OHM Urban XU700 Video Review – Sturdy Commuter Electric Bike with BionX Drive System

OHM Urban XU700 Video Review – Sturdy Commuter Electric Bike with BionX Drive System

http://electricbikereview.com/ohm/urban-xu700/ A high quality commuter style electric bike with custom battery pack enabling a low-step design that’s easy to mount. The OHM Urban XU700 uses the BionX drive system with a high torque motor for improved climbing strength. It offers 27 speeds with trigger shifters, ergo grips, suspension fork and seat post shock along with fenders and lights. EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at: ElectricBikeReview.com

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  1. Happy 4th of July, Buddy!!
    Thanks for the great reviews.
    I wonder if you have a chance to test ride the new OHM XU models.
    As I have the 750model. I wondered how do you like the XU model vs the bionx drive trans? Please let me know…

    Love ya.. Buddy–

  2. so every time you go down hill you have to hit the minus button 2-8 times ? and the same uphill ? and you have to take one of your hands off the handlebar to adjust it ? that’s not a very good system, but i guess if you place it on the left side, where it should be, it’s less troublesome

    I’ve never seen that kind of seat post shock, do you have any more info on it ?

  3. 4 years after this 2014 review (2018 Feb) Bionx went belly up. OHM did not survive either.

     I purchased this $3,300 MSRP bike in July of 2015 from a desperate dealer in Chicago who was liquidating OHM and Bionx inventory. Brand new bike with 37 miles on the odom for $700 cash out the door. No tax, no receipt. Assuming the bike cost the dealer about 1,700 he did not hesitate to absorb 1,000 loss. Small shops put a premium on floor space so slow movers cost them money. I think he sold a total of 5 Urban models in 2 years, or about 1 every 10 months average.

    Over 2000 miles without any issues except a noisy/factory defective freewheel. OHM was aware of this problem and should have made certain every bike sold had the defect repaired, but for $700 it was easy to overlook $30 replacement cost. In 2017 Jan upgraded to new/costly 48w 11ah battery. That battery began to falter after 6 months !! WHy? It was manufactured 18 months prior to shipment. It was purchased from OHM due to scarcity of Bionx/OHM dealers. That battery was replaced by OHM in November of 2017, 3 months before they declared bankruptcy in Feb 2018. My next e-bike will be a DIY conversion on a GIANT Talon.

  4. Cool bike. Thanks for the video.
    I got the OHM heavy duty model.
    Great fun electric bike.

  5. Thanks for your reply. Very nice to hear from you.

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