Installing an Electric Bike (eBike) Conversion Kit

Installing an Electric Bike (eBike) Conversion Kit

I recently upgraded an older Giant Sedona bicycle with a Golden Motor Magic Pie v5 Electric Bike Conversion kit.

For additional details, see:

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  1. OMG massive hub. what are the specs ?

  2. Sol Eterno aka The G*Kat January 8, 2021 @ 10:36 pm

    i was debating 80cc or this . thanks e bike kit it is

  3. Need more explanation for hooking the controller to the battery

  4. سکسی

  5. Patrizio Borsato January 8, 2021 @ 10:39 pm

    Ciao, scusa se faccio domande sciocche ma ho necessità di capirci di più.
    Per una e-bike completa servono degli articoli fondamentali, io quì di seguito ti chiederò un elenco di pezzi che vorrei il tuo aiuto. Grazie
    -Puoi aiutarmi a trovare una ruota posteriore 28 pollici 700x25C motorizzata 48V 500/1000W
    -Vorrei una batteria a bottiglia come la tua e vorrei sapere dove hai messo la scheda elettronica di gestione e controllo, dentro la batteria?
    -manipola acceleratore?
    -Leve dei freni con stop elettrico?
    -Displai controllo per manubrio?
    Ti sarei grato per l’aiuto.
    Grazie 🙏

  6. Looks like fun, I may have to build one, Thumbs up

  7. Can you still pedal the bike? This is the big question I ask. I want to still get a work out in pedaling my bike and stuff. I don’t want a full electric bike.

  8. if in the rainy season can the bike be used?

  9. yes a good video in deed

  10. Christopher Karamat January 8, 2021 @ 10:44 pm

    Can you tell me where u bought all the parts?

  11. A nice looking kit, doesn’t "uglify" the bike. Is that even a word ?

  12. Hi super South India

  13. Whoomp thurr It Is ! January 8, 2021 @ 10:46 pm

    Thanks for no annoying music…..

  14. magic cheeseball January 8, 2021 @ 10:47 pm

    Great video! What kind of camera do you use?

  15. Nice video…

  16. Very clear explanation. Thanks for this info.

    Where did you bought the ebike conversion kit? And how much it would be?

  17. Christian Paulus January 8, 2021 @ 10:48 pm

    Thank You. I need the seven speed cassette and the tool to remove it. Where did you find it?

  18. theres no controller box ?

  19. wthere can i buy and what is the costinstalling an Electric Bike (eBike) Conversion Kit thanks

  20. Hello, I wonder where you put the controllers? it use to be bulky and I myself trying to figure out how to hide controller and battery in one case if possible. I really want to build my bike kit as neat as I can without extra case for controller. Thanks

  21. excellent presentation, can you help me with e supplyer for electric bike weel , have a 28×1.75 tier dimension, i live in Kosovo eastern Europe

  22. how to obtain it in Nepal?

  23. Albert Seijuro Cruz January 8, 2021 @ 10:56 pm

    Where did you buy the kit?

  24. can i do this with any bike?

  25. Are these kits waterproof against rain etc?

  26. Thankyou for video.
    Extra info needed like how much speed,range,battery charging time & is it available online for indian customers

  27. Go Green! Excellent job.

  28. no grinding or cuting?

  29. Are these kits available for fat tire recumbents?

  30. Hi
    My kit controller wires are 14 gauge but my battery power wires are about 10 with Anderson connectors 45amp.Would it be a problem if I connect them?

  31. Finally !!!! Ty

  32. perfect video. simple short and clear

  33. I received the AW rear wheel conversion kit from Amazon. My bike shop looked at it and there are two problems. First problem is that my Shimano crank is tapered and the PAS takes up room so that my crank will not slide back on all the way, I can tighten the bolt but the crank is not seated all the way and the bike shop said it will eventually wear out the crank arm since it is not tightly seated. Is there a PAS system that will work in this case? Also the derailer rubs in top gear and the bike shop said no way to fix except to adjust to lose the top gear.

  34. Something’s wrong. It looks way too easy!

  35. i have the same kit going on a giant mtBike…thanks for the help if it works ill post

  36. Did the battery come with the kit or was it bought separately?

  37. Can this hub motor / rim / & tire combo work with disc brakes rather than rim breaks?
    Is there room for disc breaks on this setup. Thx.

  38. Hi I am farid from Afghanistan I went buy this electric taiar can you help

  39. What model bike did you use?

  40. Could this motor be used in a 22" rim? Would it screw up the settings etc.

  41. You made that look so easy. Thnx for sharing.

  42. How much is its final velocity and how much voltage is needed to operate it

  43. What?!! Wow! I’m getting this, I’m so sick of the expense of Metro in DC!

  44. I heard you should put torque arms on both sides? Is that overkill?

  45. How much is that motor and where do you buy it? Whats its warranty…if any? And can it go on a single speed ‘road bike’ or does it have to go on a many speed shifter bike like that one?

  46. Nice, helpful video. Thank you for posting it!

  47. Hello from Kansas. I just got the front wheel version. I’m thinking I should of gotten the rear. Is the only difference the included sprocket? Can I remove my sprocket from my bike and install it to the front wheel version hub? Thanks in advance for your response. Rick

  48. Should I get one

  49. Hey thank you very much for this video! Do keep using it? Did it broke? Can you remove the display?

  50. Great video.
    Are you still using it?
    How’s the battery

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