My car replacement E-bike Finally done! (hopefully)

My car replacement E-bike Finally done! (hopefully)

After a few more upgrades, I thought the bike deserves another video.
The 5 speed has held up well after 500 or so miles. I have noticed some slippage on gears 2-4 when applying high power. 1 & 5 are definietly the strongest gears and should be used when applying high power. using normal pedal assist all 5 speeds work just fine.
products I used in his video:
52v 25.7 ah battery from EM3EV
Abus Bordo 6500 folding lock
Sturmey Archer 5 speed internally geard hub
Leorxx headlights (2)
rear light from Luna cycle
Benno rear bags (2)
Benno front rack
Bluetooth stereo for motorcycle ( I dont recommend the one in the video as it conked out after 6 months)
Surley chain tensioner
Eggrider display
Mirrycle mirror

Readers Comments (6)

  1. What brand chain breaking. KMC seems to be really good for BBSxx

  2. How do you lock up all the many parts when taking it out to places like grocery stores or coffee shop in downtown without carrying ten different locks?

  3. Last August I converted my 2007 EX Sun Sport Recumbent, to a Ebike and I will never go back. I used a Direct Drive hub motor on my front where. So in essence I now have a two wheel drive bike. That is when I’m pedaling. I mostly use E-assist. And only need the throttle for starting from a dead stop, if I’m in the wrong gear, or am pulling one of my trailers. Nice video though. Glad to see others converting bikes.

  4. It’s the stock chain ring that’s snapping your chains. They are notorious for it.

  5. Looking forward to seeing more videos! You deserve more views! Have you seen smzeus . c o m!?? It could help you get your videos higher in the search results!!

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