Koga Signature E-WorldTraveller-S TREKKINGBIKE REVIEW

Koga Signature E-WorldTraveller-S TREKKINGBIKE REVIEW

Koga Signature E-WorldTraveller-S TREKKINGBIKE REVIEW

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The Koga Signature E-WorldTraveller-S is the electrified brother of the famous Koga WorldTraveller, one of the most famous trekkingbikes in The Netherlands. Watch the video!

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About Koga
One of the most famous trekking bike brands in The Netherlands is Koga. Koga is based in Heerenveen – in the north of The Netherlands – and the name is a contraction of the names Kowallik and Gaastra, the couple that started the Koga brand. Later the brand was known under the name Koga Miyata. The Japanese Miyata once built the frames for Koga but somewhere in the mid ’90 the name Mitaya disappeared. Nowadays Koga belongs to the huge Accell Group. They are the owners of the original Dutch bikebrands Batavus and Sparta but also of Lapierre, Raleigh, Ghost, HaiBike and VanNicholas.

⇒Link to the manufacturer: https://www.koga.com/en

Readers Comments (43)

  1. i need this! thanks for review

  2. An extremely detailed review, thank you. I have a very expensive mountain bike that now due to my ankle it’s now too hard to head into the mountains and off terrain. This after a good 12 months research this the bike I am now saving up for. Your video was so perfect, examining every detail of the bike.

  3. I absolutely love the design of this bike. Great choice with a cambium seat too.

  4. Aan Jan Victorie, Ik zit onderstaande reactie aan je te tikken en zie opeens je reacties niet meer. Heb jij ze verwijderd? Je mag er mee door gaan hoor ;-), meningen worden op prijs gesteld! Je mag me ook bellen als je dat liever doet. 

    Learn by doing en voortschrijdend inzicht. Ik vond destijds de motor echt heel prettig en het was de eerste keer dat ik met een dergelijke fiets reed. Ik had al wel andere E-bikes gehad voor de ANWB, vele malen goedkoper, instabiele frames etc. De Santos was heel veel beter qua krachtverdeling in de motor: erg soepel. Ik had daarvoor een Bosch gereden, niet voor een video, en die was veel houtiger. Dus in dat perspectief moet je mijn opmerking plaatsen. En inderdaad op die plek is hij erg efficient. Hoe efficient een middenmotor is… ik kan het niet beoordelen omdat ik verlies in de aandrijflijn niet kan meten maar vanuit mijn ProMotor tijd dat er in een aandrijflijn wel verlies op treed. Of je me wel of niet serieus neemt, is aan jou.

    Nogmaals: ik weet niet waarom ik je reacties niet meer zie maar ik ben je niet aan het bannen. 
    Groet, Gijs

  5. Very informative. Many thanks. What warranty does Koga give on the Rohloff and the Bosch motor? Thanks again

  6. Moises Rodas Moisés Rodas March 22, 2021 @ 10:46 pm

    Beautiful bike , how mucho will it cost ?

  7. Just the kind of Koga review I was looking for, thank you.

    I’m daily biking on a Koga e-deluxe now for 7 years. No mechanical problems if you don’t count the frame paint that was loosing from the frame after 2 years of use and a broken battery after a year (new frame and battery for free), so that was a superb service I got from Koga.
    Time to look forward to a new buying adventure, because I’m in need of replacing the old bikes battery, and a complete set of brakes (I never trusted the Shimano Deore rim brakes, especially in wet conditions).
    I’m living at around 500m of the Channel so all metal things on my bike rust very easy, some more things need replacement to. In my view, it would be a financially wrong investment on a 7 years old bike.

    But should I now go for a Koga Signature or choose another brand, there are so many excellent bikes with specifications equal to a Signature and a same price tag (Kalkhoff, Flyer, Riese&Müller,…). 

    A very tough decision to make! And now you paid attention to me on how electric cables are originally taped on the handlebars, slippery handles from Brooks and disc brakes from… again Shimano.

  8. Mountain Cruiser March 22, 2021 @ 10:52 pm

    The display looks busted allready :-p

  9. I am looking to upgrade my Koga Signature to an E-bike, and this review was exactly what I needed, very informative. The only thing I don’t like is Koga do not have the option of Butterfly bars now (which is what i have) However I am sure I could easily swap this over?

  10. Broddi Reyr Hansen March 22, 2021 @ 10:56 pm

    One question, why not testing for how water proof these e-bikes are, I have seen e-bikes not survive staying outside in the rain over night.

  11. Great review. Clothing noisy in first few minutes.

  12. Good job.

  13. In this case, isn’t it just better to buy a normal motorcycle (maybe electric) :)? It’s cheaper and more fun. What the point of "bicycle" touring with a motor?

  14. Very informative review, thank you. I’ve subscribed and hit the bell, thank you.

  15. Great .. one question .. would it suit a very small woman? 154cm tall

  16. I did a 24000 mile self contained tour with the same front and rear Ortlieb panniers, but I did it on a $350. Motobecane mtn bike from bikesdirect.com. The ride included offroad rides on the Continental Divide, Baja Divide and FL trail plus extensive road touring in the U.S. and Canada. If you spend more than $500. for a touring bike, your wasting your money.

  17. Koga brand bikes kona brand bikes is it just me or do these guys have no imagination when picking a name brand for their bikes

  18. I was wondering if I caught the size right: 57 cm frame for a rider of around 1,70 m?

  19. Very nice video

  20. schwalbe super-moto x "almost no roling resistance" come on, really? i drive my worldtraveller on 55-622 marathon almotion, try it 🙂

  21. sylvain bernaers March 22, 2021 @ 11:11 pm

    if you are to lazy, buy a scooter, stupid merchandising

  22. Ever since we bought an e bike for my 72 year old father in law the guy has been out and about every day. I use it sometimes instead of driving. It’s terribly naive to dismiss something that can have such a positive impact on peoples’ lives. Environmental problems are here to stay. Just matters how we deal and minimise.

  23. did i hear it right? he said one charge can do 800 kms?

  24. Would prefer shocks and forks.

  25. Hi, using the Eco setting, is the effort equal to a non-assisted WorldTraveller, less or more? I’m trying to understand if one can expect an easier ride and maximum battery-distance after taking into account the body size and route.

  26. 18:05 – The weight limit does not include the weight of the bike itself. You can maybe include the battery, lock, racks and computer if you’re being conservative.

  27. Great video. Subscribed!

  28. Sorry but as soon as I realised this was a motor bike I stopped watching. I hate them. I don’t think the cycling community should be promoting or accepting them. Sorry.

  29. स्वदेशी मीडिया March 22, 2021 @ 11:20 pm

    How much cost of this bike

  30. Good job sir!

  31. E-bikes only good for commuting, Not for touring arrownd the world

  32. Heather Spoonheim March 22, 2021 @ 11:25 pm

    Thank you for this review. For me, it is more than a review – it is an introduction to a type of cycling that I know very little about, so I thank you for all the details. I already consider myself a "rough rider" in that I have a gravel bike, and am proud to cycle long distances, unsupported. I say "unsupported" because it is hard to find water in times of this pandemic, so I carry a lot of water, and a lot of tools/parts with me. The next time I choose to change provinces here in Canada, this might be a very good option for me.

  33. Dennis van Lith March 22, 2021 @ 11:27 pm

    Koga has updated it’s E-Worldtraveller-S slightly. Giving it a new electric motor and now comes with the Bosch Kiox display. This enables the bicycle to be locked within the motor as well. Therefore making it very unatractive to steal the bike. Since it can only be unlocked by Bosch itself.

  34. You really do know how to make a video. superb and engaging!

  35. Koga KING of touring

  36. Hello, good job I liked it and I’m gonna buy it prolly.

    What is this colour exactly? Moss green?

  37. EURO 6’025,- is way too much for a bicycle/E-Bike. Take Dacia or other car brands, they have brand new cars out of the factory at almost the same price. This bike has 24 kilos of material, a car has a ton of material.

    This Koga has Rohloff, Bosch, Shimano XT Disc Brakes, Tubus and so on, but all of the stuff is extremely overpriced.

    Calculate all parts separately at good retail prices, you never get up to EURO 6’025,-. And then calculate with factory OEM prices… It’s a big overcharge.

    Compare it to car: What’s the price of a car engine? It just cannot be that a car engine costs less than for example a Rohloff Speedhub or a Bosch electric motor.

    The pricing of a lot of bicycles and E-Bikes is just not realistic. It is just for example at EURO 6’000,- and more, because customers can’t think and can’t calculate. As long as customers pay the prices from another world, brands rise and rise up prices.

    Take Shimano Altus: Good parts, last long, realistic prices, around 20 times cheaper than a Rohloff. But not 20 times weaker than a Rohloff.

    In the Chinese market expensive E-Bikes cost USD 1’000,-, in the European market E-Bikes can cost more than 1’000,-, but not 6 and more times more. That’s lightyears away from good.

  38. Too bad it has a Bosch motor and battery. I had the CX version. Rubbish. Built my own since those days and it is brilliant. I would take the normal Koga and electrify that

  39. what is the max speed ?

  40. Another company and its paid representative (regardless of the bullshit… "All business inquires: gijs@outdoorguru.com") exaggerating the virtues of a hardtail ebike with a poor layout and overall lack of design as a touring bike. Yes… it Could be ridden around the world just like a person could walk around the world but why? Tiny little batteries that will be cooked in the 1st year… if you have 3. Underpowered, no suspension (but then that’s how you get to use the Gates Belt), bolt-on cheesy racks, minimal bar space for gear needed to "travel" in style and less like a vagabond. No mirrors, highly recommended for touring in traffic. An aluminum frame hydro-formed in an attempt to get more rigidity and strength rather than just using steel. The only redeeming aspects of this bike are some of the components built by other companies that have been hung on it.

    Don’t listen to people trying to sell something or that are begging online for handouts. They end up saying anything and everything including whatever they are told by the manufacturer to get money. Fucking money addists talking out of the side of their neck. If you want a real ebike, something that Can be ridden around the world if you choose then find the perfect bike and hang a BaFang BBSHD on it, get a pair of 30Ah batteries, a Grin Satiator for charging and the control of your choice. Bike, batteries, charger, control display and you have a great start for a real World Class Expedition Tour Bike.

    If you want an off the rack bike built and designed specifically to sell rather than to ride… this one is as good as any of the crap being offered to the public. I don’t blame Koga since they are nothing but a company trying to make money, that’s what companies do. What I think is vile is people that try and get others to drink the Kool-aid on behalf of sociopaths for a few fucking pennies.

    If you want one of the best then build your own just like I did and don’t listen to yammerheads on YouTube.

    Bike pics: prior to Oct 2019:

  41. “ you know where to hit the button. Below.” That’s what she said.

  42. Ahmad Firdaus Mohamad March 22, 2021 @ 11:34 pm

    How much it cost? 😭

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