Mongoose Hitch Ebike Build #6 – Luna BBSHD parts and install

Mongoose Hitch Ebike Build #6 – Luna BBSHD parts and install

This is Fat Ebike build #6 video

In this video, I show all the replacement parts and get ready to install the Luna Bikes BBSHD motor kit

You can follow along with the Ebike build here in my Bike playlist

Rev Bikes has a few good BBSHD install videos that are very good

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  1. I did the same build with a 15 years old KHS ,but made the mistake of buying my BBSHD on line ,bad choice ,Luna cycle is the best ,Happy rides

  2. Would the BBHSD work on a Mongoose Vinson? Similar frame to the Hitch but has a lighter, aluminum frame and better components out of the box.

  3. To see detailed BBSHD install videos, check out Rev Bikes videos here.

  4. I need one bro how much with doulers 馃挼

  5. ive subscribed just got done talking to Gary Mcguire thanks for sharing your wisdom the world of building e-bikes seems to be a good place.

  6. This bike was just an experiment.
    Check out the Full Carbon Fiber Fat Bike build video here.

  7. Wilson Puleo Real Estate March 25, 2021 @ 11:18 pm

    I knew you would like the LUNA stuff. And and the rear derailleur modification is really cool.

  8. Thank you for sharing your experience building this. One thing I did not quite understand from the video:

    Was your BBSHD motor the 120mm bbs? What did you need to saw to get it to fit on the 112mm bbs frame, on the mongoose frame? Was it required?!

    I just ordered a BBSHD 120mm from lunacycle after watching this video and hope i can pull off the installation…

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