Nashbar, Bikehand, Spin Doctor bicycle tool kits, best inexpensive kit?

Nashbar, Bikehand, Spin Doctor bicycle tool kits, best inexpensive kit?

Review of the Nashbar tool kit which is also sold under the Spin Doctor and Bikehand brands. Since this video upload, Nashbar now sells the same kit but under the Spin Doctor brand at $49.99. Still a great deal. The Bikehand is currently OOS on Amazon.

Updated Bikehand Version with Torque Wrench:

Nashbar Now sells it as Spin Doctor:

My Bike Stand:

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Readers Comments (18)

  1. It looks like Bikehand added a small torque wrench to their version and increased the price. Still seems like a good deal:

  2. Small square piece may be an adapter to use allen wrench as a breaker bar, see if it fits into any of the tools in kit, perhaps it fits into casette removal tool or perhaps a standard 1/2 or 3/4 inch socket. Considering all the tools you get in kit; it is definitely a good price. Thanks for review!

  3. Thank you for the video. This is something I’ve been eyeing and a includes few key tools that I think are ridiculously priced from Parktool. I’m no pro, but I am getting to the point where I don’t want to go to my mechanic anymore for trivial fixes I can do on my own.

  4. One very important tool you forgot is the foam pad that goes between the two sides when you close the case. I’ve used this foam pad to work on low things when I have to be on one knee.

  5. Picked this kit up, under a different name, 拢5 on eBay. Excellent little kit.

  6. 11:40 – You ask what the small part is that’s with the big hex wrench. It converts the hex wrench a 1/2" socket drive. Just saves you some weight if you have to take some of these tools along.

  7. I’m 18 months late to this deal. I can’t seem to find its existence any longer. Does anyone know the amazon link to this deal (or its equivalent) ?

  8. I noticed that the cassette removal tool that came with your kit had a long bar that extends from the center but the one from park tool didn’t. What is that bar for? Is it necessary for anything?

  9. good review, thanks.

  10. i just saw this on Amazon.. thanks for the review…

  11. Holy cow, I just clicked on your channel and noticed you also have a releace 4C. What are the odds!!! Hope yours is treating you as good as mine is. I’m upgrading to GX eagle, that’s why I am looking for tool kits cuz I want to try to do it myself. I subscribed so Ill check out your other videos.

  12. The Middle Aged Masher December 4, 2020 @ 8:39 pm

    I鈥檒l have to order this up great bargain and use for $40!!

  13. Wow,good review.i gotta get the nashbar tool kit.馃毑馃弽

  14. Raiderschef Raider December 4, 2020 @ 8:41 pm

    the little square thing on the 8mm is for your bottom bracket and cassette tool it fits in the end where a socket wrench would go

    I just received my kit today and it is good quality for the price i need the cable/housing cutters now

  15. What does a comparable Park tool kit cost?

  16. Nashbar now selling this as the Spin Doctor tool kit, for $49.99, same as Amazon.

  17. 菨蓴岽塶删菨l蕠菨菨q December 4, 2020 @ 9:02 pm

    A park tool torque wrench is as much as 2 of these kits. Thank god I found out about this

  18. @ Tony’s Hobbies the little adapter that goes on the large hex key is an adapter that fits right into the half inch opening on the bottom bracket tool so you can use it with having to purchase a half inch drive ratchet!

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