Park Tool Home Mechanic Repair Stand PCS-10 Video Review

Park Tool Home Mechanic Repair Stand PCS-10 Video Review The Park Tool Home Mechanic Repair Stand PCS-10 is a sturdy, brand name bike work stand with a lifetime warranty, offers up to 80 lbs of load capacity for use with heavier bikes such as electric bikes (take your battery off before loading to reduce weight). Compared with the PCS-9 the PCS-10 featured here has more adjustability in the support arm and jaws, compatible with aero seat posts, it has replaceable rubber cuffs and works with accessories. The stand weighs ~16.5 lbs without the optional accessory tray, the legs fold down and the mounting cuff slides up for a folded length of just 41″ making it easy to store in a corner or slide into a car. The fold out legs can get in your way while walking or working on a bike and they take more ground space, the rack is expensive and fairly heavy compared with cheaper off-brand options, I feel that the optional accessory tray could be improved with some larger holes for thick tools and a more closed off side basket (because my smaller tools fall out). EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at:

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  1. I have the PRS-25, it’s just a tad over 13 lbs with the portable truing stand mounted. The PCS-10 is a good choice for home mechanics and you can get every single part for service if you need to, kind of what Craftsman used to do. I’m a bit biased towards Park as I’ve dealt with them personally for 30years and their huge supporter of the free bikes for kidz program that I volunteer with ever year. We have so much fun fixing up donated bikes and then giving them away to needy families. I think it was over 7,000 this year. Take care and good luck!

  2. Great Review!!!

    A Bike Stand is the Gateway Drug for the home bike mechanic. I predict you’ll be purchasing a torque wrench and/or a headset press soon.

    Bit of advice on using a bike stand specifically the clamp.

    Take it easy on the clamping force or even avoid using it on certain bikes with carbon and/or thin walled butted aluminum frames. Best bet for bikes made of those materials is to clamp on the the seat post.

  3. My ebike weighs about 165lbs can this lift hold that?

  4. As many bikes as I’ve built, and I still don’t have a stand… I really should get one.

  5. I have a PCS-10. I bought it when I bought my $3000 Emotion 650b. What’s $150 with that kind of purchase. I use the PCS-10 everyday. In fact it is my bike stand for my Emotion 650b. So for almost 2 years when my bike is not in use, it’s in the PCS-10, I use the lever to open and close the clamp along with a quick turn to snug/de-snug it. Most bike stands suck. This one rocks as a bike stand and as a repair stand. I have a 14 year old son and 3 older bikes (1980’s Takara highlander, 1995 Mongoose IBOC, and Jeep Rubicon Sport Adult All Wheel Drive), so the repair stand is very useful!

  6. Lee up the good work

  7. i made the same mistake with the legs you did at first

    release the pin at the base of the main tube and let it slide all the way down to meet the base of the legs and it will lock perfectly.

    you are doing it wrong. when stored, it should be half that length.

    good luck!

  8. I just bought this stand on Amazon!!!! Cant wait to use it!!!

  9. You install the leg clip reversed so that’s why it fits loosely on only one leg. Also, the thickest tube can be slid down for more compact storage.

  10. R-T-F-M

  11. I just checked Amazon for the Park Tools PCS-10 and it is funny because the product weight says 25 pounds, but shipping weight 19.3 pounds. 聽Maybe you add water and it grows a bit more after unboxing it.

  12. Nice review! Just ordered the 10.2 updates version. Should come in handy for the bike I’m about to build after stripping another bike for parts.

  13. Great information. THANKS!!

  14. Great review I鈥檓 looking right now for a work stand & the park tool looks like just what I need thanks for the info we learn as we go..馃憤馃徎

  15. Did you ever consider聽Feedback Sports Pro Elite? 聽I have a 2018 Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Carbon Comp on order and want to get a sturdy stand for maintenance and even upgrades. 聽 Feedback looks like a great stand, but I am not sure how it compares to Park Tools.

  16. Just bought one. Thanks for the look before unboxing.

  17. Not stable for electric ( radrover, juice camp scrambler) this thing is useless to use with electric. Park tool has another one. $450鈽癸笍 but way too expensive

  18. Marshall David WahlstromHelgren January 31, 2021 @ 8:44 pm

    That鈥檚 called a handlebar holder.

  19. the prs 25 is solid like a rock. and lightmetal.

  20. tape it up the holes in basket

  21. I Love Taylor Swift January 31, 2021 @ 8:51 pm

    Great thorough review.

  22. Cool Beans

  23. This is the most comprehensive video about PCS-10. Thank you!

  24. You probably should have read the directions about folding for storage before you looked like an idiot. smh

  25. Put the lotion in the basket!

  26. I would never trust anyone who puts a tool/part tray on backwards to work on anything of mine

  27. I would buy land in Florida from this fellow!

  28. I’m lucky I found this video as it times perfectly with my timing. By chance I just ordered the Park Tool PCS-10 from Amazon for about the same price and it should arrive next week. I’ve had my 2018 RadCity for just over a week and I’m slowly putting it together in my apartment living room. We just got a big snowfall here in Minnesota, but I expect in three weeks things will start changing quickly. As a Remodeler I have a few good painting canvas tarps and I laid one out inside my glass patio sliding door. I’m lucky I have a ground level apartment and with a tarp down I have a makeshift garage. With the bike stand in the corner and my bike attached to it, it should make a good conversation piece.

    The Rad Power Bikes ‘Owner’s Manual’ does not mention greasing the pedals, but their video does. The bike did not come with any grease and that was one question scratching my brain. Your video helped answer that question and I’m also going to pick up that tool tray.

    Another concern for me was all this information about proper torque. I just ordered a torque wrench/bit kit from ‘Wiggle’ in the UK. It’s called the ‘X-Tools Pro Torque’, sells for $73.98, and includes free shipping to the USA. I’m sure the torque wrench is a generic model made in Taiwan and branded under many names. The cheapest I could find at Amazon was around $105.00. There are other branded generic torque wrenches made in Taiwan, but this style seems the better.

  29. Thanks for sharing! Will get either this or one of the Feedbacksports stands. I am thinking about possibility of using the workstand as a notebook stand for Zwift sessions, when I am on my trainer. However, I will need some kind of "laptop"tray to be clamped in the stand. Any ideas?

  30. Daniel Gutierrez January 31, 2021 @ 9:02 pm

    thanks for the infomation in what repair stand i should get i owe a radwangon 2017 an yes it’s heavy when empty with out the extra wight i have on it been looking for a repair stand an so i came to your video an see what i should get an as you side they are expensive but in the long run i plan to keep my radwangon for a long time an do repairs on it an my other bike’s as well thank’s for the info. keep up the good work.

  31. never once did he put a bike on there to try it out. how do you review something and not even put it to use. which is the most important thing. fail.

  32. long Park Tool commercial

  33. I’ve had this stand for 10 years with all of these accessories. I’m very happy with this product! I got tired of leaning my bike against the wall and it falling !! This stand is very stable and worth buying!! Doing bike tune ups and washing is sooo helpful. Having good tools for the job makes it much more enjoyable.

  34. The "basket" on the work tray is for holding lube, cans of spray, etc., rather than small parts. Weight on their website says 17 lbs. (The PCS-25 is aluminum and is lighter.)

  35. orange moon glows January 31, 2021 @ 9:05 pm

    as far as convenience, foldability, and ease of use, the bicycle stands from feedback sports are so much better. i was going to get this park tool stand until i went to a bike store and asked how they assemble and disassemble it. it was just too much – no thanks…

  36. You do a nice job. Thanks for the information.

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