OHM Ebike Updates: BionX Situation, Store in West Van, Community Projects

OHM Ebike Updates: BionX Situation, Store in West Van, Community Projects

While visiting OHM Electric Bikes in West Vancouver, BC Canada today I was able to meet with the founder and hear about some of the company history (OHM has been around for nearly 15 years now!) I got to ask some questions about their BionX partnership, specifically: what will happen to ebike models that use BionX drive systems and motors given that BionX went into receivership and then out of business (acquired by a Chinese company).

It sounds like OHM stockpiled motors and batteries to continue supporting customers and even designed a way to repack battery cases and replace motors with TDCM drive units. Pretty neat to see that level of support! The founder, Michael DeVisser, took me on a tour of their headquarters and then we talked about community engagement with bike to work involvement, chamber of commerce, and working with Vancouver to create more bike trails and bicycle lane resources. Also, the OHM headquarter store is now selling Benno products that sort of compliment their own line. They let people take demo rides, which is neat if you’re considering an ebike purchase.

– OHM bought up excess BionX parts to continue supporting their OHM models
– OHM has developed a way to re-pack older BionX batteries
– The company has even figured out a way to completely replace batteries and motors with their own systems to keep bikes on the road

In my opinion, this is what great customer service looks like, OHM has gone above and beyond to support their current customers so they are satisfied and they don’t end up creating waste. That’s awesome 馃檪

OHM headquarters is located at: 930 Harbourside Dr #103, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3S7
OHM company website is: https://ohmcycles.com/
OHM Phone number: (604) 770-2600

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  1. As a recent customer I can totally confirm that this company and its team are awesome, fun and inspiring in a somewhat volatile global industry. Chris and the team totally jumped on some issues I had with a gorgeous but seriously neglected OHM machine I purchased from a private vendor. It felt like having a pit crew of my own for a couple of laps – their solutions were cost-effective and professional, and made my wife and I very confident and proud to be part of their client base. It’s an incredible location for their store (near a spectacular section of North Vancouver beach) and it’s ideal for testing new and modified gear. They are local pioneers and OHM deserves to have success and stability on par with that reputation. And kudos to Court for his legendary knowledge, experience and sincere charm – your passion has definitely changed the world for a huge number of folks with an interest in the ebike industry (like me)!

  2. Kudos to Ohm, looks like great people are behind the bike.

  3. OHM Electric Bikes December 21, 2020 @ 10:02 pm

    OHM is committed to supporting all our customers for the long term. We’ve been in the e-bike business for nearly 15 years and looking forward to the years to come! Big thanks to our ever-growing group of great customers in Canada and USA!

  4. But what happens if you guys go out of business.

  5. Ohm was one of my 3 choices I was looking at before I bought my Fat ebike. The only reason I didn’t buy an Ohm was b/c I’m in the US, and wanted to support a US company. Sorry Canadians, but I support you in other ways.

  6. The shop is in North Vancouver not West Vancouver.

  7. Nice guys but it would be foolish to spend $$$ on a dead manufacturer and rely on one dealer in Canada

  8. Nice hair cut!

  9. That’s the key point for bicycle or even better e-bicycle transformation.

    cars and bicycles DON’T MIX. A painted lane offers no security, you only need 1 idiot (which you will find plenty) and you get a fatality or seriously injured cyclist. Laws should be harder including license ban for bad/reckless driving.

  10. Would you mind reaching out to Backroads as well and see what their plans are? Did a bike trip through Napa last year using a Backroads e-bike using a Bionx system.

  11. Do a video about all the bicycles you own (including non-electric ones)!

  12. kind of wondering if I can take my existing Bionx system up there to see how many kms I put on 馃槈

  13. Its a shame about Bionx. I was going to by an Ohm after the review on EBR. But I am still on the fence now. Glad to hear we finally got an update on their future.

  14. You’re the BEST ebike reviewer around bar none. Thank you for your service.

  15. Outstanding work, Court!

  16. BUYER BEWARE! If you live in the USA……Don’t buy one!

  17. What do you use for filming while riding ?

  18. Stop interrupting the people you鈥檙e interviewing.

  19. so it does look like these folks are servicing the original pl350 kits too . and even upgrading them

  20. SO HAPPY I found this video as we have BionX from another shop, and yes 6 months later BionX, closed, but you now gave my wife and I hope to have service now…will be bringing in my bike for service as it needs it:)…

  21. Lol, thought Chris is part of the poster

  22. Bionx is a great motor. Elby uses that system and it鈥檚 phenomenal.

  23. I’m not worried about OHM’s future and they make a fantastic product, but was hoping for some good news with regard to urban cruisers and am sorry to hear that the production has been put on hold.

  24. After watching this video, I felt a compelling desire to "thin out" my beard!

  25. Cool vid, you are a great guy !

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