New Orbea Gain Road E Bike | GCN Tech First Look

New Orbea Gain Road E Bike | GCN Tech First Look

Orbea have released an update to their range of road e-bikes with the all new Orbea Gain. With a new sleeker design that integrates the light weight batteries into the downtube and an intelligent hub based motor, the new Gain also has an updated geometry focused on endurance and comfort. Additionally Orbea have specced clearance for up to 40mm tyres and also neatly integrated front and rear lights as well as all of the cables. Obviously Dan was the natural choice to take the bike for a cycle.

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What do you think of the new Orbea Gain?

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Shaun Williamson March 23, 2021 @ 10:30 pm

    What was the price??

  2. Didn’t really read the title, and just want to complain about another ordinary road bike.
    Until I hear the word E-bike.

    You guys should hide the letter "E" in the title.

  3. ebikes are motorsport

  4. Can you defeat the speed limit to get the assistance you want?

  5. How different is this from the 2019 version?

  6. of course dan is doing a video review! it’s an ebike…

  7. Silly question, does the Di2 charge from the bikes battery or would you still have to charge them

  8. ‘Enough power’ and smilar is marketing blurb used by Orbea, Specialized, etc, to sell expensive e-bikes with motors that don’t really have enough grunt to get you up those steep, steep, climbs IMPO. If you have a powerful enough motor you could always reduce its output or simply turn it off. I suspect, in a few years once they have powerful enough motors for these kind of racing and hybrid bikes, that we will hear no more of this ‘just enough power’ marketing nonsense.

    I want a 500 watt mid-motor that can get me up any climb WHEN I NEED IT. If I don’t need it then I can switch it off or lower the output. But when I knackered or facing that extra tough climb – plenty in South Wales – then I want that power.

  9. what colour is this bike please as I intend ordering ?Is it Speed silver or mouse grey ? Thanks

  10. integrated lights on regular bikes would be good too!

  11. Wish i could commute on a bike, but winters in the Midwest US don’t play around, plus 110 mile daily round trips seem a little extreme

  12. Spanish…it’s "me-oh" I would think. Not "my-oh". Mio meaning ‘mine’ here- my design etc.

  13. No range no price ?

  14. Wasupwitdat1 Mofiki March 23, 2021 @ 10:48 pm

    Very nice but I’m certain it is out of my price range.

  15. Not a review just an ad. I have one and think its great but WTF

  16. Michael Richmond March 23, 2021 @ 10:50 pm

    As an Orbea Gain owner I can say you do get drag from the motor, a very small amount but it’s there non the less, set assistance to off or actually turn the system off and it’s gone.

  17. Press the button and it changes your clothes? Cool!

  18. Has the motor been upgraded from 2019 ?

  19. Price? Weight? Range? Come on guys no mention of probably the 3 most important factors!

  20. Peter Ningelgen March 23, 2021 @ 10:57 pm

    Orbea nearly has killed me, spontaenous Brake of Fork Schaft because of nothing inbetween Traffic and high Speed.
    Less than 10T km I’rode that Triathlonbike. Just on the street on sunny sundays.
    Shit. Lots of Angels with me.

  21. Pls review bike a common person can afford. All your reviews are top end expensive bikes which most of us cannot afford

  22. I think my Celeste Bianchi Aria E-road is a prettier bike, but just personal opinion. The same x35 Ebikemotion system that cuts in and out seamlessly.

  23. Aside from the considerable ecological imapct of producing these leisure ebikes…motorised road bikes are absolutely brilliant for people of advanced age or that have various disabilities or health probems!

  24. Range – Or good estimate, and weight, can this be carried up three flights of narrow stairs to my Condo? How long to fully charge?

  25. Dan, you didn’t say what it rode like. Is there a part 2???

  26. Frances O'Regan March 23, 2021 @ 11:06 pm

    Have the old model,they are just brilliant for me as I’m 66 so f–k the Hills😀

  27. I prefer my Specialized Turbo Creo SL…for me the best Ebike ever…just 12,7kg with gravel tires, XTR pedals and GRX…130km autonomy (battery extender with 60km more) battery charges in 2h 30 minutes 28kmh limit (on my country) the App Mission control is amazing you can customize everything…
    After 85km in 3h 25 minutes 25kmh average speed half in sport and half in turbo I finished with 35% battery left …I’m a heavy rider…85kg…
    Love that Bike!

  28. Doesnt matter how good the bike is when you cant buy it…. Thanks, orbea

  29. When Dan does a very much needed comeback to the road, and there’s an e-bike involved, then you know everything is exactly as it should be. Just kidding, though. I do miss Dan on the road – thankfully, we still have Si (best presenter with Dan) on the road still. He can never step down! Love you guys!

  30. Sonny Darvishzadeh March 23, 2021 @ 11:13 pm

    2:35 🤣

  31. Watt hours means nothing to me, how far can you ride it on one charge?

  32. Suits you sir!

  33. Make the battery removable and with a separate, non-powered wheelset this could be a true do-it-all machine.

  34. All I can think of is, how did they put the battery inside the frame and how would you replace it?

  35. What do you think of the new Orbea Gain?

  36. I bought the Orbea D40 at €2500. I live Wicklow Ireland (Dublin mountains hill country). I’m almost 70, highly competitive and hate cheats. BUT this new bike is no cheat! 13kg and rides like a conventional road bike. The X35 motor system is a Godsend for me as it helps me to ride alongside younger much fitter athletes without hindering them or dying trying to keep up! My intention is to use the X35 as little as possible, that’s my nature but for older or infirm riders this bike is a new lease of life. Stuff the naysayers and the critics, I’ll happily wear a sign on my back saying e-bike rider! This is not cheating it’s equalising and socially inclusive. Viva Orbea (other e-bikes are available at eye watering prices) – this is the future for anyone starting out or trying to get back into cycling. It builds confidence and encourages riders to extend their distances without panicking about whether there’s enough left in the tank to get home. X35 has you covered if it’s managed properly……

  37. What’s the weight?

  38. Cameron Alexander March 23, 2021 @ 11:18 pm

    Love it.

  39. Not only am I getting shoved off the trails by fat old dudes on E Mtb, I will now get shoved off country lanes by fat old dudes on E road bikes. Great

  40. 😲 From Philippines

  41. I don’t get it…I really don’t. I really do see the point of an e-bike to replace a car for commuting, actually that’s a very good thing! Or for pulling a trailer with kids in, or for going shopping and carry lots of stuff back home without the need of a car. Or if you have some health problem that actually prevents you from doing much exertion. But now, seriously, an e-bike for doing sport? That’s like an oxymoron! Even more because this bike actually looks like a normal bike! Using an e-bike for sport is, in my opinion, just plane cheating. You don’t have to keep up with people that are 20 years younger and train more than you, you don’t have to be able to ride faster and no, you don’t have to ride longer than you can. You just do what you can. And if you can’t, but you want, you don’t "buy" your way out of it. But rather, you train. How good will it feel to be able to increase your average speed only thanks to several month of training instead of simply getting an e-bike? And if you don’t care then you should not be looking at this anyway. I don’t think you should use one of such bikes as a shortcut to your training or lack of will to invest any effort in training. What does this tell about yourself?
    On top of everything an e-bike is even more expensive than one without a motor. You could get a custom made steel frame (or maybe even a titanium one) instead and be properly comfortable on it. Oh, and finally…unless you are replacing a car with it the environmental impact is going to be much worse than the already bad one of a normal bike.

  42. Christopher Tyler March 23, 2021 @ 11:20 pm

    Looks great ,what does it weigh? As I’m sure one day you will have a flat battery so you would have to ride home with good old fashioned leg power only …

  43. He mentioned a sensor on the cassette lock ring. My sensor has 20 small round magnets surrounding the lock ring. What I discovered about the sensor, the motor would continue to engage as long as the sensor was spinning. How I discovered that is my chain broke on a steep climb, I panic for a sec thinking now I have a long walk home. So I decided to get back on the bike and to my surprise, I found that the motor did engaged as long as the rear wheel was spinning. So I ended up with a nice ride home, … can you call it – non pedal assist with no chain? … Lol

  44. MF Song & Gadget Channel March 23, 2021 @ 11:21 pm

    How much the price?

  45. #savetherimbrake

  46. Someone will need to filter those Strava KOMs, remove the ones stolen with e-bikes

  47. Uniquement pour sportifs confirmés , impossible de monter le Mont Ventoux avec ce moteur trop faible et le batterie et morte à 2 km de sommet , c’est une juste un petite aide . 
    Un couple de 40NM et encore , arrivé à 25 % de la batterie le moteur est encore plus faible.

  48. Had my orbea gain for just over a year now definitely makes the hills easier no difference on the flats and descents though. Battery life could be a lot better and its very restricted thanks to the ridiculous laws the government have imposed

  49. You can have any color bike as long as it’s black, gray, red, or white.

  50. Ordered !
    My wife went out for a trial run, came back with a smile as big as the bike 😉

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