Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus Review – $1.7k

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus Review – $1.7k

https://electricbikereview.com/rad-power-bikes/radrunner-plus/ The Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus is the fully accessorized version of the RadRunner electric bike. This is a compact utility ebike with unique 20″ x 3.3″ fat tires and adjustable suspension fork (compression, lockout, rebound). Comes stock with extended seat and flip-down pegs for a passenger, as well as extra wide fenders and an upgraded 500 lumen headlight. Also compatible with the standard racks, bags, and Yepp! child seat. Integrated lights, including a blinking rear light that goes bright when the brakes are pulled, reflective tires, and metallic silver frame improve safety by keeping you visible. Seven speed drivetrain makes starting, climbing, and pedaling at higher speeds much more comfortable. Nice aluminum alloy chainring guide keeps clothing clean and snag-free while reducing chain drops, steel derailleur guard protects the sensitive parts during shipping and when passengers are riding. Large 180mm disc brake rotors provide excellent stopping power and control, both brake levers have switches that cut power to the motor. This ebike is available in the US, Canada, and Europe with RAD optimized 750, 500, and 250 watt 5 to 1 planetary geared hub motors (meeting the upper legal limit in each country). Strong 80nm peak torque and good mechanical advantage given the smaller wheel diameter makes this a decent climber and passenger hauler. The twist throttle offers full power, overriding 0-5 assist for instant starts and quick boosts when climbing or catching up to friends. Upgraded aluminum alloy pedals feel sturdy and smooth. Extra long seat post and adjustable high-rise handlebar offers great fit for many body types. Suspension corrected geometry isn’t just a copy of the basic RadRunner. Upgraded LCD display panel with USB charging port. The included saddle is not adjustable forward and back or tipping because it’s designed to fit perfectly with the passenger seat. Optional console box does not lock. The bike is very heavy at 74.4lbs despite the small appearance.

0:00 Introduction
2:06 Tire details
2:50 Suspension fork
5:52 Motor controller
6:34 Frame geometry
7:52 Grips and saddle
9:32 Passenger seat and pegs
11:12 Drivetrain details
13:52 Throttle vs. Twist Power Assist
14:45 Motor details
15:22 Third person and passenger shots
16:50 Fender details
18:16 Brake details
19:49 Lights discussion
21:16 Battery details and removal
22:07 Weight (74.4lbs total, 7.7lb battery, 8.7lb motor)
23:49 Battery charger
25:56 Display panel overview
29:52 Display settings menu
32:41 Ride test begins
37:41 Ride test frame shots
39:13 Third person ride shots

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  1. About how many miles did you get on full battery? Have you done any sort of test like that?

  2. Too bad you lose the motorcycle style kick stand. It is very convenient when placing a child (on child seat) or groceries on the bike. I picked the regular RadRunner so I could ride the metro/subway w/o needing to hold the bike.

  3. How’s the ride quality compared to the 1st gen Radrunner? I remember ppl saying that you could not pedal comfortably. Did they fix this issue? Can you stretch your legs and get a good workout [pedaling]?

  4. love every video you guys make. thank you! Do you think the roadrunner Plus could work on a beach?

  5. Be great to have more detail on the power assist programing at each level. Is it speed based? Sounds like each company does this somewhat different,

  6. the bmx handlebars are a nice touch, makes you want to rag the arse off it, see what it can take

  7. Suzaynn Schick March 3, 2021 @ 10:28 pm

    Very helpful. Detailed without being too technical.

  8. Gary morgan LFC March 3, 2021 @ 10:28 pm


  9. It is in EXTREMELY POOR TASTE TO SHOW ANIMAL WASTE!!!!! WHTF does that have to do with a damn baike

  10. I worked for Raleigh bike co. in Kent Wa. back in the early 90"s all of our bikes were listed as 300 lbs max for liability but they were tested to 400 lbs.

  11. Wow nice review and everything you show looks fantastic. I have a Toyota RAV4 without a hitch so I have been looking only at folding ebikes like the Mini stepthru but I love the fact that you can have a small passenger on this one. How difficult would it be to get into a RAV4? Can the handlebars be easily removed? I’m thinking maybe eventually getting the Rad Mini Stepthru in addition to this bike. I hope they would both fit inside the RAV4.

  12. Marant Cédric March 3, 2021 @ 10:30 pm

    Many thanks for that review in detail ! And good vibes as well ! Really usefull & fun !!
    My RR+will probably arrive here in Paris (France) at the end of december. (Can’t wait)
    I’ve heard a lot of things regarding the power downgrade for EU… could you confirm that the downgrade is only a software setup, or are there différent hardware configurations between US (750w) Canada(500w) and EU (250w) ?
    Once again : many thanks for your Work&passion !

  13. I like the fact the batteries for all the models are interchangeable. In the end by the laws of mass production they should be cheaper in price and obviously easier to replace. Those specialty tires on the other hand, those may be a quite sifferent matter. How pricey will a specialty size like that be?

  14. OUT OF STOCK !!!!!!! !!!!!! SAME PRICE AS MAGNUM PREMIUM 2 AND MAGNUM FOLDS !!!LIGHTER COMES WITh 14 ah battet standard oh and has hyrdrolic brakes =) suspension seat post and front suspension forks i dunno.

  15. Excellent run down on the Rad Runner Plus electric bike! I really appreciated his detailed descriptions of the various parts on this bike, and how they work. Thank you!

  16. Great review…..I would like to know more about company and can you order them and get the bikes in a reasonable time period like a couple of weeks…….Where do you order this bike from? and is there dealers that sell them in Texas?

  17. I thought the tires are 3.3 ? Sorry I thought you said 3 🤣

  18. You have provided a perfect example of the "Watt rating" Nonsense that permeates the ebike scene. 500 watts in USA, 750 watts in Canada, 250 watts in Europe. And we are talking about the SAME Motor! This "rating" in watts is Absolutely Useless in describing the actual power output of the electric motor. It involves the Mumbo-Jumbo Advertising lingo that fools and confuses many people. Talk Torque in foot pounds or newton meters. You throw around "Watts" like a whiffle ball, first one false impression, then another. TORQUE.

  19. Sergey Komogorov March 3, 2021 @ 10:37 pm

    Wait, why you did a review of limited edition instead of newest one? There is huge difference in terms of accessories

  20. Philippe Morin March 3, 2021 @ 10:37 pm

    Really interesting it’s 30% of the price of the Benno Remidemi

  21. A tangential question, but are there any good saddle bags that will work without removing the Plus’ back seat?

  22. Great review, thanks

  23. I’d REALLY like to know your thoughts on the Ariel Rider Grizzly.

  24. Graham Breckell March 3, 2021 @ 10:42 pm

    When if ever is the Rad Runner be available in Australia?

  25. You say it’s not flexy like other bikes. When you ride flexy bikes, why don’t you SAY they’re flexy ? You have a tendency to just say NICE things. In future, please be more critical. That’s what we WANT to hear.

  26. Too bad rad bikes is anti Canadian. Charge us more then USA customers and strip us from 33% of the power. Ok if you want to sell a neutered version of the bikes but then reflect that in the price. Lectric has 2/3 of the power for 2/3 of the price. Rad bikes that’s not right.

  27. Joshua Johnson March 3, 2021 @ 10:45 pm

    Still waiting for Rad to have a model with hydraulic disk brakes with an integrated battery. Then I may bite for my second e bike.

  28. Patrick Donohoe March 3, 2021 @ 10:45 pm

    The editor of this video thought a zoom in on a dog turd was a pretty good way to start the review. If I was Rad Power I would want my shill money back! 😕

  29. Stephen Lawson March 3, 2021 @ 10:46 pm

    This looks like a nice bike. I wonder would people think an adult riding a bike with 20 inch wheels look strange.

  30. I’m a big guy looking to loose some weight. I’m sure other fat guys are looking at Ebikes also. A good video would be to add weight to get the the 300lbs capacity and give a review of hill climbs and battery life. Thanks.

  31. white Glasses are garish

  32. How about the warranty with whom we can contact if we need any parts and from where we can buy from England

  33. Christopher triola March 3, 2021 @ 10:52 pm

    My wife and I just purchased two. Your videos are very helpful. Thank you.

  34. Not sure if this is common knowledge but the motor is actually a Bafang 500 Watt motor. If you bought in the US, they claim to have a 750 Watt motor, but it is still a 500 Watt. If you bought in Canada, they claim it to be a 500W motor, which is accurate. The controller in the US is programmed a little differently than in Canada, so there is a little more power (not much).

    There are companies out there that sell kits with a true 750W motor and controller that you can directly swap out with Rad bikes (you can swap either one or both). In the youtube videos you can see the physical difference in size to know that the stock motor is not 750W.

    Anyway, I bought this bike for my wife and plan to swap out the motor next spring (if she lets me 🙂

  35. I love the fact that I was able to see the headlight beam on the ground during the ride test at about 34:50

  36. To me the front seat is hard, no cushion at all. it’s not comfortable after 30 mins of riding it.😔 But other than that i love this bike & love the color combo. 🤗

  37. I just bought the RRplus and it will replace the Radwagon 26 inch wheel bike I bought a year ago (bought it literally a month before the new wagon was announced…bummer). I feel like my precious cargo will be safer with the lower center if gravity, and it’s small enough to tow a child trailer and also fit in the train.

  38. 100MPH Selfies March 3, 2021 @ 10:59 pm

    Too bad the Plus downgraded from a center kickstand to a side one.

  39. What’s the top speed without pedaling and with pedal assist

  40. i rode this bike in manhattan deliverging groceries for whole foods , 100+ pounds towed in a carla cargo trailer. this bike is excllent. brakes/tires are great. only major problem, needs a throttle. that’s it. it’s amazing and does well as a 50cc low speed scooter with pedals to help out. it’s great. for someone wanting good watt-hour efficiency, you don’t get that with heavy rough tread tires. these are meant for eating up potholes. and they do it nicely. also a stepthru frame is fully essential for uility stop/go work. for a heavy shit rode utility bike , there is none better than this, not even tern hsd, not even close, you need the wider tires.

  41. I have a Plus and I absolutely love it. When I ordered it, the original was in stock and the plus was a 2 month wait. I decided to wait and let me tell you it was 100% worth it. The gears….I couldn’t imagine not having them. The front shock, the fenders and passenger package are also things I couldn’t live with out. I ride it everyday for work . I have 500 miles on it already. It’s been through rain several times and yesterday I rode through the slop, ice and snow left over from a huge storm the day before. So far I’ve had zero issues. One thing I would recommend is bumping up the top speed to 40k. You can change this in the settings. Factory setting get me between 17 and 20 mph. Usually under 20 most of the time. Bumping it up gets me averaging 20-24 mph. That 4 mph doesn’t sound like much but it makes a noticeable difference.

  42. James Harrison March 3, 2021 @ 11:04 pm

    More Rad reviews? Give it a rest man.

  43. Michael Sprinzeles March 3, 2021 @ 11:06 pm

    Nice looking and a decent e-bike but between the weight limit & 750 watt, 80nm motor it isn’t enough for 2 average size adults unless you NEVER go uphill.
    I’ve never seen a controller built into a battery. Are you sure you’re not thinking of the BMS (battery management system)?
    My personal preference for the display of battery power is voltage which doesn’t seem to be an option with Rad.

  44. Welcome back to Vancouver BC Canada. Thank you for your thorough reviews. I bought my RRP because the way you described it. We have had an excellent customer service from RAD Power Bikes. A couple of things should be considered to improve in this RRP: One, the saddle and passenger seat, they are hard. The other thing could be useful to have a a pair of bars to put on the panniers underneath the passenger seat. Overall, this bike is fun!

  45. Albert Kok [Bitmaster2000] March 3, 2021 @ 11:07 pm

    In Europe you can’t use the motor without paddling, but in US you can? Did I get this right?

  46. I am not even shopping for an electric bike, but I have to say you are so thorough yet interesting. I caught myself just continuing to listen to more and more details and nuances about the bike. Great presentation!

  47. I have the regular one. Don’t need the extra gears as the one gear can easily climb hills.

  48. Some nice stuff but not enough.

  49. My biggest question is what’s the range in throttle only. I will buy this bike next sumer and it annoys me not to know

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