KRK Rokit RP4 G3 vs KRK Rokit RP5 G3 | Sound Demo

KRK Rokit RP4 G3 vs KRK Rokit RP5 G3 | Sound Demo

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Hi! It is a KRK time here, as new small KRK Rokit 4 G3 is stacked up against it’s well established bigger brother, the KRK Rokit 5 G3. As You can here, they are very close to each other in terms of sound signature and level of sound quality. I am impressed with new Rokit 4 G3’s performance and would recommend it to anyone looking for compact speakers with excellent audio quality. For more details about Rokit 4 and how it compares to other speakers, check out my review at:

00:04 Galileo – Puscifer (Rokit 4)
01:49 Galileo – Puscifer (Rokit 5)

03:36 Perfect Circle – Katie Melua (Rokit 4)
05:00 Perfect Circle – Katie Melua (Rokit 5)

06:19 Odd Poetry – Dhafer Youssef (Rokit 4)
07:41 Odd Poetry – Dhafer Youssef (Rokit 5)

09:05 The Architect – Haken (Rokit 4)
10:33 The Architect – Haken (Rokit 5)

12:03 Long After You’re Gone – Chris Jones (Rokit 4)
13:30 Long After You’re Gone – Chris Jones (Rokit 5)

Sound recorded with Tascam DR-22WL mic.

If You have any questions feel free to ask in the comments. Cheers!

Readers Comments (30)

  1. Hello, 60w in two boxes, is enough for the room 4×4, I want to use in tv, computer, movies, music. I like loud sound

  2. for clear sound RP4 , RP5. im not worried bout the bass tho a sub will fix that..

  3. If you had to choose between the Presonus Eris 4.5, the RP4 or the Tannoy Reveal 402, which one would you recomment?

  4. Thank you.

  5. Wow that Rp4’s really surprise me! I would say they sound better than the rp5’s. If you had to choose: Prosonus Eris E4.5 or KRK RP4?

  6. Im moving in to a small studio room, about 7 x 10 feet,, is RP5 sound is to big for the room?

  7. Worst song ever i almost fell asleep lol 馃槀 dont give up your day job. Lol 馃槣

  8. Amir Karimi Rad March 20, 2021 @ 11:13 pm

    RP5 sounds wider, if you listen closely with good pair of headphones you can hear reverb and resonances , it means that the RP5 needs bigger room and better acoustic setup… i think RP4 is better for home-studio use

  9. I am listening with my headphone HD25 … the sound of the RP4 is just awesome !!!!

  10. Suwawute Vongtangswad March 20, 2021 @ 11:16 pm

    Have you ever try Fluid Audio F4?
    How it does compare to KRK Rokit4, Presonus Eris e4.5, and JBL LSR305?

  11. the difference between those two are only bass ,nothing else right ? , spec of both the speaker is same ?

  12. NaomiKnockers Osaka March 20, 2021 @ 11:18 pm

    Incidentally, I’ve made it to get information. this is an interesting sound demo.
    Both RP4 G3 and RP5 G3 sound quite lovely!
    I’d love to get either one of the two, but I’m interested in JBL LSR305 as well, so I’m a little worried.
    I need to have my reference speakers to check various sounds and to enjoy listening some rock music.
    I’m seeking for vivid voices of vocalists, a quick response, rich extending feeling of mid range, a bobbish tone and getting an uplifting feeling ; moreover check the fidelity of various vocalists. Especially, bobbish tone and elation must be important.
    Hopefully, I’d like to ask for advice. Could someone tell me which is better?


  14. Marco lo Polito March 20, 2021 @ 11:21 pm

    OK thanks again..

    I take advantage of your availability ‘

    They will purchase the krk RP5 .. but I want to ask .. I can connect them to soobwoofer logitech z333 ?

  15. Marco lo Polito March 20, 2021 @ 11:24 pm

    Hi.. i want buy KRK monitor.. please tell me.. RP4 or RP5??

  16. how come the rp4 is more expensive then the rp5??

  17. 1st speakers I only make hip hop music, I have currently been using headphones ATH M40x audio technica
    I work a lot at night so needed headphones, now I’m looking for some speakers for weekends when I will be finished off my beats.
    In a fairly large room, what’s best krk 4s or 5s … I don’t really aim to play music really loud, to give an idea my tv sound goes up to "60" i usually have it on about 12

  18. Through my 305s, RP5 sounds brighter and overall, RP5 sounds cleaner.

  19. do you have experience with the presonus eris e5?

  20. i love how it change the sound with the lows for more powerful, but it lack of mids and highs.
    it seems like it’s ok for bass music, but weak for classic, rock and acoustic.

  21. TheSkateboarding14 March 20, 2021 @ 11:39 pm

    These people who are judging the sound are so stupid lol. It is not possible to hear difference through a YouTube video

  22. now i have got a logitech Z533, i want to buy a pair of krk rokit speakers. I have already bought a m-audio 2×2. The room were i have my equipment is not so big, i always listen to music at about 30 cm from the speakers. Would be a better idea to buy a rp5 than a rp4? thanks

  23. Might be stupid question, but I listen almost exclusively to Katie Melua lately, what are best speakers for this kind of music in your opinion? Isnt KRK Rokit 4 G3 a little bit lacking in terms of clarity?

  24. for a scarlet focusrite 2i2 that doesnt have too much output level, would you recomend the rp4 ? for example for listening to music. thanks

  25. Michael Whitaker March 20, 2021 @ 11:48 pm

    I like your music choice, going with Puscifer, very good.

  26. What would you choose between krk rp4 and eris 4.5? Can you do that test?

  27. Hey, I have money, I have enough space for both, I want both in both world ( bass and clear ), and I want good speaker for my triple 27 inch monitors setup too. what should I get do you think ? thank you

  28. I think I’m gonna go for the 4 as I sdon’t have much space. I’m just a bit worried it will be lacking in bass. Can’t really afford a 10s and don’t really know where to place it! Is the pas underneath compulsory or I can do without? Thanks for the review!

  29. maybe this is a weird question: what is the different on monitor speaker and computer speakers ? Will I be able to use them on games too ? I check online and see Audioengine A5+ is computer speaker and Krk’s is monitor speaker so I kinda don’t know. Thank you

  30. I’m a producer who likes a lot to make trap and hip-hop beats so…do you recommend rp4 or rp5?

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