Is The Rad Runner Still A Good E-Bike

Is The Rad Runner Still A Good E-Bike

What are my thoughts on this thing now that I have had it for a while. Is it still a bike I would get? Let’s find out. Get $50 Off Your Rad E-Bike Here: 馃馃憠 馃憟馃
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  1. Cool Rad runner! Love the look of them with the center console! I have an Ariel rider D class on my channel 馃檪

  2. Bro….i really need your help. I really can’t make my choice between the Radrunner and the Radrover. I think you own both,right?
    Did you make any videos about the differences between those two bikes ? i would really help me choose a bike. I think both are good for me. I can’t decide.
    Keep doing your great job !!! very good videos !

  3. Are you able to go beyond 20mph with pedal-assist?

  4. I can鈥檛 wait for my baby to arrive

  5. Great vid. The opening drone shot on the closed highway, then the scary music blare as the semi enters the frame @0:21.
    Also the fake crash noise when you and the wife exit stage left, lol. And then the wife riding through the cemetery after…wishful thinking? Naaah, she looks too sweet! It was your vid on the RadRover, where you put the ‘beast’ through the paces on the trail ride that sold me on that bike. Just got it on July 31st. The wife opted for the RadRunner Plus which won’t ship before October. And yes, you’re right about how it gets you out there without all the sweat involved, but it’s still a lot better than sitting on the couch, right? Thanks GridVids!

  6. This or a radrover peadiling wise

  7. Ayyyy 420th view

  8. But I want to jump curbs. Do they have one with suspension?

  9. derrick mckenzie January 30, 2021 @ 8:24 pm

    I’ve had mine for 4 months and I push it weight wise. 300 pounds 6’2" I bought a new seat post and replaced the seat because at my weight there will be no passengers. It is a comfortable ride and gets up the hills here in Seattle with my fat but no problem. I commute round trip 13 miles a day no problem. I made a 27 mile trip to Alki Beach just to get an idea of what the range would be like and had no issues probably had another 10 or so miles of range left in the charge. I am over 50 so I bought the bike because my knees were having a rough time due to my weight and my profession, refrigeration tech. So put aside my trusty touring bike and went electric and I don’t regret it. For the money the bike cannot be beat.

  10. Horrible video doesnt help at all, and basically just says its good without any information. 4/10 only because of good cinematic scenes

  11. When does the review start? 馃槃Lacking some depth but thank you for your thoughts all the same I do genuinely appreciate it x take care. Looking forward to the day I can buy my rad runner

  12. Tiny Toybox Films January 30, 2021 @ 8:31 pm

    Coeur D鈥橝lene rocks. Obviously. A great place to bike.

  13. how long do I need to charge the battery at first?

  14. This is some good stuff. Rad came out with the RadRunner about a week after I ordered my RadCity. I’m really happy with my bike, but I might have looked into this, had it been available.

    FWIW, Rad does sell an LCD screen upgrade for the RadRunner now:

  15. my main issue with the bike, is that it’s a very jarirng ride, but if you are on smooth asphalt it’s nice…

  16. Small tires did not have a lot to do with your batteries range.

  17. Agree with review, but I decided to get the Controller/LED upgrade. Fantastic difference! Torque is almost doubled for much easier uphill climbing. Pedal assist top speed can be removed, tho it means pedaling very fast to get mid-20s mph. Recommend replacing the crappy seat and post with better ones for a much smoother ride. The LED display lets you change lots of settings, but documentation is severely lacking for settings. Luckily a set of settings is available on YouTube. Radrunner settings.

  18. Ha: excellent establishing intro drone shot! Don鈥檛 suppose that unused expressway bridge is near Atlanta?馃檹馃徏

  19. What do you think the minimum height you have to be to ride this bike?

  20. Give me an information it’s drive need driving licence?

  21. BrandonPrive1432 January 30, 2021 @ 8:51 pm

    I don鈥檛 want to be rude asking this but I promise I have a good reason, what are the combined weight of you and your wife? I鈥檓 335 I鈥檓 losing weight everyday I really want this bike it鈥檚 rated 300lbs and although I hope to be under to 300lbs in a few months (that鈥檚 the gameplan) I鈥檓 not there yet but I can鈥檛 see how this can鈥檛 lug me around, I currently have a norco indie 3 road bike that I ride just fine no issues, and this thing looks way more built for durability, thanks for any info or thoughts!! Great video! Keep it up

  22. Kolt Messiah Palo January 30, 2021 @ 8:52 pm

    Cool cinematography

  23. Lake Coeur d’ Alene! Love that place. I have the Rad Rover and my wife has the Rad City. Seriously considering buying a couple of these for my 12 and 10 year old daughters. Thanks for the review!

  24. As far as video editing quality goes this is the best I鈥檝e seen on this bike….. but watch out for the mind flayer when the battery dies

  25. Boris Velasco jr January 30, 2021 @ 8:55 pm

    Yes it鈥檚 still good bike for the price but there鈥檚 others like Bolton that come upgraded already but at a higher price point .

  26. Have had the Rad Runner 7 months. Very satisfied with it. Have had a great time with it. I get out more often and gone further. In my area there are more and more trails to ride.

  27. We Bought two Radrunners and multiple accessories. We were surprised not any assembly instructions. Instead watching multiple Youtube videos, that in a few cases were not up to date or detailed enough. For instance, the video explains handlebar assembly and makes no mention of the tiny black piece of plastic in the hardware kit, by the time I guessed that in goes in the goose neck hex bolt I had already misplaced the one for the first bike. I started by installing fender kits on both bikes, one bolt was so tight that I actually stripped the allen wrench that was provided but found another in my personal toolkit that worked. Second came the front racks, these both came with a black light mount that鈥檚 screw hole was too small to accommodate the screw. The video also shows you splitting the cables around the rack, but this didn鈥檛 seem appropriate with what we were provided and would make the Velcro case un-usable. I also installed the back seat assembly and shields and another rack on one without a hitch. Lastly came the $89ea pannier bags. Larger clips were supplied for the Radrunner, but when removing one of the four clips one encased nut kept rotating until I removed part of the bag assembly to hold it. The entire project took me (a retired shipyard worker) about five hours.

    Our first ride! The bikes showed four lights on the handlebar monitor, so I assumed they were fully charged. We rode about a mile and returned, then I loaded up my 70lbs grandson and went two miles down the road. On the next mile the gauge dropped to two lights and the bike started to roll to a stop. I shut the bike off and walked 2 miles while I called my wife to bring me her battery. Before she arrived, I turned the bike back on (four lights) and it worked. When she arrived, she took the grandson and gave me the battery. Subsequently I rode the bike about 4 miles (solo) back home using the pedals some to maintain my 15mph. Finally exchanged batteries and took the grandkid for another mile-long ride. The batteries have been charging since we left the beach, so it will be interesting see how they hold up after a real charge. BTW I weigh in at 225 and on all flat surfaces I鈥檓 considering buying a spare battery, but I鈥檒l make up my mind after my next ride (next month).

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