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  1. you might never read this but i just got it to 1000 likes

  2. Great video Deaks, I crashed twice on first sandpit corner🙈 good times tho it was a really good race there

  3. Another sick vid Ben. I’m slightly disappointed with the number of Oi ois but elated by Bean beating Brendog (the legend). Keep up the great work Deaks oi fricking oi

  4. Mint. This adds weight to the whole ebike debate. I’m similar in that I’ve got a trail bike and an ebike. Love both but wouldn’t dream of ditching the trail bike. E bikes are mega fun. Proper sick. Oioi

  5. Oi OI…Ha Ha ! Quality vid…..I’ve yet to ride an E-Bike yet….Have looked at the Jam though…How long do the batteries last..?!

  6. i absolutely love the race vlogs

  7. Oi Oi!

  8. Great video! It made me laugh every time those women shouted “Oi Oi”.

    Love the ebike!

  9. Jam2 for the win!! Nice one fella🤘🏼

  10. Class vid as always

  11. Nick P Photography UK January 26, 2021 @ 8:09 pm

    E-bikes are tones of fun! maybe not for races as they said. They turn off when you reach like 15mph. Then you just have a heavy bike.

  12. Alexandertheaverage January 26, 2021 @ 8:10 pm

    Do you think youd be faster down on your ‘ol analogue bicycle machine’ or on one of these new digital time travel devices if they were unrestricted? Sorta keen on one but need a forklift to get it in & out of the car till they sort the weight out

  13. Black Tea One Sugar January 26, 2021 @ 8:11 pm

    Cool vid. Agree about the motor cutting out thing. Feels weird. Brilliant uphill but dang heavy!

  14. Those sandy berms were are a killer. I flipped over the bars on my second run through them

  15. Congratulations to Brendan Faircloffffff

  16. Washing machine haha

  17. Sick vid. Now you just need to pull some strings and get dmr to make an e bike 😀

  18. Always informative vids….cheers dude.Just 1 thing though…….sunglasses & a full face???:)

  19. Great E-ntertainment 🤘 nice one guys

  20. Love the vid, but there’s a lot of wind noise…
    I have my one Focus Sam2 e-bike that i had delivered this week.
    It´s sick!

  21. great vid 🤘 dunno about the bike with a motor though 😕

  22. Heckling is fun as climbing aid is the reason you get an ebike. Hate and wanting them banned due to extra trail wear is a nonsense. They are slower on flats due to weight and restriction and same on dh. Climbing at 15kph isnt going to destroy a trail. Gr8 vid and having fun, which is what it should be about…

  23. Alcides Rodriguez January 26, 2021 @ 8:24 pm


  24. I tried e biking once. Had a proper gurn on my face the whole time.

  25. E-Bikes are sick. Perfect for days where the uplifts are full. Get so many laps in.

  26. Mate, you literally uploading different types of mtb every week, keep it coming, one of the most enjoyable mtb channels oioi

  27. Good work, just got a mondy e bike after getting my Hightower nicked… They are just fun at the end of the day and Im too old to care about getting heckled… Dont knock em till you tried em!!!

  28. e-Bikes are the only real proper bikes for my age and own two since a few weeks. My first one is a middle-engine Bosch Kendu i got from my father as a present. I tuned it with a chip and far higher gear ratio to go faster and it does, but my second bike is much better from the software and torque. I got a Bafang 8fun rear engine for my Cube hardtail 29" (with seat suspension) and when i use the 20"-diameter setting with the controller, it’s perfect.

    First of all, the bike runs better than ever even without power, so less drag and even push a little like a perpetuum mobile when it’s flat. I don’t know how they did it, but i’m running about 80% without energy, so even loading up a little thanks to recuperation. With my settings there are 6 different speed-steps from about 8 to 37 km/h with the engine easing off just depending on the speed plus three different power-settings for the maximum performance. I’m running Eco, so about 50% most of the time. The main difference is: if you paddle hard, the e-power goes down depending on your speed-steps and this is the greatest motivation to do so. Getting up to speed is always the hardest part and keeping 25 km/h is nothing, 28 Km/h a little more and over 30 km/h the engine has to work. The middle-engine Bosch works like the opposite: the harder i paddle, the more assist i get. So the training effect is far less and it’s not a real bike anymore. And certainly it sucks without energy.

  29. I bet the people on the uphill were proper pissed!

  30. You’ve converted me. 🙂

  31. Another classic, cheers Deak in A t0r,,,,, 0i0i

  32. Brendan could you compete in the DH World Cup ? Or you prefer freestyle

  33. Ben do you think e-bikes are the future of MTB and racing…OI..OI.

  34. I bet Brendog was quietly seething about being beaten by a chippy. Haha. #OiOi 🤘

  35. #EOiOi

  36. Great vid mate, I recently tried out a Cannondale Moretta – couldn’t believe how much of a laugh it was. Completely sold on E-Bikes now especially as an "I don’t need to buy uplift passes all the time" bike.

  37. Class 👌🏼

  38. Let us know what it’s like after you remove the restriction.

  39. must be so much fucking fun chasing brendog…or atleast trying

  40. Pedalhounds MTB Events January 26, 2021 @ 8:46 pm

    Great video Ben, glad you guys enjoyed your day at Pedalhounds racing the e-bikes. At the end of the day its all about fun……..

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