Modern VS Retro Road Bike | Cycling Weekly

Modern VS Retro Road Bike | Cycling Weekly

We’ve come to Peak District to find out how much better are modern bikes compared to its predecessors from 80’s. Subscribe to Cycling Weekly here:

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  1. That is a good quality English frame. I personally would have gone with a late eighties top notch Japanese or Italian frame with top of the line Campy or Dura Ace. Maybe a Colnago or 3Rensho. Not wanting to be only critical, it is nice to see a big modern company not flogging vintage bikes, but instead praising them for their worthy aspects. Also the shots of the English countryside make this video worth it. I dream of the day I can ride there….in that beautiful land.

  2. 12-13kg my arse. None of my 1980s bikes weighs over 11kg, and none of them has an ultra-high specification. 2×6 gears, if arranged as a one-and-a-half step, provide enough ratios for anything. Motorbike brakes just add weight and wind resistance, and put extra stress into the forks and stays. Quality rim brakes, with teflon/stainless cables, do the job well enough. Against all that, toeclips are crap, cables coming out of the top of the levers is even more crap, and deep rims do cut wind drag.

  3. I have a 1992 Serotta steel frame and fork and when the components gave up the ghost, I purchased 2019 Ultegra. The old bike rides great. And if I put a pair of those German Made Lightweight wheels on it. It would go faster, on race day.

  4. Million an millions invested in research and development and the best they came up with is "let’s hide the cables". Lol.

  5. What is in “ the drops” ?

  6. tonton channel saya. Indonesian cycling culture

  7. sounds like he visited the dentist

  8. You speak a lot and it is boring.

  9. Robold Stanley Hamp February 8, 2021 @ 8:39 pm

    Change gear with your knee for the sprint.

  10. There’s no competition; the old bike is beautiful, the new one is at best, purposeful.

  11. Men were men in the 1980’s

  12. Apache-Yaqui Brown February 8, 2021 @ 8:46 pm

    I had a 10 speed in the 80’s, could never figure out the gears, I just pedelled and never changed gears regardless of the pitch.

  13. Is this Olli’s Brother? He seems to be less full of marketing. Those are Simplex shifters with the spring clutch. The springs will fatigue and you have to take the shifter apart and clean it once every decade. They are the best friction shift made and this is why they are on a bike Boardman rode. Pull those straps as tight as you can.

  14. Never knew that oli is part of this channel

  15. We used to call those old exposed brake cables “banana cutters” because you would inevitably lose some of your banana hitting one while dining. Lol. So those first, spring-loaded awro brake levers from Shimano in the mid-80s were a godsend! I do miss how beautifully crafted the steel race bikes were back then. But carbon bikes and wheels just fly now.
    Oh yeah, and high tech for hilly races with toe clips was adding more toe straps. Lol.

  16. Gonsaled Crownmolding February 8, 2021 @ 8:48 pm

    I have steal bike. Same bike since 1998
    Just change tires 🙃

  17. To me it’s like comparing a vintage muscle car vs a modern muscle car. It’s all based on your own preference. Honestly they’re both great but theres just something about a vintage item that the modern ones just don’t have. You know it survived this long and it’ll survive even longer. The modern one would just break down once and that’s it, turn it in and get a new one because it’s not worth fixing it (not that you can anyway, they’re just too complicated now).

  18. Ride your bike and dry your laundry……I like it!!!!!!!!!!! 1985 Bianchi Trofeo campy 8 grs where men are still men, ask any of my winny rider friends w/$$$$$$ always need more/lighter.

  19. Even adjusting for inflation the vintage bikes were affordable to the working man. The cost of modern bikes is criminal.

  20. I ride a 1991 Schwinn PDG Series 3 bike and love it. It’s all original except the tires and cassette. I’m 71 and can’t ride a 13-18 so I got a 11-34. I’ve never ridden a modern bike so I can’t compare.

  21. Keep snickering bike boy. Muscle engines were the norm, back then. Gadgets and electronics takes the passion out of the adventure.

  22. old bikes be like – you’re bleeding! – nah! it’s just a scratch..

    modern bikes – what a beauty its so light! – im offended

  23. berna mendezgonz February 8, 2021 @ 8:55 pm

    Aquí la pregunta es:
    Y tú estás preparando para dejar de poner pretextos y pedalear con todo?
    Un ciclista de verdad pedalea desde dentro de sí mismo, y no depende de la tecnología de su bici.

  24. Orlando Gonzalez February 8, 2021 @ 8:59 pm

    What’s SOOOO funny???

  25. The best think about riding the vintage bikes back in their day was, the lycra clown suits, and helmets were not de rigueur .

  26. Time Travel Films February 8, 2021 @ 9:01 pm

    The vintage frame will be around another 40 years.

  27. Carbon fiber is nice but dont buy a bike like this one expecting it will last a while the parts and bike are fragile they break down fast

  28. Riding a modern $2k+ carbon fiber bike: "There’s a crack on the road! Better slow down."

    Riding a vintage ~$50 steel bike: "I actually cracked the road while riding lol."

  29. Hopefully you’ve learned to research by the time I’ve joined in here.

  30. That just means that cyclists before were even more tougher

  31. Gonsaled Crownmolding February 8, 2021 @ 9:04 pm

    I tried a modern wife didn’t last long.
    The old vintage wife’s still the best out there.

  32. guys
    what do you think about this bike? it only cost $ 140

  33. What do you call that gear type on the vintage one?

  34. DoxYDox DeLamanca February 8, 2021 @ 9:08 pm

    You’ve got to caress it when you shift, don’t just jam it!

  35. Dont know your born mate , i think the old bike looks better more sleek

  36. I appreciate your sympathetic comments! Yet every time a channel like this sets the "modern" next to the "retro" there isn’t an attempt to use a vintage performance bike. This was a touring bike, not a racing bike. The tires were cracked and old, how about put some Rene Herse tires in there, as big as the frame can fit safely. Have new brake pads, cables, etc? Choose gearing that’s more appropriate for your preferred style, and so on. That would be more interesting to me!

  37. i ride a 1986 univega, i’ve had it since about 2005, i currently ride about 40 miles a day and i’ve gone up the entire west coast of the states and the lewis and clark trail. had to replace the front fork last year. otherwise still works.

  38. is he a man at GCN now? i just realised it 😀

  39. A buddy in an old club back in 87 knew a rep for the 7Eleven team and he got a bike from Inga Thompson and gave it to my buddy who then gave it to me. It’s a TS Issac Trek. I still have it, lol. My mom still has an old Holdsworth from back then. We held each other up at stoplights before the clip less pedals and held on to cars and stuff, trackstands were for guys with big balls and more skill than I had, because nobody wanted to fall strapped in!!!

  40. Trim your steerer! That huge stack is fugly.

  41. Mark Anthony Loria February 8, 2021 @ 9:18 pm

    Just picked up a 1987 centurion Ironman with the shimano 600.. I love it

  42. 25 at the back granny gear

  43. I feel that this "comparison" isn’t fair… you should be doing a 1990 downtube shifting bike with all the bells and whistles vs a brand new bike with the same. "Old Tech" but the best of the old tech…

  44. ΝΙΚΟΣ ΚΟΥΜΑΡΙΑΣ February 8, 2021 @ 9:25 pm

    If you are gonna make fun of a great vintage bike, just don’t ride it sir.

  45. Did he compare the bikes in one day or he did it in 2 days so he could rest before riding the other bike?

  46. It’s funny, how New Technologies make people think Less, and frown on the yesterdays stuff, and think it’s for the Birds. More, doesn’t always make it Better! I bet that out of the 11 cogs, only 3 to four of them get the most use, and the rest get left alone! One still has to pedal a Carbon Bike, the same way as a CroMo Steel Bike!

  47. To me, the difference is that many modern bikes are solely designed for performance, be it braking, handling, acceleration etc.. but that means that once a better performing model comes out, the old one isn’t desired.
    Vintage bikes had a charm and feel to them. A character that makes them desirable long after their performance is relegated to the past.

  48. Old skool 4 ever

  49. I miss SunTour! They were better than Shimano in the day but spent their money on engineering not marketing.

  50. Beer Hounds Beer Reviews! February 8, 2021 @ 9:29 pm

    I ride a 86 Univega Nuovo Sport with Tiegra and it can hang.

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