KRK Rokit 5 G4 Speaker Monitors Review – Better than ever?

KRK Rokit 5 G4 Speaker Monitors Review – Better than ever?

KRK’s Rokit line of studio monitors, whose black and yellow colour scheme has become iconic, is synonymous with good sound quality at a low price. Pairs of various KRK Rokit models can be found in thousands of home studios today. Recently, KRK refreshed the Rokit G4 series with an updated look and some cool new features.

We check out the Rokit 5 G4 in this review.

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. I tried some of these at my local DJ shop and thought they sounded absolutely Sh^t. Definitely not worth the cost.

  2. Could I use one Gen 3 and one Gen 4 together? Would this cause any problems sonically? I found a deal on a new Gen 4, but currently only have a Gen 3. Should I make the purchase and mix the two?

  3. Wich ones are funier ? The g3 or g4

  4. Craig Daub Beats - Rap Instrumentals January 8, 2021 @ 10:55 pm

    I just got these with my MPC X. Awesome monitors!

  5. Υπερδιαγαλαξιακός Αστροπολεμιστής January 8, 2021 @ 10:58 pm

    has anyone noticed that he is gonna rap with his hand moves?… haha

  6. How do i get rid of hissing sound I have the JPL 306p rn about to trade it back for krk bc this hissing sound is bugging me like crazy and But is there anyways to improve the hissing sound

  7. Apps been out for ages

  8. I want to buy studio monitors and I know the best way to choose them is to try them but obviously can’t. Mainly for listening plus some Djing. Jazz, hip hop, techno. Should I go for this or HS7’s Yamaha?

  9. gen 1 krk’s are still the best looking

  10. Krk = bad monitors . . .guys try kali audio Lp6 or LP8 . . you won’t be disappointed ❤️

  11. i want similiar setup like yours ,but with different monitors.Haven’t heard these krks tho ,but I am looking for ADAM T5V or JBL LSR 305P MKII. which one is the best for edm?

  12. Fun fact, the word "Smart" in smart phone is actually an acronym for Self Monitoring Analysis Reporting Technology or SMART.

  13. Hey I was thinking of getting krks for casual music listening.
    What are your thoughts?

  14. I have one monitor plugged to my dj controller but all I get is a white noise sound that won’t go away. Does anyone know what the issue might be?

  15. who would recommend these over classic5?

  16. hey im planning to buy krk roki 5 g4 for my home setup. should i go aheah or is ther any better product for the same price range.

  17. Just got these speakers any recommendation on stands?

  18. Rokits =/= Good soundquality. ;D

  19. Hi Digital DJ Tips. Rich from KRK here. Love your website. I subscribe to your emails too. The new app is coming soon. It is a stand alone product that will work with G4 and then more of our monitors and other monitors. One thing to add. Kevlar is the material that we have used in our drivers for over 30 years but never in the ROKIT line until now. I started the new G4 saying, I want Kevlar and then saved cost anywhere I could to make that happen at this price point.

    I have one question, what do you mean they are not the most accurate? I love to learn and hear more about things like this and how they are perceived. They are dead flat from 43Hz to 40kHz. There is no roll of on the high end. The Kevlar material is what gives them warmth without losing clarity. On my beta team and still using these monitors are Producers Jacquire King (Kings of Leon, Norah Jones), Claudio Cueni (2pac, Lalah Hathaway), Dan Konopka (OK Go), Kris Allen (American Idol winner) plus another 35 pro and semi-pro producers from all genres. They are making records with these new G4s.

  20. Why is it not for producers if you can always tweak the settings at the back??

  21. Krk rokit 5 gen 4 and Yamaha hs5
    How are they difference?

  22. hi i was looking to buy a pair of rokit 5s g4 .. does the cables i need to connect to traktor s2 km3 come with ? if not waht do i need to connect to my contoller??

  23. Does the display turn off? Otherwise it’s going to burn in like crazy in a year

  24. So what would you recommend in the KRK range for an accurate response. Thanks!

  25. I have the Rockit 7, I use them for djing and playing drum and bass, but I feel that they are just too big and now I’m thinking about switching to the smaller Rockit 5. What about the bass performance of the Rockit 5?

  26. I got a pair. Really like them also. I got the KRK sub to go with them and that also makes a huge difference. Nice combo and set of monitors for a good price.

  27. KRK has tricked people in their marketing in a way with this series, they are not bi amped design, until you reach the 8inch woofer, they have a class d amp with crossover…

  28. Are these good for portable monitors. Looking to buy for djing at parties etc so I can bring good speakers

  29. Hey what do i do when i want to connect them to my computer, i want to buy them, should i use a Mixer or amplifier need to buy that too?, i dont find any helpful answers or the right guide , they just connect it directly but is this the professionell way?

  30. Adam Audio Blows these away

  31. Over priced crap, JBL 305, Kali 6’s, Adam T5V blow these out the water for a cheaper price.

  32. Does it come with MIDI cables?

  33. Hello there, how good are these rokit compared to pioneer sdj60x or 50x? How good is the bass?

  34. Can i skip soundcard/interface and use trs twin xlr – rca cable to connect to my Mac?

  35. Do you need an interface to power these speaker?

  36. I have question I’ve been using krk for 1 year but one thing I have is that left side sounds louder and clearer than the right and tried switching the cables from the left to the right and the right is louder and clearer I check my audio interface and pc everything’s do you have the same problem

  37. I’m thinking of getting this, but do I need a pair?

  38. How do you connect a pair of KRK Rokit 5 G4?

  39. comparing rokit 3 g3 and rokit 4 have the the low end improve and the bass is still there strong????

  40. These monitors make my Mac slow
    The output sounds in slow motion and staticky…
    and my computer has nothing on it but ableton..
    2013 iMac (Mojave OS)
    Core i7
    32gb ram
    3Tb SSD
    it runs super fast , but as soon as I connect the g4s it’s turns into forest gump 🤦🏻‍♂️
    Also running sound from usb C to my m audio mtrack 2×2 with the rokits on the output of the interface ..
    any help appreciated

  41. SouLful MUsical Vibes January 8, 2021 @ 11:34 pm

    Rokit 5 g4 vs Yamaha Hs5……if you have to choose one….which one is recommended ???

  42. HI , i have KRK ROKITS 8 – first generation , i would like to know if the newest generations are better ,from someone who compared them ,tnx !

  43. Got these for my PC yesterday. They are a bit weak around 100hz, 200hz, the bass in general and the highs above 5khz are pretty all over the place. I spent all day putting together a 31 band EQ on my PC to flatten everything to my liking and now they sound fucking amazing.

    If you are looking for detailed well rounded and flat, these aren’t it because they are going to be pretty warm and the treble is all over the place when it comes to detailed highs and the bass is just kind of there. But they do come with a built in DSP for EQ, or if you’re like me and are using them to connect to PC you can download the app Equalizer APO and adjust a 31 band for your sound device to get these to your liking. Now that I’ve done that they sound wonderful and very clear.

  44. I have the Rokit 5 and I hate it. It goes to sleep so often that I have to blast the volume to wake it up. Stupid design.

  45. Does anyone know how to connect these to the Pioneer xdj-rr controller?

  46. They don’t look more professional, they just look different. The older model look better.

  47. so the app is out now, is there a review on it

  48. You move your hands around a lot lol

  49. Taahir Malanskey January 8, 2021 @ 11:43 pm

    Think Quick…
    Behringer B1031A 8"
    Or KRK G4 5"
    Previous Monitor Was A G3 5" KRK

  50. these are gonna be on my doorstep tomorrow 🙂

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