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  1. I have a Specialized Turbo Creo. Curious about the difference in power. Does it feel 2x more powerful?

  2. Have you tried it with the 650 watt battery?

  3. I have one. It works as advertised. 40 miles with 3300 vert left me with 2 miles of range left when I got home 馃槼

  4. I bought my first e-bike paddle assist TREK Allant + 7 on September 2, 2020 new at JAX Bicycles in Long Beach, California.
    I experienced my first first tire on this bike in the rear about two weeks ago and just got around to trying to fix the flat it this weekend.
    I discovered that the tire itself is virtually impossible to remove even with the tire levers tools.

    I needed today to get in my car and drive the rim up to TREK bicycles in Pasadena, California to have them remove the tire for me. When I got back home, I purposely deflated the rear tire and once again found it impossible to remove this rubber tire from the rim. It’s very very super hard to remove.

    So this week I will need to go back to the bicycle shop to have them show me this time that these fat tires on this bike are not impossible to remove if I am stuck out on the road with a flat; otherwise, I am ready to trade-in this bike I just purchased 7 months age for a brand new road bike that is just a traditional road bike that is not an e-bike paddle assist. If the tires on these TREK e-bike are made so difficult to change when a flat tire occurs, I don’t want to buy any e-bike again.

  5. You should do a head-to-head against the turbo creo. The Domane+ is SO much faster 馃檪

  6. Hi mate will this model be available in the uk ? They seem to have the Fazua motor when I research them online? Cheers 馃憤

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