iGO Electric Core Extreme 3.0 Review – $1.9k

iGO Electric Core Extreme 3.0 Review – $1.9k

https://electricbikereview.com/igo-electric/core-extreme-3-0/ The iGO Electric Core Extreme 3.0 is a hardtail electric fat bike with extra large 4.5″ wide tires that improve float and traction. Gnarly Kenda Juggernaut tires feature bigger knobs spaced further apart that dig into loamy, snowy, or sandy terrain. Redesigned hydroformed aluminum alloy frame is sturdy but approachable with lower standover height, due to aggressively sloped top tube, and fully integrated downtube battery pack. The bike is feature complete with alloy fenders, rear rack, and integrated lights. Advanced 32 pulse cadence sensor is responsive and durable. Unique “Electronics Access Port” bottom bracket box makes the bike easy to service, improving reliability since this is a direct-order ebike. Powerful 48 volt 13 amp hour battery system uses a powerful 22 amp controller that supports a 500 to 750 watt hub motor offering up to 80 newton meters of torque. The punched out rims reduce rolling mass and overall weight, making the bike easier to start. Simple greyscale display is easy to read, interact with, and even has a full sized USB Type A charging port built in so you can maintain a phone, run additional lights, or use other portable electronic devices. Variable speed trigger throttle is reliable and ideal for off-road riding because it offers full power override in all 9 levels of assist. Overall great attention to detail with sturdy spokes, slap guard, derailleur guard, narrow wide chainring, optimized 11 to 34 tooth cassette with 8 speed drivetrain, adjustable suspension fork, great pedals, kickstand, and integrated bell. Only available in one frame size and color, but the long 350mm seat post and adjustable angle stem provide a decent range of fit options. The bike is fairly heavy at 73.9lbs, but they’ve kept weight mostly low and center. The suspension fork uses a straight steer tube, so upgrade options are somewhat limited, and it locks out vs. compression adjust and felt kind of bouncy to me. Mechanical disc brakes aren’t as easy to operate as hydraulic, but they do have motor inhibitors and are easier to repair “in the wild” if necessary.

0:00 Introduction
2:08 Battery and motor specs
4:46 Drivetrain gearing details
5:30 Pedals and tires closeup
6:05 Brake details
7:16 Suspension fork details
9:06 Wires and controller box
11:25 Stem, seat post, sizing
12:57 Suspension fork adjustments
13:40 USB charging port
13:57 Lights demonstration
14:52 Bike, battery, motor weight
15:32 Battery closeup, charger, removal
17:16 iGO history & business
17:38 Display panel overview
20:31 Pedal assist sensor details
22:09 Display settings menu
24:12 Ride test begins
27:31 Third person ride shots
28:55 Motor closeups
29:40 Guest ride & interview
32:30 Conclusion & resources

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  1. bhai price ka hai

  2. Great Holiday video Court 馃槑馃憤 You’re a darn rock star! Great Bike.

  3. I see you wearing protective eyewear during most of your videos. What glasses or goggles do you wear? I am in Utah and it is reasonably cold during my commutes. My eyes water quite a bit (plus I want additional eye protection from dust, debris, UV). Help in this area would be much appreciated

  4. Merry Christmas to you and your family aloha

  5. Great review! Really appreciate the time you take to walk through the various nuances.

    Any guess on total weight without fenders and rear cargo tray? 70+ lbs is certainly getting up there in weight!

  6. Where is this? So beautiful up there! I’m in boring hot Florida

  7. Great review – ordered one of these a couple weeks ago …not expecting it to be shipped until Jan.11 unfortunately.

  8. Is this a ‘Rear hub’ or a Mid-drive, or both?
    Or, does it look like that as it’s a prototype?
    If so, will there be 2 motor variants?
    You did elaborate, but not quite enough to know what’s happening.

  9. hello where can i buy this bike ? im located in ottawa ontario canada……thanks in advance JDS 2399.00 CDN

  10. It seems that resale value falls the more components like batteries or controllers or displays are customized. Trying to get a lock on replacement component sales hasn鈥檛 worked well with a bunch of failed e-bike companies.
    The mid-motor frame means this company will have one frame for quantity price savings. That鈥檚 smart. Hopefully they haven鈥檛 specialized the controller too much.

  11. Nice demo but the price really too high for a sore ass the seat common for that price no comfort should be competitive with others that are out there with better options.

  12. You’re reviews are the best, I love how you thoroughly go over everything. Thank you so much…

  13. Christopher Moltisanti January 28, 2021 @ 8:14 pm

    You could’ve picked me up in East Van on the way!

  14. Love the guest rides. An ebike really is a great way to make new friends 馃檪

  15. Hard tails are so uncomfortable.
    Thanks for the video 馃憤馃巹馃嚘馃嚭

  16. C$1899.99 now at Costco

  17. Is that the charger laying in the snow? 馃槺Great looking bike. Wish it was a mid drive with a bigger battery. I’d jump on it even if it cost a bit more.

  18. Great review as always

  19. Video energy coolshowtime a move action happy mary Christmas health successful

  20. Well priced and beautiful bike.

  21. What brand shoes are you wearing?

  22. Merci Curt Joyeux No毛l…Prend soins mon ami 馃檪

  23. Can you put a mid drive motor together with the rear hub motor?

  24. X1 Luna same weight.& worth double the price.

  25. Talk about a winter wonderland

  26. When ordering on line does the bike come assembled or partially assembled in some way? if no are there comprehensive instructions?

  27. How does this motor compare to the radrover. How did this perform on the road? What I don,t like about the rad is the look of the external mounted battery. This may be the one for me. Waiting to see what rad has for 2021.

  28. Where did you buy these city goggles?

  29. The diameter is not 26". They call them 26" only because the rim diameter is on the same standard as the old (but still in use) 26" mtb standard. The rim diameter itself is about 22" (559mm) and the wheel diameter (rim+tire) is about 31". Thus the confusion. 26" comes from the wheel diameter (rim+tire) you’d get on a typical 26"x2.00" mtb wheel.

  30. Nice to include someone new to ebikes! I get asked about my bikes a lot since ebikes are fairly uncommon where I am. People are always excited to learn about them. Great video and Merry Christmas!

  31. It is amateurish to film with one hand and steer with another. I’d expect you to film with a GoPro and provide a tangible impression of the handling on those 4.5s. You flunk this one.
    Second qualm I have is you dont seem to understand lumens and lighting. Though this is not a bike light review, stating that the light is "kind of like okay" is gibberish. You should be far more competent here. We expect a bit better off of a reviewer.
    A third boo-boo is as regards loading the bike advising to remove the battery which weighs 7 pounds (like a laptop). You then advise to go ahead and remove other parts. I’d hardly see myself spending ages disassembling my e-bike to be able to pop it onto a loadbed when my aim is to just do it and – more importantly – get going!! That advice was a bit daft. Other than that, it’s a decent review.

  32. chris hemsworth’s brother ? 馃槈
    awesome review!
    really hope i can get my hands on one !

  33. Wish it was easy to put a *FOX 36* fork on it !

  34. look like the frame as a mid drive mount…I wonder if we can convert or Igo plan to make a Mid drive swap option, if yes it will be awesome!

  35. When I was a kid Seymour was dead all the time 馃槓 can’t believe how busy it gets in the winter now.

  36. Thorough review. But could possibly use a motion stabilized action cam or camera mounting set up on the bike in various positions to avoid the -"arm out and away pointing down at the bike" while trying to ride. It just makes viewing the video a challenge.

  37. ***Thank you for what you do馃憤馃徎. We bought our first eBike鈥檚 because of your thorough videos, (2)-2020 Giant Explore E+4 GTS and we are hooked !!!
    馃檹馃徎Could you please ,please test the new*** (2021 Giant Road E+1 Pro) . eBike Road bike sales are booming in our area due to new great paths and super eBike friendly City government. Once again thank you for everything you do !!! Merry Christmas to you and yours and everyone on the site 馃巹

  38. Voltbike Yukon 750 vs iGo Extreme 3.0? What do you think?
    Yukon has hydraulic brakes, higher ah (17.5 vs 13ah). iGo looks sleeker and has an integrated battery, looking better IMO. Opinions?

  39. Good video, Court. Surprisingly, we also have snow here in Coombs, on Vancouver Island. The goats are no loner on the roof. 馃檪

  40. Hello when will this bike be available for sale in the USA? Thank you

  41. It looks like it also has an mid motor mount?

  42. Nice review and great price point

  43. What options do you have for uk ebike lover? Can this be used as delivery ebike ? How much is the spare battery ?

  44. So the max. is set to 41kmh(about 25mph) for this ebike in this video. Does it go to 41kmh, or does it maxes at 32kph with PAS? How much efficiency of the battery is lost in colder weather like this(I’m guessing it was like -2 or -3 celsius that day, you tested the bike)?

  45. Robert Throssell January 28, 2021 @ 8:51 pm

    Gr8 review of a fantastic looking bike..

  46. Weird. It uses a hub motor but the frame looks like a frame for a mid-mounted motor. Did they get the frame wholesale on a discount?

  47. Of course the snowy spot you show for reference is all yellow! Hahahaha thus is a really nice bike! I have my Volt bike coming g tomorrow but had I seen this! It may have come down to delivery date! Hahaha. Volt bike is shipping on time right now if it helps anyone. I appreciate your reviews, my wife’s bike is next on the menu. She’s like 5’3 so the Yukon 750 will be waaay big for her…

  48. Where in Canada is this?

  49. I just bough one in December. Will be shipping between Jan 11th and 17th. Thanks for this review! Can’t wait to get mine.

  50. Slower due to tire size.but.if you need to snowbike.

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