Mahindra's all-electric scooter, the Genze 2.0 — CES 2016

Mahindra's all-electric scooter, the Genze 2.0 — CES 2016

The Mahindra Genze 2.0 is an all-electric scooter designed for commuters riding in city centers. Speed limited to 30 mph, the Genze can be driven in most states without a motorcycle license. The Verge’s Sean O’Kane took his first hands-on look.


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Readers Comments (50)

  1. I like the e bike they make it goes 20mph and half the price.

  2. Is it only in US ? Can I drive without license

  3. $3000 sound reasonable

  4. Those alloys @2:29

  5. too costly.better to buy hero flash only rs 20000 means at only usd 180.
    you can watch at my channel.

  6. the renault twizy is much better I got one for the same price as that

  7. I imagine that the acceleration must be fast and fun? How did you find it?

  8. I completely expected this thing to be 5-6k+. That price doesn’t seem too bad.

  9. I hope they improve the styling

  10. 3k isn’t bad… Pretty fair price….

  11. made by indian co for world

  12. Finally A Indian product.

  13. is this legal to ride in NYC? also do they deliver to NYC?

  14. really find it great that a Indian company exhibiting products at CES

  15. Rush hour traffic has never bothered me on 2 wheels. Move right on through.

  16. Alexandru Vornicescu November 25, 2020 @ 7:50 pm

    2:11 dat wheels

  17. if it has pedals its sold …

  18. I am very happy to see a indian company taking initiative to clean and green earth

  19. I love the fact that Mahindra was present at CES2016 😀

  20. 30mph is too low !!!!

  21. it is quite ugly to look at

  22. its now twice the price.for the same scooter. thanks capitalism

  23. if anybody want e Byke in West Bengal Kolkata then call me 9088880000

  24. I would buy it to mod the battery a bit. 1 hour use for 3 hours charging doesn’t cut it for me. Great product though.

  25. Indians be like

  26. INDIA baby, I’m so proud 🙂

  27. You guys should make a video on Ather 450. You’ll be impressed by it.

  28. No matter what happens dont give up Removable battery choice to riders. Thats a must. And make a inbuilt phone holder to the bike that eases peoples navigation/other needs.Make the front portion of the bike wide and guards to protect legs front side by widening the front area. If possible provide a Helmet storage unit+ College bag fit in area with in bike. which ppl can lock it up and feel secure.Make the connected app in phone let u know with a custom song when the charging is completed.Built in Auto cut off after full charge will be more smart.

  29. I agree that I will be waiting for what’s next, I love everything about this except 30 mph is a deal breaker. We need to have at a minimum a solid 40 mph but preferably 50+ mph. I just can’t get anywhere I need to on the side streets and the main roads have a 35 – 40 mph speed limit and a few are 45 mph. ( I live in ur average medium sized midwest city, our metropolitan area population about 700K)

  30. In The Netherlands this scooter would be modified to break the speed limits and for you to get ready to get your tickets from the police..

  31. Think of Mahindra as "India’s Honda." Very good and dependable company. Can’t believe this costs about the same as the new Macbook Pro! What a steal. Just wish it had the Mahindra logo.

  32. Xaomi shall Kill this if they want!

  33. 4 hour charge for 1 hour of use? Yeah fuckin rite, ain’t nobody want that shit

  34. metric please

  35. Should I buy this or a Tesla Model S? I’m a billionaire by the way.

  36. Too big and cumbersome for bicycle riders, and not appealing for scooter riders either due to lack of a passenger seat, and lack of speed/power for inclines (especially in cities like San Francisco). Misses the mark which is too bad – perhaps version 3.0 will be better on point.

  37. honda groms are around 3k, this thing should be $1900 tops.

  38. I think the rear wheel should be as tall as the front wheel so that it could absorb the road defects as much as the front wheel.

  39. please don’t bring it to India… try to achieve 75% of range and speed of what Zero currently has… at an affordable price… no need of a touch screen, no need of a detachable battery.. not a scooter but a bike, proper bike like Zero…

  40. What’s up with all the ugly big rimmed suvs?

  41. 2:10
    really ?why would you do this ? is it like "cool" in the usa? because it looks like garbage

  42. Why won’t they make something like this in india ?

  43. Gogoro or this??? Me personally, am sticking with Gogoro.

  44. If it had double the range and double the speed… maybe.

  45. That Porsche at 2:28….. just why??

  46. this just prove that the people who are making E-bikes are selling you over priced bullshit.. this scooter has a bigger battery, a touch screen, and only cost 3k.
    why the fuck do a e-bike with half the tech cost 6000……..

  47. Can i ask Indians to act normal ? on BWM video I don’t see Germans going Proud to be German. be proud of what you achieve not on some companies product

  48. No radio

  49. *mahindra deshdrohi company*
    India pe launch nahi krke USA pe launch kia

  50. make a review of Vector ebike please 🙂 it is 50mph, and can go 60 miles on 1 charge.

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