Installation of Geared Front Hub Motor Kit on a Brompton Bicycle

Installation of Geared Front Hub Motor Kit on a Brompton Bicycle

In this video Robbie goes over the process of converting a Brompton bicycle into electric drive using one of our geared SOFP motor front hub kits. The Brompton bike has a special 75mm wide fork with a tiny 8mm axle and requires a specially designed hub motor and torque arm solution, and the folding nature of the frame requires care around the cable routing process. For more information on this kit see our info page here:

The use of a torque or PAS sensor on the kit is optional and the installation on that is covered in the following videos:

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  1. Great to see, electrodrive UK did this in 2003! They used to sell complete bikes called the Nano Brompton, little handle bar mounted battery pack and controller, really nice solution.

  2. Elizabeth Gorringe April 25, 2021 @ 12:46 am

    Hi Grin! I have just had this sofp motor installed on my Brompton. I understand this motor is meant to have some noise, but there is what seem to be extra noise when the motor isn’t engaged. I’m wondering if this is normal? It’s like a rushing noise – it doesn’t happen when the motor is engaged, and as soon as I release the throttle on the motor, the noise starts. Almost like the freewheeling motor is more noisy? I hope this makes sense. Can you offer me some insight into this?

  3. Very neat. What is the power rating of the motor ? Does it comply with the European 250 W. limit ?

  4. Hi. Greetings from Argentina. How do you compare in terms of confort an effort the Bromton with a 20 inch foldable bike such as Tern or Dahon?

  5. which brand is that & how much?

  6. Shure would like to review that Phaserunner 馃榾

  7. sandydenny lives April 25, 2021 @ 12:56 am

    How fast does it go before the assistance gives out?

  8. Paolo Luis Razon April 25, 2021 @ 1:03 am


    Is the hub disc brake compatible? I鈥檒l be using a wider custom fork.

  9. You should do the bike Friday since they sell Ligos…. 馃槈

  10. Wow! Has it been 7 years already that I put a motor and CA v2 on my Brompton? Back then, I had to source the motor, controller, throttle, switches, torque sensor, rim, spokes, CA and batteries separately. And 80mm motors were the narrowest I could get then. Which meant spreading the forks, widening the dropout slots, etc. And making sure the cable harnesses did not interfere with the fold took a lot of effort. To this day, the setup runs just fine. The geared Keyde motor is now a little noisy. But it works fine. Good job on your kit!

  11. Clever. Thanks. ! 馃槂

  12. The Swytch kit is so much more compact.

  13. Be nice on a moox bike.

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