My Top 5 Lectric XP EBike Riding Accessories That Make My Ebike Rides More Enjoyable

My Top 5 Lectric XP EBike Riding Accessories That Make My Ebike Rides More Enjoyable

As much as I love riding the Lectric XP Step-Through the way it came right out of the box, customizing it with different ebike accessories like a mirror, cell phone holder, bottle bag, and a handlebar extension has made riding even more enjoyable.

There are a ton of different accessories that I have already purchased and still need to add and review, but as of this moment, these are the top 5 accessories that have made my rides more safe and more fun!

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Here are the Accessories featured in this video:
Smart Phone Bike Holder Mount –
Carbon Fiber Handle Bar Extender for Accessory –
VLTAWA Bike Insulated Water Bottle Holder Bag (no screws) –
VICTGOAL Yellow Goggle attachment (Sold separately):

The exact mirror shown in the video is not available on at the moment, but these two brands are extremely similar and suitable substitutions.
Hafny NEW Handlebar Bike Mirror HF-MR095 (Anti-glare left) –
MEACHOW Handlebar Bike Rotatable Safe Rearview Mirror ME-006LS –
(I will try to get the exact mirrors from a supplier to be sold on the website as soon as possible):

Like the stylish high-quality pocket t-shirts I wear on all my videos? Check out the Bamboo Boxer Co. here at:
(The link above is a redirect link to the website pocket t-shirt page)
The Bamboo Boxer Co. is a Hawaii based company that uses locals to expertly make their clothing line. They are a huge supporter of the Ebike Products youtube channel.
Abus Bordo 6000 Twin Set Folding Locks –
Vont ‘Pyro’ Bike Light Set (red and white lights set) –
MOUNTDOG Action Camera Accessories Kit –
Sponge Grips –
DJC Suspension Seat Post (Lectric XP Bikes must use 31.6mm size) –
Bike Alarm (2 pack) –
Bike Bells (4 pack) –
Bike Hand 34 piece Complete Bike Repair Tool Kit –
Velcro strap 50 pack –
Insta360 GPS Smart Remote for One R & One X Camera –
Cloud 9 Cruiser Bike Seat –
Tire Gauge, Easy to read and glows in the dark –

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  1. i totally agree about the helmet: my elderly father just fell down in his care home, and we nearly lost him. doesn’t take much…

  2. I should sleep, but I just ordered a Lectric step thru so I’m just going to think about it for hours if I try to sleep now 馃檪

  3. I just installed the handlebar extension on my XP yesterday. I had to wrap 6 inches, 1/2 wide of black duck tape to get the ext. to tighten up. Works great.

  4. well done, thanks for sharing your ideas.

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