New G4 KRK Rockit 5 Short Review and Sound Test.

New G4 KRK Rockit 5 Short Review and Sound Test.

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These are awesome monitors I hope this video helped.
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Total Price I paid was 426.00 and some change. Guitar center gave me a deal and that includes the cables that go into your audio interface and the protection plan.

The App is not out yet. I called and spoke with a representative from KRK and the app is not going to be out for another few months. I also found out that the speakers weren’t supposed to be available yet and some dealers went ahead and started sales anyway and technically the new Krk Monitors weren’t suppose to be sold until the app was available.

If You Want To Hook These Up To A Subwoofer Here Are The Instructions.

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  1. WorldRenownedCFE March 26, 2021 @ 11:13 pm

    Just bought some from your affiliate link!

  2. александр фаустов March 26, 2021 @ 11:13 pm

    Me one Russian?

  3. Do you need a audio interface to connect the rokit 5 to a, midi keyboard?

  4. You’re right this speakers are dope. The sound is clear.

  5. did you find it annoying that both monitors needed its own power supply, as well as the power cables being somewhat short?

  6. Fire beat dude 🔥

  7. I just got these speakers in and connected them to my Scarlett, turned the Direct Monitor button on and I’m not getting any sound from the speakers. I’m only getting sound when I choose Headphones for Output in System Preferences on my Mac. Do you have any advice for this? I’m not sure what to do.

  8. just got the G4 Rockit 8 i did not plug them yet they still in the boxes if your rockit 5 are dope i cant imagine my rocket 8 cant wait.

  9. Invisible Graveyard March 26, 2021 @ 11:20 pm

    Hi Bookie. I have heard through reviews that even if you play low volume music, the stand by mode kicks in and turns the speakers off. Is this true??? Thanks

  10. Hi sir.. I want to be an music producer, which one studio monitor is the best for me? Especially for metal music and punchy sound.

  11. Are u using balanced or unbalanced input?

  12. Even if u don’t record any instruments would a interface necessarily make the speakers louder?

  13. TheDJ NiteNurse March 26, 2021 @ 11:27 pm

    Cool video Dude! & Nice set up! & I loved your Beat Very Krisss! I think I’m gonna get a pair, iv had Roket 5 G3s & I thought they were Dope! But had to sell dude to hard times.
    I’ve heard the Roket8s with a Sub in a Friend’s studio & They KICK!!! I’d love them but I don’t think my neighbour’s would!!

  14. Nice review, its good that you actually give your opinion and say they sound really good. Theres too many reviews on YT where people just read off the specifications fromthe maker and dont actually say if they sound good or not, or shops reviewing gear they are trying to sell.

  15. Great video, thank you!!

  16. Thankyou I just got mine cuz of this video 😌👌❣️

  17. Good 👍

  18. You used a subwoofer when you did the sound test?

  19. Sun Down Drivers March 26, 2021 @ 11:37 pm

    Thanks for creating this video Bookie! I’m about to pull the trigger on a pair of monitor speakers and you’ve sold me. cheers dude! RIch

  20. WANT This GOOD Sound.

  21. Yamaha hs8 or rokit 8 4G ??

  22. Rich from KRK here. Loved this video. I love when I make a product and then watch a guy explain what he loves and it is all the stuff that I wanted to bring to make users fall in love. Thank you for that. I love where you point out that you can skin the front baffle or whatever you want. Also, there will be an optional grille coming so you can protect the drivers if you travel around with them. One other thing too, the logo light can be on or off as you explain but there is also a DIM setting. Check that out. Again, thank you.

  23. I use them for DJing. This is my second time owning krk. Wasn’t told either time about the 6 hour break in. I brought them home both times and cranked out a set at high volume. The KRK rokits are very popular with DJ’s they affordablility of them changed djs to use us studio monitors at home instead of PA’s or regular stereo speakers. I just bought the krk gen4 5’s on Friday. I paid a lot more for them then you did. In Canada they are $229 per unit.

  24. There things are dope

  25. xlr connection only or can you use 1/4 jacks – I’m looking at the pic online and there is a center hole – I know Roland has a combo xlr – 1/4 jack on the back of some of their monitors. thanks

  26. Studio ke number ke #9471870986

  27. Also the grill at the bottom Is used to not make the volume distorted when you want to turn it up high. You know just for vibing lol.

  28. Respect…🙏🏿💯

  29. Hello, I’m looking for studio monitors that are good to mix on but also that have a good, solid and kinda “feel it” bass. If it changes anything I make trap so that’s what I would try to make on them. My question is if they are right for me? Also, I subbed cause ur videos are dope man, keep it up.

  30. cool vid .. i am coppin the 8 g4

  31. Dude Can you pls help me! Where did you get your xlr male cables? I Bought one and they Were Way to short, and it looks like your speakers have atleast 1m space between pls help!

  32. Yoo what do you mean a break in period I just got these today but not going to power them up for about a month from now I’m setting up a studio , so in a month from now what should I do ? Play low volumes for hours ?

  33. Hey man this is a fire review✨ quick question would the 2i2 interface or Scarlett solo be the same w a pair of these just in terms sound quality of making beats (no recording or instruments connections)?

  34. Are you using a sub in the sound test or just the single monitors alone?

  35. I am using these to DJ as well just for a monitor when I mix from home going LIVE. Would you say go with the 5 or the 7? I’m only buying a single and not a pair. Never really thought about the break in period but i guess it does make sense.

  36. Really good review, I’ll order this right away

  37. Nice review 🙂 what midi keyboard you using?

  38. how the m50x translate to them?

  39. Great vid bro

  40. hi dude.. this krk or hs5? which one would u recomend me

  41. Studio ke number ke #9471870986

  42. Krk gen1 was sleek like that. The other gens were ugly

  43. you can put it on a normal pc ?

  44. what subwoofer u use?

  45. Raynel Gonzalez March 27, 2021 @ 12:05 am

    Thanks for the review. I have a pair of Gen 2 and they sound too muddy for my taste, They sit in a corner in my studio. I definitely want to check these out. By the way dope beat.

  46. For a Scarlett Solo interface, do I need XLR to RCA cables or XLR to TRS for these speakers? The back of the solo makes it look like I need RCA….

  47. The new rokits are ROCKING for real hahhaa I got them too. Very nice upgrade from the G2

  48. nice vid bro!!

  49. Great review man. I recently bought the KRK Classics which I personally believe stand up against the Rokits…

  50. Kevin Anto Music March 27, 2021 @ 12:11 am

    Hey bro!…Loved the video! Hey I have question I wish it gets answered. I have 2 pairs of Speakers KRK 5 and 7! I have connected both pairs to my audio interface. But I here the sound only in one of the pair. Is it possible to here the sound in both pairs. I want to here the sound in all 4 speakers. What must I do. Thanks in advance bro!

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