Pear Tune MSO Installation on 2019 Specialized Levo Brose

Pear Tune MSO Installation on 2019 Specialized Levo Brose

Specialized Levo & Kenevo Derestriction Device Installation

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  1. thanks for the information. i have exactlly the same chip (`Pear Tune MSO).
    I have a Shimano E8000 system on my EBike.
    Chip has been insalled 200 km ago and it worked fantastic.Now it is giving me an error W011 about every 6 kilometers.I then put the system off and on , then it works fine for about 6 kilometers
    Can you please assist – I am not able so solve it.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind Regards.
    Wouter Kruger

  2. When using this can you still change modes and use the mission control app adjustments or is it always wide open?

  3. Hi, have you had any issues with water ingress on the two and 4 pin connector?

  4. Those plugs on the Peartune: You have just lost your IP rating on those connectors. Corrosion will build up and you will be back in there scratching your head. Would like to see automotive grade connectors on this product.

  5. Torsten Gerhardt March 26, 2021 @ 10:59 pm

    Hi, thanks for the Video. If you have continued to use it, can you give some feedback on moisture / water ingress to the contacts? Specs plugs were sealed and these are bare pins. It’s not a dry area. Thanks.

  6. Is there a kit for the 2020? Thanks for the video..

  7. Goodness that is s beautiful bike. Thanks for the video.

  8. tony tony chopper March 26, 2021 @ 11:17 pm

    Hello can you tell me what key you use to remove the pedal lever thank you

  9. Hi, I recently added a Peartune to my 2016 Levo and the bike battery seems to be depleting quicker than usual. Have you noticed any extra battery usage on your Levo? My riding style hasn’t changed and I’m not riding at high speeds.

    I’m also experiencing some issues with the speedometer and odometer readings being off as seen in the Mission Contol app. Are your “stats” speedometer/odometer working correctly while using Mission Control?

    Thank you and be well,


  10. I put a Peartune "Always ON" MSO on a 2019 Bulls E-Stream AM 4. That was the one recommended by them and they said it should work fine since I have a Brose motor. For some reason I still need to turn on the "lights" to activate it. Not sure why. Basically the same as the Specialized setup, so I thought it should work. I immediately had a problem where I lost all power assist after a 30mph run. Took it apart again to look for a loose connection. None found. Put it back together and it was working again. I did remove the large battery connector, which I believe reset the system. I had a 50 mile ride the next day, with no issues. The next day it lost all assist again after 30 miles. This time I just pulled the battery and then plugged it back in when I got home. Reset. Worked again. Started carrying the battery key with me.. Yesterday, lost power and pulled, re-installed the battery on trail. Reset worked again. You have any of these issues? Peartune says there is no problem on their end. Works great when it works.

  11. Hi there, I just recently installed my peartune, I have a 2020 Levo. I’m having a little issue on how to activate the peartune. I have to turn it off/on a few times and ride it before I know it’s activated. Is there any way I can know if the tune is activated or not? Thanks in advance.

  12. How does this tune effect the range of the bike?

  13. So you remove a water tight seal connector and replace it with "some wires"? I wouldn’t do that on my bike. If you look closely you can see that after you removed the 5 pin connector it has some grease on it and 2 red gaskets. If i am buying a chip id expext to be plug and play with the same properties as the original plugs..

  14. Nice video buddy!, did you remove the battery before you began the installation?

  15. Have you had any issues with the motor or battery at all? I’ve just got my first Levo 2020 comp and I’m not sure if I should derestrict the bike yet I’ve only had it for a month so far. Not sure if it will put more strain on the motor and battery. Cheers.

  16. Does this work on Como turbo? I have a specialized Como turbo low entre 4.0, model 2019

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