PLANET3 installation instructions for 2019-2020 Specialized Levo, Levo SL & Kenevo (Gen2)

PLANET3 installation instructions for 2019-2020 Specialized Levo, Levo SL & Kenevo (Gen2)

Can this video _BE_ any longer? Trust me – it could’ve been.

Recommended tools for the job:

– 2,5 mm allen/hex
– TX25 bit and a torque wrench for the rotor bolts

For ordering your very own PLANET3 visit

Hotel? Trivago.

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  1. I whant one for trbo levo s-works 2020, where to order?

  2. My 2020 bike is bought (Vado) and my Planet 3 is ordered. Breath being held 🙂

  3. Carlos Magalhaes February 22, 2021 @ 9:41 pm

    Very fast to send it took one single day, the instructions are very clear and, the planet3 works perfectly , 5 stars

  4. Brilliant job thanks 😊

  5. Hi, great vid. Will this or similar fit a 2021 Cube Reaction?

  6. Don’t know why but my levo with same hub as in the video showed speed sensor fault with the planet3 fitted. Removed planet 3 and fault gone. Any suggestions or anyone else had same problem?

  7. "That’s one pizza slice for you Americans"…LOL

  8. I will be receiving my 2021 Levo very soon. Specialized switched to Shimano SLR components on the Comp model. Do you think this will work ?

  9. Works like a charm. Makes the Ebike feel so much smoother without the limit cut off.

  10. It just works perfectly! Simple but detailed installation support, unbelievable speed of delivery, outstanding communication throughout the purchase and installation. If you haven’t taken the plunge yet … just do it!

  11. This may have been addressed elsewhere, but will this work on a 2019 Kenevo?

  12. Hallo Planet3,

    i send you a Email, want one. How to go on??



  13. After watching a few of your videos I ended up buying this kit for my como 4.0. Shipped super fast (about 3 days from Croatia to the US) and installation was super easy. Not sure if it was worth it on my particular bike since it already tops out at 28.5mph stock. I Have noticed the bike is more responsive in the 25+ mph area which is great! I’m sure with a bigger chainring I can push 30 easily. Really good buy if you have the older como models or restricted to 18-20mph. Thanks, Planet3!

  14. Is the device somehow effecting the guarantee given by specialized? Is the hack somehow recognizable by the specialized app/system?

  15. why can’t u make it in metal?

  16. Can it be used with a Magura MT7 brake?

  17. Do you know how many nm the screws need to be tightened on the vado 3.0? Is it 5?

  18. Mine only came with three bolts, is that normal?

  19. Good video ….what material is the planet made of ? …as we all know moving parts wear …would you advise a anti friction lube prior to fitting ?

  20. Most informative video Ive ever seen. Great camera angle, great directions, great humor.
    Now all I have to do is buy it!

  21. i see this is 3d printed, could you be kind enough to send me the files so i can print it myself?

  22. 5 days to ship to maimi Florida from Croatia via DHL and easily reached 29 MPH test run on the flats. Installed in 10min!

  23. Anyone figure out how to trick a speedo yet for Strava purposes?

  24. informative. thanks.

  25. What kind of top end speed should one expect after installation? I have a 2020 Turbo Levo Comp.

  26. Купив таке для свого Turbo Levo,дуже задоволений 👍

  27. Not sure if I missed it in the comments but will this work on a 2021 turbo levo? USA version.

  28. Stellan Lindström February 22, 2021 @ 10:10 pm

    Does this work on very slow speeds with one magnet, on levo comp -2020?

  29. Cant wait to get mine!.. it has arrived to US but not delivered yet !

  30. Has any body brought up the question about the best way to set up mission Control with this product. Can I still us it to modify my output in Eco and trail and have turbo unrestricted?

  31. Can this be installed on a: Specialized
    Creo Sl Comp Carbon Evo

  32. Great video. Love the humour. As soon as i get my 2020 bike my order will be in with you. Thanks for the video 👍👍

  33. Interesting stuff!, would this work for a Turbo Levo Hardtail 29 ?

  34. loved the full stack developers joke 🙂

  35. увеличить скорость на specialized turbo vado можно?

  36. I can’t wait to show the boys who’s the daddy

  37. I see you upgraded ur suspension, what fork and shock is that? And what mudguard is in the back? Will order a Planet3 very soon for my levo!

  38. Hi, this is a very useful video. Do you have something for 2020 kenevo comp with stock revel wheels and Magura MDR-P 220 rotors? Thanks!

  39. Looking to get this for a Turbo Levo 2020. Any tips for mission control settings? (Support/Peak Power) Just wondered if you’d run different numbers once deristricted.. Thanks!

  40. Seriously, the best thing since sliced bread! This guy acts fast, is sharp en has build and easy way to tune up ur EBike, thanks for that. In the video it actually looks harder than it is, easy peacy to install this. I hit 62Km per hour on my bike on my first test ride, damn thats brutal.

  41. Interesting thing, but if mounted on a mountainbike you then are no more allowed to ride on trails or fireroads not even bikelanes in Austria because then you have an S-Pedelec. it is sothen seen as a "motorcycle" by the law. The police in my area does test eBikes…

  42. Mines coming fingers crossed. I can’t handle how slow my bike is

  43. Pozdrav iz Slovenije!

  44. Now I’ll need to order that Bear Skin… LOL! Cheers mate!

  45. Hey Alex,
    Thanks for putting together the videos, definitely very helpful to understand the nuances of the install. Also thanks for using your engineering talent to spend all the hours to make this gadget work. I installed the unit last night and tested it this morning. Works great! No more speed restriction! I put my hand on the outer casing after a long 4 mile downhill and it was NOT warm so I think I’m all set  for more adventures ahead. Cheers and have a great day! My advice to those who buy this…#wtfv (watch the f*@#’n video!).

  46. my goodness this video is funny… Love your sense of humor as a company and person. Just purchased my unit a few minutes ago.. Can’t wait to get it. I purchased for the Giant Reign E+1 Pro – is the installation very different?

  47. Hi Planet3, I have a YT Decoy 2019. Iv been looking for a suitable device install. Do you have a model that would fit on my bike?
    If so are you still able to post at this time with the current situation?

    Thanks, Toby

  48. I Have the Planet3 on my 2020 Levo now for four weeks and I’m super happy!!!

  49. Great product and detailed video

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