco had them on sale at $1699 cdn. I was lucky enough to catch them on time. These things sell like hot cakes. When you said the distributor was in Montreal I knew this is the bike I needed. I live 90 minutes from Montreal and there is a dealer servicing IGO e-bikes 20 minutes from my home.

  19. 👍🏻🚴‍♀️👍🏻🚴‍♀️👍🏻

  20. Really nice upgrades compared to the 2018 model and iGO kept the bike at a good price under $2K.

  21. I appreciate that they put a lot of thought into engineering this bike

  22. nice glasses what are they?

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