Is A Gold Chain Just As Fast As A Regular One? | GCN Tech Clinic #AskGCNTech

Is A Gold Chain Just As Fast As A Regular One? | GCN Tech Clinic #AskGCNTech

Will a gold chain be faster? How do you know your headset bearings are on the way out? What’s the benefit of using latex inner tubes? What should I do if I want to put Di2 on a frame without internal routing? Ollie is in his home studio to answer these as well as many more of your questions!

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. You see Mister Powers, I love gooooooooooold.

  2. Does anyone see the brand of that red tub in the background?!

  3. #GCNtech Hey GCN tech- I have a BH Prisma with 105R7000 group set- What are your thoughts on Tire Liner Puncture-proof Tap Anti-flat Tube Protector. I have been using this liner for few months,m. BTW I love your shows.

  4. Please like the comment so that more people see it 🙂 Hello Ollie here from Germany 🇩🇪✌🏻 I would like to buy a new racing bike soon and came across the Sava brand. (also called Savadeck). They have different models such as the Phantom 3. I have heard from an experienced rider who has now bought you such a racing bike that they are very good. and especially for the price, can you maybe get an idea of ​​the brand? or if someone has experiences with the bikes from the comments, I would be happy about any feedback. 🙂

  5. I love the fact that GCN are totally honest and open about who they have deals with and who has sponsored there vid etc

  6. Steel should be replaced with titanium alloy

  7. I like to cut a latex inner tube and run it down my leg whilst attaching the other end to the old plonker , nature breaks have never been easier unless of course you get a kink half way down your leg.

  8. #askgcntech how long should a bike last of it’s properly looked after and isn’t crashed

  9. I wonder if metal hard coatings can make it have less friction?

  10. Hi Ollie, great show as usual. Re Latex tubes, nice picture of a Michelin tube when recommending Vittoria 😄. In my experience Vittoria are slightly lighter but a lot more fragile than Michelin. Also fit with some talcum powder in the cover as that will help prevent stiction between the tube and cover rubber, then less likely to fail.

  11. #AskGCNTech Ollie, I’ve recently got into cycling and want to start to upgrade my bike. Would it be better to slowly buy parts to upgrade my bike over time (Spread the cost) or would it be better to buy a whole new bike? and if i can just upgrade over time what are the main things to watch out for what mix and matching parts??

  12. Fandabedozee!!

  13. That park tool kit looks ermazing

  14. The problem with the one that I bought I noticed When removing the extra links that they coated it after assembly. To slow the rate of wear you have to have the coating on one of the two surfaces in a mechanical interface. There was no coating on either surface. What it is is nothing but a fashion statement. All they would have had to do is coat the little rings before assembly and it would function. The chain otherwise is a very advanced design. Anodizing is for aluminum. This gold stuff is titanium nitride.

  15. #askGCNtech why do the pros and high end road cyclists always wear bib shorts instead of regular padded bike shorts. I have both, and I do not see any advantage of the bib shorts, and they are very inconvenient when having to go to the bathroom.

  16. The gold chains are probably electroplated

  17. #askGCNtech

    Please like the comment so that more people see it 🙂 Hello Ollie here from Germany 🇩🇪✌🏻 I would like to buy a new racing bike soon and came across the Sava brand. (also called Savadeck). They have different models such as the Phantom 3. I have heard from an experienced rider who has now bought you such a racing bike that they are very good. and especially for the price, can you maybe get an idea of ​​the brand? or if someone has experiences with the bikes from the comments, I would be happy about any feedback. 🙂

  18. Unpopular opinion: Gold chains are overrated and look ugly on most standard dark coloured bikes

  19. #askgcntech
    I’ve recently bought a canyon endurace with an ultegra di2 drivetrain, I love the bike but the noise from the drivetrain is driving me nuts, it sounds like it’s coming from the cassette but I’ve had a bike shop check the alignment/set up and everything is fine and I’ve tried several lubes including wax but it doesn’t make a a difference, I’ve seen on the forums that I’m not alone with this issue, it’s noisiest in the big chain ring and smallest few cogs on the cassette, any ideas what I can do to quieten it down?

  20. ross Mc Guinness February 3, 2021 @ 8:36 pm

    Do disc wheels actually make a difference over a shorter distance

  21. Unexplored Vision February 3, 2021 @ 8:36 pm

    Man on sounds like a footballers name

  22. #askGCNtech hi Ollie!. Just want to ask about my shifters(sora), they seem to be hard to turn or "shift". The cables(internal) I think is relatively new and my bike is tuned up. I don’t know why my shifters(the ‘outside ones’) are so hard to turn and I don’t know what the problem is, can you please help me sir??

  23. gold chains might be slower but you look faster…..that’s more important surely?

  24. #AskGCNTech Hi Ollie I have been been toying with the idea of tubeless tiers. Do you know if you can get an impact puncture with tubeless tiers and if so how can you repair it road side.

  25. #AskGCNTech Hello fellow cyclists! Great show as ever. My question is, does it make sense to buy a bike with a sram force/fsa groupset and transfer my ultegra 6700 to replace the sram prats while leaving the bb30 fsa gossamer crankset? Both cranksets are 50/34, should I expect some issues with compatibility?

  26. Fan dabby dozy 🙂

  27. Don’t forget to keep submitting your questions using #askGCNtech

  28. #askGCNtech Why do we have to change the cassettes every x,000 kms, due to wear, but we never have to change the front chain rings?

  29. #askgcntech I’m using my bike for regular exercise (not competitively) and hate flat tires – I don’t go cycling in wet conditions, because of the risk. I have found the Tannus solid tires. Looking at the weight it is within 20 grams, when subtracting the weight of my spare tube, pump etc. Could you make a test of these see how they feel, roll and handle? please 🙏🏼😊🚴‍♂️

  30. I mean, it was a good joke…

  31. C’mon dude, live a little: put some COFFEE in the mug! 🤣 🇺🇸

  32. 23yr old Computrainer Pro I manually dial watts into via an analog head unit. Still working solid and EMP proof for sky net gets tired of us mortals playing our silly games.

  33. #askGCNtech
    Covid has found many new bikers entering the sport, including (maybe especially) for fitness. In a sport that coins larger riders "clydesdales", many entering the sport are even well above these ranges. For the rider entering with fitness goals descending from 250 or 270, what advice/gear tips would you give these newcomers to get a solid start on road and gravel trails while they get into better levels of fitness that open up more choices to them?

  34. Ollie is the best!!!! Who are the twisted units that don’t like these videos?????

  35. Joseph McLaughlin February 3, 2021 @ 8:57 pm

    Please please please stop sucking your teeth

  36. LOL at the "recovery score" competition…

    … but as someone that didn’t realize how bad I slept and how much a few beers impacted sleep, I can see where you’re coming from with this. Seeing the data and learning what it takes to get the recovery you really didn’t get before, this product is a game changer. I’d go as far to say that this is a bigger game changer than a power meter. I didn’t realize how easy it is to lose weight until I got this. Get a Recovery score of 75% or higher regularly and I drop pounds almost as fast as Pogacar would drop me up the hills.

  37. I don’t like the gold chains, loud, bad shifting, feels like more friction.

  38. Hey Olly, think I may of watched one of your videos with Simon who mentioned about gold KMC chains and am I right in thinking that some teams did actually use them in the tour?

  39. Mmn, not sure about the wheel truing captions, clockwise for more tension, don’t think so… Where are you looking from?

  40. #askGCNtech Hi, I’ve just treated myself to a left-crank power meter. I’d like to use it across my road bikes but also on my gravel bike which is fitted with a GRX groupset. Can I use my new crank, which is a 105 series crank, on my GRX front chainring? The crank lengths are the same.

  41. Always thought Titanium Nitride was a bit of a natural lubricant and corrosion inhibitor.

  42. Tringmotion e-bike & Cycle Store February 3, 2021 @ 9:08 pm

    A couple of notes on the video. With front chainrings you must match the manufacturer if you are changing just one. The shift ramps will be different. Madison no longer distributes Ridley, it’s now direct from the factory.

  43. Why would anyone dislike this video? Excellent presentation and delivery . Keep up the good work .

  44. Mathias Sinding Casted February 3, 2021 @ 9:09 pm

    You should do some research before answering stuff like this, cause actually they’re as incompatible as can be.
    Triple chainrings are shaped differently in the teeth, to work with the different front derailleur and the fact that the middle chainring has to be able to shift both ways, onto different chainrings, so the triple 5703 it is not gonna be able to work with the 34t on the compact double chainset. But that won’t be the problem here even, cause the BCD of the 5703 is 130mm, and 3550 is 110mm, so it’s not gonna get mounted on the chainset in the first place.
    Now say sorry to Dirk for misleading him like that, he put his trust in you.

    He can though use pretty much any 5 bolt 110bcd 50t that Shimano makes, they are only slightly different, mostly in material, and that the shift ramps on fx. 5750 are basically better.

  45. #askGCNtech Isn’t there a database, somewhere, of all the components made and which other components they are compatible with?

  46. Electra Elpindrai February 3, 2021 @ 9:09 pm

    was going to just click off the video and that would be that. but when you said Yorkshire tea is the best you’ve earned yourself a like

  47. Love how northern your accent went in this video! Up the North!

  48. Martin Heydenrych February 3, 2021 @ 9:11 pm

    Bwhahahaha that video is so funny! Especially the part of the bearing keep it up mate

  49. 6:07 ‘play in your bearings’ deserves a comment surely 😉

  50. Please stop smacking your lips! It’s becoming unbearable.

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