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  1. that scooter is fast i didnt expect it to be so powerful

  2. SRC Intake, VForce reeds from the Yamaha Banshee and a Mikuni TMX38 carb.

  3. what inlet mods did u do?

  4. y did u take the pretty cf airbox out? got more power without?

  5. Like a BOSSS!!!! 39 rwhp!

  6. 39ps =38.5 bhp thats a lot for a little scoot

  7. stanislavkomarek April 21, 2021 @ 1:01 am

    2T hammer! could you describe your set-up in details?

  8. Italjet dragsters rule

  9. 39 hp at the wheel ??? ahaha it’s impossibile..more than yamaha t max 530

  10. Ist der Roller nach am leben? Br盲uchte ein paar Infos!

  11. Yes, I think I have 0,5-1hp more power without the airbox 馃檪

  12. Gibt es den Roller noch ?

    Mit freundlichen Gr眉脽en

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