Inventory Liquidation Alert: A2B, BionX, Stromer, Electric Scooters

Inventory Liquidation Alert: A2B, BionX, Stromer, Electric Scooters

Hi guys, while visiting Amego EV (an electric bike shop in Toronto Canada), I found out that they are planning to liquidate a lot of old A2B, BionX, Stromer, and Electric Scooter products and parts… some are brand new! There’s also a bunch of spokes, rim tape, batteries… just a lot of older electric bike stuff that they don’t want to go to waste. Some of it is being sold one-off but they are also doing batches that would allow another individual or company to become the “go to” source to keep more electric bicycles on the road. If you or anyone you know is interested in this hardware, reach out to Virginia Block at Amego EV through their website at

Their Spring Clearout page can be found at for individual item purchases. EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at:

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  1. Well… there goes my tax return.

  2. Donate them to Community Cycles boulder. They will find good homes for your items!

  3. All the engines & batteries are for scrap..
    Its a ten year merch..

  4. Don’t buy any A2B or any other brand with a proprietary battery, you will get screw once the battery dies.

  5. !0,000 C$ include all the Stromer bikes? If so, this is the deal of the century.

  6. David J. Jorgensen December 20, 2020 @ 9:50 pm

    What about parts from Bionix for the Mercedes Smart bike…. especially battery since it’s in a proprietary box.

  7. Do you guys work with Shopify dropshippers?

  8. Anthony Woodroffe December 20, 2020 @ 9:51 pm

    Wow so much stuff I badly need wow looks like heaven wow !

  9. 11:00 I want to buy all of the frames for $100.

  10. World Wide Images December 20, 2020 @ 9:55 pm


  11. Amego…hmm…I’ll have to check it out

  12. DO NOT RIDE A2B BIKES! They are totally unsafe and unreliable. Literally everything broke/died. Safety-cut off, torque sensor, battery, control unit, light, etc all died. And, A2B/UltraMotor/HeroEco/Whatever-rebranding will refuse to fix it. I mean REFUSE to fix it. Pay to send it to them, return just as broken, demand expensive servicing for no good reason, and when I complained they then refuse to do anything because the seller wasn’t "authorised".

  13. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  14. How about a donation to a disabled man in michigan. I been looking for a cruiser for a very long time but get just enough money to be broke weeks before the next payday.

  15. You should check with Kyle at Bolton ebikes. His company is dedicated to making ebikes better. Can’t promise he’d be interested in all of it though. Also, there’s a cool bike seller in MA called Bike-On 888-424-5366 that specializes in recumbent bikes and other styles of ebikes and some for handicapped riders, which I saw a BionX on one not too long ago. They say they don’t work on ebikes, but if you can talk to the owner, they may be interested in expanding their biz to selling parts for the ebikes with BionX they’ve sold???

  16. A2b are gone now ? And a year since this video what’s happened with the business ?

  17. Hey Virginia, I viewed Court’s video above. I recently purchased a NIB ’13 A2B Shima, though w/out a battery. So I sent an email to your business, ok, many and got a response that you didn’t have any rear rack battery cases ("in need of rebuilt") in stock for the Shima. Only the six year’ish overpriced ($900 USA) in stock. CAN YOU HELP? 🙂

  18. Stuck with a boatload of crap from India. Time to sell it to the next sucker and write the rest off. Or start a warehouse fire sale.

  19. she is.kind.of.fake….look the way she talk…I can tell from a.mile away….be careful with women who talk too.soft…its just not natural… u bitch

  20. Way to help someone out Court. You are doing something for you but you always strike me as someone who always tries to make friends with the people you do business with and always remember your friends. She seems like a great person to do business with. This was a great video. Holy crap she has a lot pf stuff.


  22. Wishing i can buy 5000w rear wheel bike hub, but their too expensive…

  23. …that overly sexy voice should make it sell faster…

  24. Claude Desaulniers December 20, 2020 @ 10:14 pm

    Very good but very vague. We have no idea of what kind of money she wants for what ?

  25. Business is hard….she needs to get rid of those bikes ….if.not the battery will go bad after a while for not….

  26. Do they ship to US ? And I see some bikes on thair website it comes with no battery and no charger if the companys went out of business then you can’t even buy the parts from someone else you have to remake and replicate all the battery packs pointless !!! The prices are to high plus the pictures are not clear enough to know what’s included there is no description on their website about what they are selling.

  27. Wow is this Lady sitting on a Mountain Top E Bikes and accessories. I do admire her drive and dedication.

  28. Claude Desaulniers December 20, 2020 @ 10:18 pm

    What is she selling for $10,000 , the batteries or all the bikes ? It’s not clear. :35

  29. I loved your reviews… thanks for sharing the video.

  30. I live in the UK but i hear that real estate in Toronto is going crazy right now .Average price for a home in downtown is almost 1.4 million ! So i am guessing the rent for that huge warehouse must be costing the lady a fortune ! !

  31. What a Huge inventory! How high is the value of all of that? Million?

  32. If so I’m asking FOB,Tampa fl.

  33. This is a win win for the right folks. Great job! She has an amazing smile and, love her drive to see electric bikes on the road! And finally… no helmet.😉

  34. Virginia is a hottie

  35. I need a ejoe epik batterie

  36. Court, your reviews and videos are the best. I’m considering a R&M Delite with Rohloff and Bosch mid drive Performance line, and I’m torn between the CX and HS version. I want to know how much real world hill climbing ability I would sacrifice for the HS model. I watched your video of the 5 Bosch motors – excellent! But what I would love to see is a video where you compare the real world hill climbing ability of CX vs HS, and how you would characterize exactly what the HS cannot do in that comparison, to show exactly what hill climbing you give up to get 28 mph. Or do you already have a video of that? Thanks a lot!

  37. Am I correct ,in what you are saying everything for $10,000.
    I’m intrested

  38. Your gesticulating is distracting and forces me to scroll down and simply listen rather than watch. And, again, use clip on microphones on Everyone, including you!

  39. Omg she is so beautiful


  41. Is there any websites that sell the cheap chinese biked like dyu that ship to canada? Alot of the websites only ship to US not canada

  42. Canadian eBike retailers may do very well in the near future, given the 25% import tariffs imposed by USA government yesterday on virtually all China made bikes, eBikes and bike components…imported into the USA. Good luck…

  43. This reminds me of what we did in the late 1980’s I’d just took ownership of Myrons Mopeds and by then the moped industry was dead. Shops were closing their doors and literally throwing inventory in the dumpsters so I spread the word and ended up purchasing about 12 to 15 store’s parts and supplies for a Penney to a nickel on the dollar. We drove as far south as Moped Momma in SanDiego and to the north for AV mopeds in Apple Valley. It was stacked so high we started to call it the moped parts glacier. I sold Myrons Mopeds in 2000 and the new owner 19 years latter still has a few boxes of inventory to sort through. A couple years ago I went by to say hi and he told me “ you know Sam back when you bought all this stuff it was considered dead inventory but today it’s GOLD” I think Virginia is sitting on a gold mine and for the right person you can make a lot of money, good luck.

    By the way shawn the guy I sold Myrons Mopeds to, now has the worlds largest and most complete Moped website. Reminds me of what Court has done for the EBike community.

  44. Some of this industry fallout deserves some hindsight assessment. I believe the BionX drive systems are good quality but in general were underpowered (maybe because they were trying to be compliant with Canada’s overly restrictive ebike regulations).

    I think all of us the ride ebikes for frequent or occasional transportation tend to get convinced that everyone is missing the boat and should immediately start getting out of their car more frequently but that transition is hard for most people. Once people get fat and lazy and use to the luxury of a car it’s difficult to imagine actually riding a bike again but they are missing the game changer that ebikes really are. Being able to ride faster (on average) and farther is compelling if anyone just commits to an ebike for a while (I did for a month and then never looked back as I learned I’d rather commute to work on the bike, year round, than drive a car in traffic and I learned I could do so just as fast and I commuted to two locations 13 and 18 miles from my home).

    Eventually congestion will get so bad that people will consider getting out of their cars, but right now everyone should consider it just for the health benefits. Our health care cost issues are certainly partly related to the fact that far too many are obese and lazy. Sorry that it just a fact that those people don’t want to hear.

  45. In the beginning of the video she mentioned $10,000 for everything, what specifically is everything?

  46. So these are from Canada?

  47. TRUE WORSHIPERS TRIBUIT QUEST December 20, 2020 @ 10:42 pm

    I could not find any bargains you are too high in your prices. You must think what you have is very valuable you’re the equivalent of jewelry the prices that I seen on your webpage. This video ends with bargain-hunting frustration.

  48. Thank you for posting! FYI: I have been riding Bionx for the past five years. Recently I have tested MANY new ebikes and I still come back to the joy of my smooth Bionx PL250 pedal assist system. I hope Bionx will rise from the ashes and make their way back into the U.S. and beyond! PS: My PL250 is delivering after five years of moderate riding.

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