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  1. You sold out your grass roots because if no longer affordable by the masses nobody can afford a 12 to $1,500 bike kick returns a regular bicycle into a long-term cargo bike for $150 is awesome and that’s where your roots were and you sold out went electric cargo bikes down people got to pay $2,000 to $3,000 for these things it’s disgusting cuz I work my ass off for my money and I can’t afford that kind of money I barely keep myself my dog bed and I live out of the back of a truck so I need a cargo bike to get to work all my dog food all my groceries and you just make life harder by charging overcharging for a piece of tubing to Extended bicycle for the same price it should be I can buy a three wheel trike bike I think that’s why I’m going to have to go I’ll get a hold of new wheel and longer axle and more tubing for free so it comes down to your just a disgusting piece of s*** they wants to make himself rich

  2. Jaza Abdullah May 7, 2021 @ 12:32 am

    I love it! how much is it?

  3. 9:13 – is it me or is the chain very close to the tyre in 1st gear?

  4. Dude take a breath
    Very hard to listen to

  5. Over Priced Yuppie Hobby .

  6. TRICHOMETRIST May 7, 2021 @ 12:46 am

    Save everyone some time
    $ 4500.00šŸ’šŸ’šŸ’

  7. you spoke so much i had to mute it , feed back love the products but maybe less words and a voice over would hepl i wont be subscribing

  8. a note of alternate methods; you should get your 80 yro dad onto a TRICYCLE, which I, at only 72, think is a much kinder way to keep pedaling, and possibly a whole new product line for your company

  9. Hey Ross! As an early Free-Radical customer and user it is great to see you guys grow and develop! My grand kids love riding "their" bike. I have the "Hooptie", "Magic Carpet", and "Wide Loaders" matched to my bike. The grand kids have turned 4 and 5 and they give me an additional 100+#’s of weight. It is real workout going up hill! So, a bolt on electric motor may be in my future, humbling for this old "real cyclist". Do you guys have anything like that? Oh, yeah I got my "Free Radical" way back in 2006! It changes what a bike can be!

  10. Electric Cargo Bikeļ¼ˆAmazonļ¼‰2399USDļ¼š

  11. I don’t see how someone can talk so much about safety on a bike.. especially carrying kids.. at least add another wheel at the back!

  12. Nice bikes – even nicer shout out to hats from Tucson. That particular hat is emblematic of the kind of hat long-time locals wear in Tucson.Ā 

    Love to see Xtracycle doing well. (FYI, an unofficial survey of cargo bikes at Tucson’s recent Cyclovia 2019 (with 40,000+ participants) had Xtracycle as the #1 cargo bike in our area.)

  13. Andrew White May 7, 2021 @ 1:14 am

    No more derailleur based drivetrains.
    Particularly on a workhorse and in shitty weather.
    The latest internal 11 speed hub from shimano would be something I’d definitely want as an option to simplify, reduce maintenance and noise.
    Maybe a flat bar option as well.
    Like to see also, an adult passenger seat or pad add-on.
    A clip-on vespa scooter style windshield would be another great option for cooler climates.

    The blue coloured twin downtube model is finished beautifully and the detail….

    Impressive performance from bosch and its pedal assist centre drive system.

    Smaller wheels might be stronger but reduce pedal clearance around corners.
    No mention whether frames and seat height can accommodate a taller person.

  14. Any info available on the overall length of the RFA? He said they would provide links to additional information.

  15. These bikes are really hard to find. I want to try the Stoker and Xtracycle is helping me, but stores don’t have it. I live in DC and the closest option right now is Propel in NYC. Do bike stores not like Xtracycle for some reason?

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