KRK Rokit 5 G2 Studio Monitors Unboxing & Review

KRK Rokit 5 G2 Studio Monitors Unboxing & Review

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Great home studio monitors. I decided to upgrade my studio monitors to KRK Rokit 5’s (G2). They sound awesome. Check out this unboxing and review video.

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  1. No only the power cables. No RCA or something

  2. I want to use these to mix on my Numark mixtrack Pro and for playing music in my house, do you recommend???

  3. One more question, the electrical outlet has 2 or 3 terminals? Is for to know which voltage stabilizer I have to buy.

  4. It really depends some critical factors. Size of the room. Acoustic treatment, etc. KRK produced high quality products. the 5" speakers may be right for your room or you may require larger. For example, the 5’s are fine for my room and my setup.. room size is 11 x 15.. Rokit’s come in 5, 6 and 8 inch models so you can choose which is right. probably a good idea to buy a little more than you need and turn them down.

  5. but does it still sound good?

  6. Are they good just for listening to music? I just want to listen to music on my desktop. Should I look for something else, Audioengine 5+ for example ? Thanks.

  7. you can use a stereo "Y" cable to connect the Dell to your monitors. this cable is not expensive and is a good choice if your just using the monitors for playing back laptop audio.. if you want to record and mix I suggest using an audio interface

  8. Izotone Recordings January 25, 2021 @ 8:06 pm

    Do you get the cables to connect to your computer with it? (I would think so but you never know)

  9. what cable are you using to hook it up with to your interface….

  10. Do the cables come with it?

  11. Depends where you buy from.

  12. it sounds good to me. you might want to go to a store that has them set up and try them out.

  13. does this have an aux input? like if i want to play my iphone on it

  14. you can connect these to a computer using a 1/8 inch to RCA stereo cable. pretty standard cable.

  15. for 5 inchers the bass is right there.

  16. When u buy it does it come in pair? Like 2

  17. how is the bass sounding?

  18. could you hook up a sub?

  19. Hello sir, I see you also have a Dell Studio 17(? sorry if not), I´m using one right now and was wondering how you connect these monitors to the laptop for the best sound possible? Do I need a good audio interface or I can get by using the headphone-out jack? Thanks.

  20. must you an interface ? is there a way to hook it up directly to the computer ?

  21. would you suggest to get two speakers of the krk or 1 just for my pc computer….

  22. Each speaker is sold seperately and include the power cable. No audio cables are include. They are powered speakers so they can amplify a signal coming from your PC’s sound port. If its a standard stereo 1/8 inch port you can use a 1/8 inch to RCA (L/R) stereo cable. This has one connection for your PC and splits to two connections, one for each speaker. You can get this cable at Monoprice at a decent price. Thanks

  23. 3:56 hahahaha! I just love it man!

  24. Great video! Justin the future try and get a videomic.

  25. Supersonic Tartan Death Machine January 25, 2021 @ 8:22 pm


  26. Hey man… could you send me a link to the correct rca cable for it? Thanks 🙂 & do you have to purchase an interface to use the other cables?

  27. 3 prong plug

  28. I’m watching this to know how to properly put it back in the box….I’m returning one of them. The right monitor is completely messed up, the volume goes up and down, the sound is saturated at times, and if you put it at -6dB it’s like turning it off.

  29. low end is OK. a lot that will depend on the acoustics in your room. they have 5 inch speakers so you can’t expect fantastic bass response

  30. you would need a stereo y cable (iphone to stereo RCA).. you could connect L and R up to each RCA input on each speaker.

  31. looks like with that mixer you’ll have to use RCA unbalanced connectors to the Rokit 5’s. The Rokit 5’s are power so as allong as your mixer provides a decent signal it should be fine.

  32. You have to output to the monitors… not input! You should see TRS outputs labelled 1 and 2 on the back of your fast track pro, use TRS cables and plug them in to the balanced TRS input on the RP5s.

  33. How do i connect these to my m-audio fast track pro?, there is only one input in my fast track pro

  34. Do I order 2 or do I order 1 time and get them as a pair?

  35. is there mono? so you can use 1 speaker only?

  36. the krk rokits are known for hitting you in the face with bass even the 5 inch dome is known for its large amount of low end that’s why they’re extremely popular with edm producers, but interesting to hear another point of view.

  37. no. sold separately.

  38. thanks this helped a lot man!

  39. How DO I seT them Up? =(

  40. Realms Of Darkness January 25, 2021 @ 8:39 pm

    i was willing to shell out $500 to get the 8’s and im so glad i did, they’re awesome, plenty loud, awesome bass, crystal clear sound all around.

  41. I was amazed first time I’ve heared KRK Classic 5. The Bass was amazing,the sound quality was supperior and since then I’m a fan of this company. Now I’m waiting for my Rokit 5 G2 to come since I’ve payed for second hand. Anyoune knows the difference between Rokit and Classic series?

  42. Fredrik Sundström January 25, 2021 @ 8:42 pm

    I was going to buy these for my studio. But have a thought before. Do you have to have a separate module in order to connect it to your computer or you can connect it directly to the computer? Which cables should I use when connecting? Are all the cables included in the box? Hope I’m not a pain with all these questions, they cost a lot where I live so want to be sure that you can start out of the box. Best regards Fredrik

  43. Do you hook up both to the wall how does the power cord work

  44. great choice, I love my krk’s! 5 years in running!

  45. I reckon, if your going to use proper studio speakers and/or a proper microphone, you need to invest first in a "external audio interface" (a soundcard) These can sort of digest and ingest the audio quality to your studio monitors (speakers) or microphones (XLR connection?)

  46. Thanks for the demo, you’ve helped me make up my mind.

  47. Hi home tracks " I have a 302 USB behringer mixer 5chl. Would the rokits 5 work well on it

  48. How did you connect it to laptop? I got 2 of these like you but there wasnt any cable inside it and I don’t how to connect those to my laptop. Can you tell me please?

  49. Thanks!

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