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  1. My KRK speakers had that conductive glue issue, killing to speakers after 1 year – warranty was up. Manufacturing defect and they wouldn’t do anything about it. Still upset about this a few years later.

  2. This is super laughable. THe sweet spot is nowhere as good as the ADAM or JBL’s offer. THe mid range is not balanced and messes up your mix very easily. High end frequencies are extremely fatiguing to your years unless you put it at -2 dbs and then find out that’s what messes up your mix too. Sorry to say but Rokits really blow.

  3. What about Krk rokit 10?

  4. i have first generation KRK ROKITS 8 , are the new gens better ?

  5. Shit I can’t get this generation 3 in Brazil yet…

  6. KRK are you still putting conductive black goo/crap in your speaker boxes??

  7. 0:50 Why you lying, my Rokits 6 G3 have 7dB boost at 18 kHz starting around 15kHz, half as much as this "Brand Z" yet still harsh and fatiguing.

  8. Do they buzz uncontrollably like the g2s I have :,(

  9. Hi KRK, can you make a video pointing out the differences between the vxt’s and the rokit series? Thanks.

  10. Send a pair to me , I am a poor musician and I cant afford them.

  11. that did explain a lot.

  12. this video got me hype asl

  13. Hello Everyone
    I bought a pair of Krk Rokit 6 g3 and one of the pair has a little different shade of yellow color on the membrane and subtitles. I don’t know, it’s normal?

  14. "Bob, how are we going to convince people to buy KRKs?"
    "Yeah just smash some formula’s in the video"

  15. Is it me or are the vocals very harsh in this video. Listening to this on a pair of vxt4s and the highs are just piercing my ears

  16. Something is wrong with these frequency response graphs. On website is written frequency of Rokit 5G3 is from 45Hz, at 2:52 on the graph it’s looking like from 90Hz… BTW how close to next generation of VXT?!

  17. the frequency response graph is guaranteed?

  18. u can use balanced for pc too, its just better, why he say unbalanced is for coputers?

  19. Are the rokit’s good for home casual listening on spotify? or only good for mixing

  20. i am mostly making electronic music and edm. Would i need to buy an additional subwoofer to get it all perfect, or is it enough with only the rokit 5 g3’s?

  21. Rafael Alcaraz Macias December 29, 2020 @ 10:37 pm

    hahaha "brand Y", so Yamaha

  22. did the rokit8 are really better than the 6 for the difference of the cost?

  23. That bassport on the RP6G3 have port noice/port turbulence, creating audioable wind coming from the port at some parts of the low frequency.

  24. Hello! I have a studio in my bedroom and need a pair of monitors. I basically practise and records vocals, VST instruments via midi keyboard and do the production/mixing stuff. Shall I go for the Rokit 4 or 5?

  25. Hey, How is the Rokit 4 for music production?

  26. Medium sized room, house music, krk 5 g3 or krk 6 g3? Can’t decide.
    Bass should be good enough on the 5s?

  27. After about 3 weeks of using Rokits 5 I noticed that they produce white noise while I’m not playing anything. I am not sure if it was always there or if it just appeared now. The noise only starts only starts once the monitors have received some signal, so if they’ve just been turned on, there is no noise. Any advice?

  28. Not sure whether I should get the 5 inch or the 6 inch

  29. can confirm they sound really dope

  30. Why did he say they offer stellar performance and accuracy when the sound coming from these speakers are colored? That’s not accurate at all. These are GREAT speakers to have if you just want to enjoy listening to music, but accurate sound to mix and master with? That’s 100% a lie. It’s not accurate at all. I own a pair of these and whenever I would send my mixes to an engineer, they would always tell me my music sounded muddy as all hell. Even though to me, it sounds perfectly fine over here. I just ordered a pair of Yamaha HS8s. I talked to an engineer that has mixed for major artists and he told me "If you’re going to start on a budget and need some speakers that give you a more accurate sound to mix with, but still want some for beat production, get the HS8s. The Rokits alters the sound way too much. You’ll never heard the music how it actually sounds with them. They’re paperweights."

    So would I would advise people, if you get a pair of these, don’t use them for mixing, use them to enjoy music. Because they DO sound amazing. But sounding amazing for listening purposes is not the same as mixing music for it TO SOUND amazing.

  31. I play a fender american special stratocaster with 3 single coil pickups through a Boss GT 100 effects processor, which is connected to a Boss RC 300 Loop Station. I hear the output sound through stereo headphones, which are connected to the headphones output of the RC 300. I get incredible tones by this technique. Now, I want to know whether I can get the same tones by using a Rokit G3 8 inches pair of studio monitors that are connected to the Left and Right outputs of the RC 300. Please reply ASAP as I want to purchase these speakers at the earliest. I tried using two amps but the sound is not as good as when heard in the headphones. Furthermore, I am asking my son to get me these speakers from Sweelee in Singapore. Can I get the genuine speakers via Amazon in India, where I reside? Thanks in advance.

  32. hello krk, which driver size will be best for a 16′ by 16′ room size? and does keeping the monitors horizontal change or affect the overall monitoring or stereo imaging?

  33. so funny to me how this still dont have videos showing how to set their stupid sub up i sold mine just because never sounded right

  34. Bom dia quero comprar uma Rokit KRK 6 , eu posso ligar um instrumento direto no monitor ? ou precisa de uma mesa ou interface de audio ?

  35. This guy is so enthused I feel like he deserves a pair of KRK’s

  36. People does anyone know when a new range will come out? It’s been almost 3 years since these have come out, so will a g4 or just a whole new range come out soon? Cause i want to buy the 6’s but if there’ll come a g4 in 2016 i might consider those

  37. Great voice over work from non other than Patrick Bateman!

    listen from 0:40 in and you’ll hear what we mean. 😉

  38.  I can’t live without my Rokit 8s, love these yellow face monsters so badly

  39. Adam T series > KRK Rokits. Upgraded from the 5” G2 to the 8” G4. Then Adam put out their T series monitors and ngl they sound wayyyyy more balanced, pure, and they’re a dream to listen to

  40. Can you connect this with youre phone by a clinch cable

  41. Alighieri Is Geek December 29, 2020 @ 11:08 pm

    Brand X (BX5), Brand Y (Yamaha HS5), Hahahahahahahahahaha. Straight!!!

  42. The same model of Younès Grandjean


  44. How cares how the bible was written, just hear it. Stop talking and play the music. Bad sales pitch.

  45. one of my rokit 6 just stopped work !!! HEEEELLPPPP

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