KRK Rokit 5 RP5G4 vs KRK Rokit 7 RP7G4 || Sound & Frequency Comparison

KRK Rokit 5 RP5G4 vs KRK Rokit 7 RP7G4 || Sound & Frequency Comparison

Rokit 5 G4 on amazon DE:
Rokit 5 G4 on bhphotovideo:
Rokit 7 G4 on amazon DE:
Rokit 7 G4 on bhphotovideo:

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All the tracks used in this video can be found here:


-Sound recorded using Zoom H6 recorder
-Frequency measurements done in semi treated room using UMIK-1 microphone
-Levels matched using SPL meter
-All tone controls set to neutral

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  1. hearing this on krk 5 g2 and more better frequency response XD

  2. Missing alot of bass witrh the song/track DEEPnad there are bright,louder in the highs then neutral

  3. Никита Томнов February 21, 2021 @ 9:45 pm

    Will there be any 8 inch monitors?

  4. Benjamín Utreras Araya February 21, 2021 @ 9:47 pm

    A comparison between this krk 5 inch vs maudio bx5 please!

  5. Wow the low end in the charts, looks almost margin of error… hard to describe but I feel like the R7 might have better transients?

  6. For low level volume (bedroom levels) does 7" worth it? Or it would be similar to 5"??

  7. 3:38 – What’s the name of artist?

  8. I’m truly baffled by this. We’re supposed to form an opinion while knowing nothing about the room, EQ settings, microphones, recorder, audio data compression, and then listen through our device’s sound chip-set; feeding our speakers or headphones in a different room?

  9. I hear MUCH more detail in the mids on the 7’s.

  10. Thank You!

  11. Why do people hate these , there specs are unmatched in there price range. I no that doesn’t translate into real sound but they have to be at least impressive if not accurate. Rokit 7 g4 frequency response is ridiculous for any speaker. Also do you think the unusually high frequency response is throwing people off the sound?.

  12. am dumbfounded

  13. I’m not an expert, but I think the RP7’s sound more “round” all around. It just sounds nicer for the ear. Also a better bass frequency.

  14. Hello sir, would you suggest me one thing,
    Actually I am in a confusion between Krk Rokit 5g4 and Kali Audio lp6 ?
    In my country almost price same .
    I watch your videos and really helpful. However, I have no acoustic treatment in this time , and my desk almost against the wall . So, if you suggest me an option , it will be helpful to me. Thank you.
    Love from India.

  15. K.Norton Prided Lion February 21, 2021 @ 10:04 pm

    Both perfect Great job KRK own the 7s and HS8s 💪🏽💯

  16. KRK 7 G4 versus KRK ROQUIT6 G3? Please

  17. 7s sound closer to the original in the mids.. 5s sound more scooped with a higher high end. both are scooped up high though.

  18. Still waiting for the Monkeybanana Gibbon Air videos…
    This channel is probably the best to get a pretty decent idea about these speakers!

  19. Finally he’s the test, thank you for the good work!

  20. Could you show the FREQ. Response of the microlab b77 please? it’s really hard to find one on the internet. Thanks very much!!

  21. Игорь Паук February 21, 2021 @ 10:08 pm

    Mackie MR524 vs Mackie MR624

  22. I have a room 15 m2, I need krk rp5 g4 or rp7 g4 ??? Thanks 🙏🏼 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  23. @Digital Stereophony
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do the Yamaha HS5s vs Edifier 1280Ts!!!

    I would really love to tune the latter to sound like the former with the side dials.

  24. I read that there is a rather audible idle humming coming from the tweeter in these. Can anyone back this up? Really interested in these

  25. Digital Stereophony February 21, 2021 @ 10:12 pm

    -> 09:18 <- Frequency Response Graphs

  26. I dont understand why krk underpowers their 5 inch monitors. 55 watts total power is ass

  27. The Autodidact Polymath February 21, 2021 @ 10:13 pm

    it sounds like the rp7’s have better low mids, it would be good to see others’ personal reviews

  28. Could you do a test on the ATC SCM11 please?

  29. What is the artist and song name of Retro Wave at 6:00 min?? I love it.

  30. I have a room with 8 m2, i need krk 5g4 or 7 g4 ?

  31. Mauricio Mauricio February 21, 2021 @ 10:21 pm

    Love this channel. Any JBL MkII vs. any KRK Rokit G4 please. The MkII series are being offered at a pretty attractive price.

  32. This video highlights my biggest concern about the testing methodology. It is very clear that the 5" version is brighter in this recording than the 7". It is also very obvious that something in the testing chain gives a very bright bias to all the speakers tested (in this and other videos). We are not only hearing the transfer properties of the speaker, but the combination of the speaker and the recorder.

    My issue is that it is hard to separate the effect of the speaker behavior and the recorder behavior. Since both the 5" and 7" sound brighter than the original track, I cannot tell what the right "brightness level" is. One way to interpret the recording is to say that the 7" is perfect, and the 5" is too bright, another is to say that the 5" is perfect, and the 7" is not bright enough. I suppose an expert could tell by looking at the frequency graphs in simpler cases, but I’m not an expert and I’m probably not the only non-expert viewer.
    It would be great to have a "recording chain adjusted" version of the track that compensates for the transfer function of the recording chain to give an idea of how the speakers would sound without the bias of the recording devices.

  33. Rokit 5 is more natural sounding than the bigger sibling 😀

  34. cmon who’s the winner?

  35. Please make the test Swan MK200III vs Audio Engine A5+. Thank you!

  36. My room is 12ft x 13ft. Which size would work best for me? Cheers! 👍🏻

  37. Wow ! These are definitely not made for metal ! The Adam T5V and T7V are so much better !
    The Man On Fire track sounds like you have put a cloth in front of the speakers.

    I watched (heard) again both videos and Adam’s seem to have more bass to my ears.
    That’s why the KRK sounded muffled but they are actually better after a second review !

  38. I am not a professional in sound mixing and just listening this video using headphones Sony MDR 15 LP… But for me 7th woofer sounds more detailed in mid. On 5th-woofer I hear more detailed highs (16-17kHz)

  39. The new KRK Series is really Good! The G3 Generation is not so my taste but this both Speakers Sounds very similar and sounds really good. The Bigger Sounds Bigger and have huge Amp´s and more than enough Power. I thing this Series is better as ***** or ****** or ****… 🙂

  40. VS Bx5 D3 please.

  41. Mâtrïc dj Milligan February 21, 2021 @ 10:41 pm

    Hi, I have a question. Buy two KRK G4 7 monitors and when it turns on it emits a white background sound "Hissing ssssss", without any connection, this wave sound is heard up to 1.50 meter. Unlike KRK G3 monitors, there is no such white noise. I need help and know if this Hissing sound is normal? Thanks for your reply.

  42. In generation 3 RP6 has noticeable more low end than RP5 ad overall sounds more properly, how did they make those in gen 4 nearly identical and the change in name from 6 to 7 is just marketing (the driver is the same size), the 7 in gen 4 is pointless, it would feel like a downgrade from 6 gen 3, only 8 gen 4 would be an upgrade but it’s so massive if I had the space why not go for the 10-3 right away. Only wish my G3 did not work like room heaters and did not hiss beside the more efficient amp in G4 (not overheating) I haven’t seen yet anything compelling to upgrade.

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