Leitner Libelle E-Bike on the road

Leitner Libelle E-Bike on the road

When we got our first Leitner E-Bike we made an un-boxing and assembly video. It has been the most popular video on our channel since it was posted and our channel isn’t about E-Bikes!

This is our second video on the Leitner Libelle folding E-Bike that gives a bit of detail about how we use the bikes (yes we bought a second one) in our travels around Western Australia.

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Readers Comments (12)

  1. Looks great, how fast do you think u got it up to? Considering buying one

  2. Hello
    Were is the above video taken in WA taken if you don’t mind?
    By the way, brought the wife a Leitner after watching!
    Greg, also from Rockingham

  3. Where did ypu buy the pannier basket from? I’m looking for one that fits on the Libelle.

  4. What do you think top speed is on road or pavement with the speed limiter disabled?

  5. Hi, Can you "wheel" the bike while it’s folded? I am very keen to buy one but i am worried about the weight, if i can hold it buy the seat and wheel it while folded it would be fine to get to my office (in the back of a busy hospital so wheeling in a full bike isn’t a great look.) Thanks

  6. Hello, do you still have your Libelles and are you happy with them. Great video and I’m thinking of two for me and my wife. I’m 6′ so should still be suitable for me as I so prefer a folding bike.

  7. How has the bike held up after all this time?

  8. Hi. I’m in Fremantle. I’m thinking of getting the same model. Any issues with them since you bought them? Are they suitable for less lean riders?

  9. Thanks for the video, great bike. Can you tell me what the other type of saddle you had is? Looks really comfortable.

  10. Yes I just purchased one as well, after the presentation, thanks

  11. Thanks for making this video. It was very helpful. Just checking what size battery you purchased with your Libelle……the standard 10Ah or upgraded to the 36V 16Ah battery. Thanks.

  12. Crumbs in the Bed January 29, 2021 @ 8:54 pm

    A good review from a customer. The subtitles are sometimes off track tho. And I hope the big fella wears a helmet .Especially at high speeds.

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