Important Accessories for Riding an Electric Bike… Going Further, Faster

Important Accessories for Riding an Electric Bike… Going Further, Faster When you buy a new bicycle, and especially an electric bike, there are some important accessories to consider which will keep you safe and comfortable along the way. For this guide I teamed up with Erik at Peloton Cycles in Fort Collins and basically just asked him to share what he considers to be the most important extras. Some of these, such as the helmet, are essential in my book. Ebike riders tend to go further and faster overall than traditional cyclists. This sort of gear can be fashionable as well as utilitarian and with so many choices, it’s worth visiting your local shop to try them on in person.

– After 5 years of use, the CPSC recommends buying a new helmet, for people who have stored their helmets in extreme heat and cold the foam can get brittle and the foam and plastic starts to break down… Most helmets have a manufacture date to help guide you
– For a proper fit, the helmet should come down to about 1 finger width above your eyebrow and ears (so pretty close to get that coverage)
– In order to keep helmets clean, consider adding a cap that will absorb sweat and may also keep your head warm if it’s a longer cap or tubular scarf type of thing
– Many new helmets have adjustable ratchet systems and you should tighten it enough so that the helmet does not fall off if you bend completely forward, the chin strap should be tight but still allow you to do a full “yawn” motion with your mouth
– Bottle cages are the next accessory you’ll want to consider, this allows you to bring along a water bottle for proper hydration… since not all electric bikes have bottle cages bosses consider a saddle rail mount or other tube-clamp adapter (the two bottle sizes include 21 oz and 24 oz which fit different frame sizes)
– An alternative to water bottles are hydration packs, this will also allow you to store tools, a phone, keys and other things
– Air is also important, learning how to change a flat but also being proactive with thicker tire tubes, kevlar lined tires, using sealents and even some liners can help reduce punctures, from here there are mini-pumps and CO2 cartridges which can be taken along on rides
– Specialized makes a whole line of tools that can be useful if you do get a flat, if your chain breaks or if there is some other loosening or malfunction while out on the ride, a multi-tool is definitely a good accessory and most have a range of hex wrenches
– It’s usually a great idea to bring a mobile phone along on rides in case you need help but there are times when you might not get reception (especially when mountain biking), keep this in mind and note that ebikes often take you further than you’d go on a traditional pedal power bicycle
– First aid, mirrors for signaling, starting a fire and having a space blanket for staying warm can also be very important, if you end up having to spend the night these things could save your life
– Padded bike shorts or pants are also important because they offer some cushion and can wick sweat away, this pairs nicely with suspension seat posts and a comfortable saddle EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at:

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  1. Guys have pony tails as well

  2. Correct……correct….correct….

  3. ive got a bike helmet from 20 years ago. It had broke down at all. This guy is just out to make people spend money unnecessarily

  4. I always stash 50 bucks in one of the bags on my bike in-case I need to stop for an emergency purchase.

  5. Ictpilot Ictpilot December 14, 2020 @ 9:32 pm

    You mean the styrofoam gets harder than it already is new? 😂😂😂😂😂 What a joke!

  6. Bicycle helmets do absolutely nothing. Most head injuries affect people riding in cars. If you do wear one, make it a full face motorcycle helmet that protects your whole head, rather than just the top of it. Not taking downhills at 40 MPH, using a rear view mirror, wearing protective glasses and obeying traffic laws can go a long way to protect you, even without a helmet.

  7. I’m really annoyed by these people who own/work in bike shops trying to sell us the importance of helmets. Get out of your bubble. Almost nowhere in the world they are mandatory like in most of the US. It’s not even mandatory in Minneapolis, which is one of the top 10 cities by bike modal share. Why does everyone insist so much that riders in the US must wear a helmet or die when no one else in the world does that??

  8. I just purchased an onyx RCR from San Francisco. It being able to go 60 miles per hour necessitates a full face shield in my book.

  9. Wife had a nasty off two months back, cracked her helmet,, broken foot and one hell of a nasty gash in her arm. If it wasn’t for the helmet she would be dead or have brain damage, and now in New Zealand some idiots are lobbying to make helmets not compulsory any more after years of it being illegal to ride without a helmet.unbelievable dickheads

  10. How about a mirror?

  11. …ummm…yeah,…helmets DO what they are supposed to do! Prevent further injury….ask my kids….they are both Paramedics…..! (am now dropping the mic….)

  12. Very important thing a very laud bell or horn. There are many deaf in the street.

  13. really, douchebag? I had no idea that in order to ride an e-bike, I needed an e-bike! I mean, without your sagely wisdom, I would never have figured that one out, ya fuck

  14. He forgot to mintune the bear spray LOL ..

  15. If you are riding in the city, this bike is awesome🚲>ㅎ110 The Battery kicks in right away when you start to pedal or you can use the throttle. Top speed was around 18 mph while pedaling with battery activated. The bike will help you up small hills with minimal effort. Down hill you don’t need the battery, but don’t burn out your brakes. The bike is a little bumpy with no suspension to absorb the shocks of bumps in the road. The bike wasn’t too bad to assembly but can see why a technician is handy to help. They battery is strong and lasts for about 15 miles. A cool option would be if while manually pedaling the battery was charging too. The seat and handle bars are too close together for tall people. Overall, this is a fun bike.

  16. extra battery my number 1 must have are a bigger battery depending on your mileage

  17. Those riding shorts can be like tight underwear and show off your junk too much. I have seen that and there is no way to unsee it. Ewwww !

  18. I think he took it a little far when he said he carried mirrors, blankets, and stuff to make fires. I will say I got a flat on my 4 wheeler once and the dude who had a tire repair kit saved my day. I still have the plug in and it never leaks.

  19. gotta love guys who love their job and know their shit

  20. Stopped in to this shop to possibly buy an e-bike. When I finally got someone’s attention they were super snotty and of no help at all. I was prepared to spend thousands of dollars. So I gave my money to some company online that shipped a new e-bike to me.

  21. Most injuries involve the face, hands and knees. A hard hat will do nothing to protect against any of those. Only a full face helmet could do that. I see people ride with no eye or hand protection but wearing these useless hard hats. 
    The best protection is to not ride recklessly, but nobody wants to do that. Speeding, following and passing too closely, suddenly stopping or changing direction, riding against traffic, etc. I see it every day.

  22. Bought a Super73 S1, my first electric bike and it’s arriving tomorrow. Not sure if I should wear a helmet or not since it’s not required here in Belgium. It kinda looks dorky too.
    Been riding bikes since I was just a kid and never had any heavy accident aside from scratches and bruises.

  23. fuck helmets

  24. I don’t need a stinking helmet

  25. Any Protection is better than none at all, but then you have to live, to understand That.!!!

  26. Just be sure to wear a helmet that’s not from the ’70s.
    Ugh, the foam used in bike helmets is not the same as a cooler. Don’t trust the info regarding bike helmet age at all. Unless the helmet is from the ’70s when they actually were both styrofoam…
    But don’t trust me, Trust science:

  27. CounterProductive December 14, 2020 @ 10:04 pm


  28. The most important thing about riding a bicycle…know the rules of the road. There are way too many cyclists who do not know what they should be doing. Road rules…Google it, Youtube it, or stop by a bike shop and pick up a handbook…just educate yourself.

  29. Kinda read between the lines on this vid 😉

  30. I think the purchase right after a Helmet should actually be the Lock, especially since using an electric bike will require less effort and thus less need for hydration.

  31. aNOTHER great video Court! will you ever review the 2017 ohm fat mountain bike?Thanks!!

  32. A pathetic sales pitch to support the planned obsolescence of helmet companies.
    No, you don’t NEED a helmet and you dont NEED a back pack to ride your bike .

  33. Just got my second ebike setup, can’t wait to go fishing and camping. Excellent video thanks for sharing

  34. I witnessed a bike rider get hit by a car, the bike rider flew on top of the front windshield, struck the driver side pilar. DIED! Bike rider did not have a helmet, if he would of had one he would of survived…. Don’t assume that it will never happen to you, because your future is uncertain!

  35. I’m still thinking on the e bike I want- trike or regular bike wouldn’t mind taking a road trip on a trike with tow behind kid trailer filled with my gear lol.

  36. for all this time you where riding e bikes on the desert or on long rides you haven’t worn any cycling bib shorts?

  37. Funny cuz when we were kids we never wore helmets or seat belts.

  38. price-sings Puccini December 14, 2020 @ 10:15 pm

    I’d pass on the padded shorts…eye protection way more important! Just today a branch slapped me across the ski goggles I’m wearing. Other times I’ve had an insect hit my glasses. When not wearing eye protection I find I get spooked if something hits my face which could make me lose control of my bike. Cycled 1/3 across Canada and Calgary to Vancouver another year..WEAR EYE PROTECTION!

  39. The first half of this video is about the helmet being the most important thing you need. I would not agree with that conclusion. I would say it is a rear view mirror, because that 4000 lb suv that is approaching you at 20 mph over the posted speed limit with someone who is on their phone is either veering into oncoming traffic or towards you.

  40. I once crashed hard and my skull hit the pavement very hard. I feel so thankful that I had a helmet. Another time my head hit unprotected and got a concussion . Another I had a lowside crash and saved my head from impact only because the speed was slow and used my neck muscles to protect it. My neck hurt for weeks. I know of a guy with permanent brain damage from an 8mph crash w/o a helmet. Please wear one. But i find the 3 year or 5 year rule to be pure rubbish.

  41. Oldgoldtop Goldtop December 14, 2020 @ 10:19 pm

    I do wear a helmet but many studies suggest they have little to no effect (even negative effect) on injuries.

  42. OK I’ve toured America extensively. I never wear a helmet. but the one thing I reccomend is a mirror on your glasses. wear sunglasses shit flies in yer eyes and bumblebees fly into helmets. the #1 tip I have is shut it down when it gets dark… period.

  43. I grew up in the 70s.. no helmet., I was a bicycle courier in the 80s in DC also, no helmet. I love to ride without it and when I do, weenies like these 2 get upset…
    Weenies such as these 2 are the problem and if these types have their way we will soon have bicycle helmet laws.

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