ITALJET Motoleggera

ITALJET Motoleggera

THE ITALIAN VINTAGE MOPED – Help us built the most wanted heritage ebike.
What is a moped?

Like it sounds : motor + pedal. Normally a light vehicle with less power, driven by a motor and by a pedal, that can travel on the roads – just like the first motorcycles.

Italjet Motoleggera:

The Italian mean of motoleggera is “light moto”, is going to be Italjet’s first moped – an electric moped! With our great ability to build premium quality ebikes, we started to develop a vehicle that can take you faster and further without compromising the stylishness – Help us built an remarkable vehicle

Readers Comments (3)

  1. Italian, quality, somehow those two words don’t go together?

  2. PINOCCHIO GEPETTO December 5, 2020 @ 9:27 pm

    tutte chiacchiere – ho comprato una Ascot 17´one, la quale mi dura 15km con media di 20km in pianura….. – sarebee 17amp. , il motore solo 250watt… – questo sopra con 3000watt (…) dovrebbe essere omologata – e dunque qua (svizzera) con elmetto e targa/assicurazione etc…..

  3. Down hill 😂 can get that speed in a Tesco trolley

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