Making of CyberBike / 3D Printing an Electric Motorcycle

Making of CyberBike / 3D Printing an Electric Motorcycle

If you’re interested in building your own eBike for a lesser price ($3,600 USD), check out my previous model, eBike v4.2, which can be found at – I supply a Parts List and a Video Guide to help DIY people build their own powerful eBikes for only the cost of parts.

For CyberBike inquires, sign up for our emails on the above website or shoot us an email directly.
CyberBike Specs:
– 27kW peak power
– 3,2kWh battery
– 3kW built in charger
– 120kmh max speed (75 MPH)
– Range over 100km (62 miles)
– Custom 3D printed panels
Price of CyberBike: 6,800 Euro
Price of eBike v4.2 (completed base model): 5,000 Euro
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Readers Comments (47)

  1. 5:25 rip headphone users hahaha

  2. 5:25 Holy Shit ! That blew my ears off xDDD

  3. Ladislav which software do you use for design?

  4. I can’t wait to get one of this bike ! maybe you can adjust it for my height 😀

  5. krasna prace. jaka je cena?

  6. Is the frame welden in house?

  7. I love ebikes but thing thing is inspiring me to get my motorcycle license. I can’t wait till it’s finished.

  8. Everything Video media January 31, 2021 @ 8:01 pm

    What price!!!

  9. Most of the e bikes at this price point
    don’t seem worth it (stealth b52) this
    seem well worth the money and the quality
    of the bike . I want one so bad lol!

  10. Nice work bro 👍👍😁

  11. looks awesome. I am sure you have looked into this, but I think you might benefit from using a lasercutter to cut your mdf, in which case, you would have the dimensions already made to make the transition into 3D modeling. Also, have you tried using thicker Acrylic boards instead of printing for hours on end?

  12. Please make a full video on this bike
    How to make its frame and what’s size

  13. Looks sick, like the way the bike sits,can’t wait to see it in action.👍💯🚴

  14. Hodne dobry! Odkud jste, myslim cast CZ? 🙂

  15. i heard about your protoype going into the market. Congrats to you and your gf

  16. Good job bro awsome i like it Me too make it

  17. I love your work. You’re a great craftsman.

  18. dear sir I am making the one new cyber bike in the my design I hopefully chose to you my design please it is my Viber number please contact me 01680870956

  19. How to register it as street legal?

  20. Good day what is the specs of yung motor hub and battery /thank u

  21. How to make

  22. cant wait for textured panels with see through leds, panels integrating gopro mount, and cup holder panel!

  23. All good til you get to the next frame and it’s a mm different 🙈 blame those damn welders… oh wait. 🤨😫

  24. Hi Ladislav, I am Neisser and I live in Chile, your cyberbike is simply great, I wonder if it can be built here in Chile if you sell a tutorial or a step by step of that model.

  25. I always watch you video and I love ebike but I have no money buy .

  26. Loved the work u did on the cyber bike love the 3D printed panels 👍

  27. Sal cat ma costa un cadru din asta

  28. Very cool thanks.

  29. Can you share your CAD file so others can leverage?

  30. WANDERSON SAT TV January 31, 2021 @ 8:21 pm

    Olá gostaria de saber se vc vende o gabarito do quadro dessa bike elétrica

  31. Giovanni Becattini Amoretti January 31, 2021 @ 8:22 pm

    I envy you! What you do seems like a lot of fun, though probably challenging.

  32. great genius 👍🚵

  33. Giuseppe Terruso January 31, 2021 @ 8:31 pm

    this is just great, thank you!

  34. Super, jako vždy

  35. WOW! This is exactly how I want to see people using 3D printer tech! Not for useless trinkets and toys but for very crucial prototyping! I love how you showed all of your versions of each design so we can see the progress. You’re on you’re way to 1mil subscribers in no time. Also, cool music!

  36. Hi Ladi, do you personally hand make all the Cyber Bikes?

  37. Great work brother, you’re taking it to a whole new level!

  38. 1:47 use safety gogles !!

  39. You got Skillz Man 🤙🏼 Oh and I used to operate a Holz Her edge banding machine when I was an apprentice 👍🏼🚐💨

  40. Hey Ladi,
    great to see your progress ! 🙂
    IIRC you are using PETG for the panels. Keep in mind that PET is not the most stable filament if it comes to UV rays. While I did a lot of parts for my e-bikes in PLA and PETG, I am perfectly aware that things might degrade in terms of stability and take in concern I have to reprint them again. For a commercial e-bike (which the CyberBike might become one day if I understood you correctly) using something like ABS or ASA might be a better option. Both filaments are a bit more picky in regard to printing environment (e.g. closed room for the 3D printer with possibly stable temperatures). Also bed adhesion is sometimes not refered to as very good. I have only fiddled around with PLA and PETG. So I do not really know 🙂
    I am currious how things turn out. Hopefully you will provide some infos on the controller and the display as well.

  41. These 3D flat/angled panels seem pretty simple. If you need help designing something complex in 3D let me know, I’d be happy to help seeing these took so much effort on your part. Cheers.

  42. Mechanical Engineer January 31, 2021 @ 8:39 pm

    I am hiren from India can you share your design of ebike with me?

  43. Bike is spare parts

  44. Hi Ladislav, it is amazing what you doing just perfect. I think in the future you should be owner of some big factory electric bikes. Just wait some big and reach will come and help you !!! I have some ideas for you also.
    – mAybe some parts should be little more curved shapes – smoove I mean to not get so much dirt inside small holes and courves.
    – what about rains? water slpash ? is everything sealed well?
    – shape your bike is nice but little from 80´s (just my opinion) maybe some more futuristic curves and shapes ?
    – what material is frame? (carbon will be very light – maybe too expensive?) is aluminium?
    Anyway everything what you doing is very profissional and well made.
    Congratulation Ladislav !!!!

  45. Kéž by jsi věděl jak moc ti fandím,Ladiku….. 😀 Cyberbike vypadá parádně!

  46. everything cool – but a piece of aluminum sheet cut and folded by hand – would have done it too. 😉

    I don’t know much about e-bikes yet. but I am a trained vehicle manufacturer and am interested in motorcycles and their design. it looks too much like a bike for motorcycle performance. I am currently building my first pedelec with German bicycle approval. if you are interested – check out my Instagram account.

  47. rather 3d printer a big back bracket so you have space to mount breaks/signal lights and a number plate.

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