New RadRover Step-Thru E-Bike / My Thoughts

New RadRover Step-Thru E-Bike / My Thoughts

Trying out the RadRover Step-Thru for the first time, I’ll let you know just what I think about it.
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Readers Comments (8)

  1. Good review and made me strongly consider switching from RadRover5 to this. I am 5’8" and very frequently nearly trip and fall when I am getting off the RadRover5. At 63 years old, I don’t want to fall.

  2. Adding the river scenes was a very nice touch. I like the way you take some artistic liberty on your reviews, such as this one and the RadRover5 "Tank" review. Where is this property?

  3. I wish that was available when I purchased my Mini Step Thru from Rad. I sooo wanted the Rad Rover, but because of knee and hip issues, thanks to playing contact sports, I had the hardest time mounting the Rover at a local establishment that had them for rent. So the only option for me getting a fat tire bike was the mini. Hopefully they will still be selling that model when I’ve run the mini to the ground. Much mahalo!!

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  5. So question for you, living in Europe, waiting for RADROVER 5 to get here, but you鈥檝e pretty much convinced me I want one – do you have affiliate link we can use in Europe to help you out? Lemme know!

  6. I’m 5’2 and 29 inch inseam, I can ride a bike with a 19 inch frame just fine, how do you think this would suit me? I’m 120 lbs
    Also, can this go on basic trails and off road? I’m not doing anything major, but just wondering what you would think.

  7. Rad Power Bikes are worth it.Four people that are small go for a step thru you鈥檒l be comfortable and safe

  8. Yo you live in Idaho? I’m thinking of getting the Rad Runner Plus. Still deciding which model to get but pretty sure I’m gonna get a Rad Power bike after my research on E-bikes.

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