Inside the most popular Electric Bike Batteries (different brands, sizes and shapes)

Inside the most popular Electric Bike Batteries (different brands, sizes and shapes)

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• Battery assessment, battery rebuild, fixing or increasing capacity (range), custom battery packs like the large 49Ah or the aluminium battery case prototype, please contact Ewan

• em3ev Premium, Performance & custom battery packs:

• SmartMotion bikes:

• Bosch eBike System, PowerPack 300Wh / 400Wh / 500Wh :

• Reention & Dolphin battery cases:

• Hailong Battery case (Shark pack or Jet pack): generic popular battery case

• A2B electric bike:

• Ezee bikes:

• Protanium Electric bikes:

• Golden Motor batteries:

• Dangerous Lipo Battery (please avoid)

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  1. Wow, don’t watch this video with your headphones on. You’ll thank me later. He is overexcited.;D the energy, this guy is a bomb… woooowww.;DD

  2. why is he keep saying boom

  3. just em3v advert 🙁

  4. What do you call that yellow ribbon he uses to attach the wires?

  5. 10 seconds in and 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 for your fake accent and fake enthusiasm

  6. Sur Ron battery?

  7. I want whatever this guy is on lol

  8. Christian andrew April 21, 2021 @ 12:26 am

    Good to see a breakdown on battery packs …. I have a new 48 volt 20 amp triangle built pack with 18650 cells though come with thin output wire is it posable to upgrade to 8 gauge wire ?
    Aluminum case battery pack looks wicked

  9. forest greenwald April 21, 2021 @ 12:27 am

    can anyone help me here on a electric bike battery question…. is it the case that for more amp hours a battery will be most always be larger??… i recently purchased a new bike battery that is claimed to be 18 amp hours, yet on receiving it i see it is the same size as me worn out 10 amp hour battery… it is in a silver fish aluminum case… i have a short 3 minute video that shows the comparison i will post here… i do not know enough about battery mAh sizes to know if it is possible to fit 18 amp hours into this size case… can someone help me???

    here is the seller’s response to the video… anyone know anything more than me, can clue me in a bit, would be most appreciated, since the difference in price is a lot for a poor old man like me…. thanks…

    Hi william,
    Thanks for your efforts , ok , i understand you well .thanks for your pictures.
    You can see Aluminum cased Silver fish battery is made from Mold.
    1)Do you know what’s MOLD ?
    These cases are from same style mold, so they have same size .
    And these Silver fish battery Aluminum case can put 80pcs cells , just 80 pcs, can’t put 81pcs or 82pcs…
    for 48V , it is biggest 13S6P.
    when we use Samsung 3000mAh cells, the capacity is : 48V 18Ah .
    when we use Sanyo 3500mAh cells, the capacity is : 48V 21Ah .
    for 36V , it is biggest 10S8P.
    the capacity can be within : 36V 28Ah….
    36V 28Ah and 48V 18Ah , 48V 21Ah , 48V 10Ah .,,, they have same size .
    2) if we want to get different sizes , we have to use different mold , and mold’s fee is very very expensive , usually we couldn’t do it .it is not worth to take most money to make new mold .
    3) i tell you the simple ways to test the capacity,
    we send you 2A charger , the battery is 48V 18Ah , you use out of the capacity , then use 2A charger to charge it , when the charger’s light is GREEN color , you can see how long time about the chargeing time ,based on theory datas , it needs 9 hours to charge full .
    then you use 2A charger to charge your previous 10A battery , based on theory datas , it need 5 hours to charge full .
    You can compare it .
    4) the second ways to test .
    when you charge full , you can check how long time the new battery’s lasting working time per charging .
    more Ah will last more long working time after per charging .
    Any questions please let’s know .
    And you also can find more different capacity battery packs , you will find most battery packs have same ALUMINUM Silver Fish Case eventhough different capacity .
    Thanks and Kind Reagrds,

  10. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeahhhh. It’s amazinggg 😀 😀

  11. Love it thinking of making custome case for Bionx slide one frame battery 48v 60 cells wow that’s gonna be expensive

  12. you sound like the guy from eevblog x)

  13. Hi do you know is it possibile to put new cells to this bosch powerpack? Does bms need all time be connected to DC?

  14. New videos men

  15. Captain Obvious April 21, 2021 @ 12:38 am


  16. When do we see glass batteries from Goodenough?

  17. waaoooo !!

  18. Where’s the best place to get batteries tested/upgraded? Even the regular Bike shops selling ebikes don’t seem to know much about electronics. I’ve got a Giant Quick E+ and Giant don’t even advertise replacement batteries on their website!

  19. The Smart Motion pack at 1:15 is a common design used in many bikes. Have you taken it apart yet? I’m curious to how it’s designed

  20. Derek Johnstone Fraser April 21, 2021 @ 12:41 am

    I love you mate, I really do, glad we have someone so enthusiastic about electrical POWWWEER as a figurehead for our scene

    you really are important, educating and getting people excited about ebikes and epower

    thank you

    big ups from a Scottish ebiker

  21. What the heck is he smoking?

  22. i think, you forgot to drink your tablets this morning?

  23. what happens when you connect different battery to bms

  24. You’re super smart with a lot of knowledge in your head.
    You just don’t pass it on being so focused on being wacky and zany…

  25. I nedd 3 motor your trebike is amazing

  26. What would cause a hailong 11.3 ah 48v to explode and catch fire?

  27. Thanks for making so many very informative videos..

  28. Hello can you build me a triangle battery pack like around 72v 30Amps-40Ah ? We can discuss about the price contact me pls here is my email :

  29. strange selectionzz April 21, 2021 @ 12:57 am

    Your are insane carm fokin down

  30. Dallas Yage Sassy April 21, 2021 @ 12:59 am

    Your totally Insane, I love it.

  31. I bought a Reention Polly DP-9 which seems to be a perfect case for my needs, I’m wondering why it has 5 pins on the base plate though? An even number would make more sense so you use 2 pins per positive and negative connection. What would the other pin be used for?

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  33. The best Bruno.

  34. What type of battery does the Stealth Bomber Bikes have

  35. Screww Googlle April 21, 2021 @ 1:02 am

    30 seconds was all I was going to take of that horse-shit !

  36. Hey what do you think about using a couple of Nissan leaf battery packs? I’ll be buying some soon to build a long range bike. Will use those hanging bags on both sides to house the batteries… I like the idea of electric car batteries since they’re high quality and will last a long time. What do you think about this?

  37. lol this guy

  38. why do I want to punch out an oak tree?

  39. Yo Bruno water cool and heat that last battery lol u could use a pc radiator Fran combo seal that center section have and active temp management could use an arduino have it keep the battery at a specific temp. Dosent have to be water

  40. The funniest videos ! April 21, 2021 @ 1:09 am

    Your being wasted here. You wanna be in comedy movies 🙂

  41. Perhaps you should consider cutting caffeine or other stimulants out of your diet… you come across as a clock that’s wound a lil too tight!

  42. I imagine your hair like Rick. lol. Good content! Just your enthusiasm is needed. No editing required. Lol

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  44. Dat enthusiasm!

  45. poweeeeeeeeerrrr….

  46. You’re like the Cheech Marin of ebikes man! I’m expecting you to pull out a low rider ebike 😁

  47. Could you use the bosch battery pack for your own bike? if so, would it be effective?

  48. Simon Stickland April 21, 2021 @ 1:15 am

    Hi do you know we’re I can send my battery? I have this battery aswell the hp 48v 11.6ah I needed new box from aliexpress but can’t solder or risk trying to assemble it back ? I think are more likely blow myself up 🙁 no one in the U.K. Will touch my battery they will only repair 36v battery I need help an I been told your the man that can thanks hope to hear from you soon 🙂

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