New video of 'QAnon Shaman' at Capitol riot angers judge

New video of 'QAnon Shaman' at Capitol riot angers judge

CNN’s Brian Todd reports on newly released video of the “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley walking into the Capitol. The footage angered the judge after Chansley lied in a “60 Minutes” interview and said police waved rioters in on January 6th.

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  1. Salty MAGA tears are a beautiful thing. Lock the Fascist Traitors up!

  2. It wasn’t a riot because target didn’t lose no TVs. If we had police cars getting smashed, buildings set on fire, and people being dragged from their cars and beaten in the streets, we might be able to upgrade it to a peaceful protest.

  3. Where are his co defendants from the burning city’s and billion dollars of damage, oh wait they aren’t there because that didn’t count.
    Let him out.

  4. Thomas R. Anderson March 25, 2021 @ 10:41 pm

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  5. CNN is fake news. 😂😂😂

  6. lol why does the US call it an insurrection? You guys are soft. lmao. The summer long riots were way worse. I’ve seen videos of the attack on a Federal courthouse in Portland. They tried to burn it down with people inside, used commercial grade fireworks, high powered lasers, ballistic vests, molotov cocktails and shields.

  7. cnn is fake news

  8. Civil war militia will release him wait…

  9. Walls don’t work that’s why there’s one at the capital now

  10. The Democratic Fascist Party is currently purging the military of anyone who voted for Trump- they are checking soldiers social media accounts. We should be worried.

  11. Woah don’t you mean mostly peaceful protest?

  12. How could you possibly damage the credibility of a Q-anon believer!? 😂😂😂

  13. Revelations 21:8 – Did you know CNN is mentioned in the Bible. Check it out.

  14. I mean you can’t miss that he is the perfekt person to make an example out of. Man I live in Germany and know this guy.

  15. Thomas Morningstar March 25, 2021 @ 10:58 pm

    Dude’s H.U.A. Look him up. He’s a nut case that barks at people in Phoenix about crazy stuff.

  16. QAnon Shaman? Wasn’t he a friend of Pelosi’s husband or some other Cabal connection. CNN is fake FAKE FAKE news.

  17. Dr. Kevin Christie 2024 March 25, 2021 @ 10:59 pm

    Zoloft anyone?

  18. thank u for the amazing story; i can sleep tonight. 🙄

  19. If I judge can’t be impartial they should recuse themselves. Also possibly grow up. Also the name The Shaman is stupid.

  20. He didn’t say police waived "him" in. And why is he in trouble for what he says to "60 Minutes"?

  21. Hold them all accountable for treason

  22. that guy is nothing but a professional rioter…he doesnt care about right nor wrong. he takes no sides its been proven.

  23. its okay when we do it says the left lol

  24. They are putting increasing pressure on this guy. They are putting the squeeze on him. Please don’t squeeze the shaman!

  25. When black lives matter are protesting peacefully they’re called terrorists but when trumper’s attempt to overthrow a government they’re considered peaceful protesters

  26. Cops were waving people into the building it’s on video.

  27. I support the insurrection based on supporting the constitution

  28. CNN is the propaganda wing of the Democratic Fascist Party (the DFP)

  29. Never any postmortem from CNN on any of the BLM rioters – even when police stations and court buildings were attacked and burned and people murdered. No follow ups. Just ‘Mostly peaceful’.

    Hours and hours spent on the analysis of Trump walking gingerly down a sloping ramp.

    Barely a mention of Biden stumbling three times attempting a staircase.

    I get it, all MSM news channels are up to much the same sort of thing but surely it’s not wise to assume any impartiality in MSM these days and to accept they are all propagandising.

  30. America you are priceless. You give the rest of the world so much entertainment! No other country does that.

  31. This is not true, he was PROVEN to be you know who, starts and ends with an a. Was on there own website, look it up!!!

  32. That guy is NOT a Trump supporter.

  33. No charges for the Anti-fa and BLM rioters?

  34. He did not say they waived HIM IN.. he said they were waving people in.. and they did.. he did not lie, you need to understand words and language besides Blacks law sign language..

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  36. Big deal. Youre just using the guy for ratings?
    BTW, its not qanon.
    Why don’t you investigate what pelosi knew before it happened? Why don’t you name and show the picture of the hitman that shot ashlii? Show his face. He was the only one that murdered that day and pelosi hides him and you all cover up? You think trespassing by a silly guy is more of a story than murder by deranged federal employee.

  37. Anyone who breaks the law should be prosecuted. In 2009 a left leaning group used a bomb on capitol hill, a left leaning AG dropped the charges. On President Trumps inauguration day there was an insurrection of left leaning people on capitol hill. On January 6th, head of security asked for back up five times but was denied. Apply the law equally.

  38. DeJulius Caesar March 25, 2021 @ 11:21 pm

    CNN desperately trying to cover up the fact that Joke Biden has caused a crisis on a Southern border, which him and his "president Harris" find to be a funny matter, as they gag Border Patrol officials from speaking to the press thereby backpedaling on their promise of transparency and openness. Don’t even get me started on the humiliation suffered from Chinese during the meeting in Alaska and Joke Biden’s inability to climb a flight of stairs.

  39. OutdoorShooting North Kackalac March 25, 2021 @ 11:22 pm

    He didn’t say they waved him in, he said they were waving people in. Words twisted by the left. You wanna charge some people, how bout charge the ones who burnts down cities throughout 2020.

  40. That judge is a Free Mason. They are the problem. Lovely seeing USA troops back home instead of pillaging oil and bullying small nations. End the military industrial complexes Worldwide before its to late.

  41. I think this guy is an idiot and deserves a good sentence, but I don’t like media preaching that a point should be made with a hearing because of the popularity of someone. Justice should be impartial and based on the body of evidence surrounding the crimes. Just do your job!

  42. This was staged by your own government!

  43. They are punishing him for being a "symbol"…

  44. More partial reporting from The left👎

  45. Everyone knows that Congress had the CIA make DeepFake videos of the so called attack. Don’t be fooled people.

  46. Even though this guy seems to be a self invented wacko activist, everyone who wants a more accurate understanding of this riot should view as much of the participants raw cell phone footage as possible. The New Yorker did a ‘man on the scene’ report that shows this same man cooperating with a security officer and several other self restraining participants.

  47. SECRET AMERICA !!! YouTube Channel with L.D. BRITE March 25, 2021 @ 11:32 pm

    Everything I ve watched today is just a reminder how stupid America is becoming. None of this would have even happened if it werent for Democrats and brown people making the country a slum. Its so sad. A country where everyone hates eachother.

  48. No one was armed at this INSURRECTION?

  49. The lawyers defending these patriots are not doing a good job, they were doing their job are prescribed by the constitution to removes their government once the president declared that the government is corrupt and altered the results of the election. I do not know if it is true or not, but as loyal citizens they were doing their duty, they got overwhelmed by the national guards and the police and had to abort the attempt, they should be judged according to their role that the constitution ordered them to do, if a corrupt government defeat their attempt , they should be considered as prisoners of war and released once the attempt is put down. There must be a remedy in the constitution if the militia fails to take down the corrupt government , I as Canadian do not know what is the remedy in the constitution, but they are not considered criminals for doing their job.

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