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  1. How to put handlebars on nakto 16inch bike?

  2. there are 4 prongs that stick up from bike when you slid the battery in, mines was bent so I used screwdriver to bend them back also they didn’t talk about the chain which I had move the shield guard to put chain onšŸ˜āœŒ

  3. I wouldnā€™t advise anyone to buy a Nakto bike it will only last one month I waited for 2 month for something that good they problem is in the neck if you want a perfect way to loose money you can go ahead and if u want to get serious Injury Nakto is not safe

  4. This video is too dark … you should have used a lighter bike plus you should do it more slowly and with each part, and let us see what it’s used for , this is not a very good Video . do it again! Please!

  5. I do not have a key for my new bike, and I don’t see a key holder with my new 26" electric bike, and my bike does not move after charging.
    You have received a message from the Amazon Seller – Epicord
    Order ID 111-7671553-8624212:

    Hi Michael,
    Sorry for Haven’t send you the return label yet. We have been keep contact with our overseas warehouse but they haven’t send your return to us. And we just did it this morning, maybe they can send it to us tomorrow. As long as we get it, we will send it to you. Sorry again for waiting such a long time.
    Have a good day,

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  6. Craig Castanet, D.C. February 23, 2021 @ 10:17 pm

    i think they change their designs and don’t tell you. you’ll miss some parts, and have others that are from the older or newer design. this was true of my elegance model. they changed the forks, so you can’t use the black bracket to support the bottom of the basket. also, the headlamp doesn’t have a bracket anymore.

  7. thanks

  8. *_I like this bike~~>_**悌Ā _**_ Ā  its best used on pedal assist when going uphill unless you weigh 2stone when using the throttle only. I can cover 6 miles within 20 minutes on varying terrain, which I’m told by my cycling mad son, is very impressive._*

  9. thank you for the video

  10. Nakto Camel blew the fuse at first twist of the throttle and the fuse is not available at auto parts stores or home improvement centers?!?! Not cool.

    What gives? Now I will wait for days for a replacement to see if it blows again!?

    Seriously.. This is a huge problem. How could you use such a proprietary fuse that customers will have to order replacements by mail!?!? It makes NO SENSE! FIX THIS ISSUE! At the very least send the battery with replacement fuses taped to the side of the unit.

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